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TVS NTorq125 – Review

The Fiero had enjoyed its light, Victor was ageing and there were competitors like Kinetic, Honda and Bajaj who were trying to tap into a new customer pool. The pool being an easy, gear-less, everyday-riding friendly, comfortable for two and female-welcoming scooter category.

Hence TVS launched their first ever gearless two wheeler, TVS Scooty, afore in 2003 and showed the market that how serious they are about the business. They even saw relative success across the stiff competition and inflation with this product as it for a time did generate maximum sales for them before the launch of Apache.

After a few iterations of the Preity Zinta flaunted Scooty versions, Jupiter came as a safe play. The same has been seen kneeling to Activa 5G in terms of appeal and sales which have kept TVS mum.

Lately, Honda Dio, Aprillia SR 125 and SR 150 now have been trying to tinker the adrenaline gush of the ‘boys to guys’ branding without considerable challenge, until now. Hence the TVS NTorq125!

Design, body and specifications

The build quality and the material used to make the fairing is competitive in class.

NTorq 125 also offers a very firm and good riding position even for tall riders. It has been seen that TVS has developed a forte in understanding the ergonomic approach of a rider which can be seen in the NTorq by how neatly the buttons and switches are arranged.

As said before it is made to compete with the range of different sports scooters, it has got the TVS’s signature, the tri-color Indian flag on the front mask which houses the side indicators too. Headlamps are no usual deal here, as first they are not fixed on the handlebar and instead, fixed on the body itself and second it gets batwing like DRLS to fulfil the BS4 norms as well.

The side fairing is treated properly as it gets cool vinyl naming 125 and TVS racing. TVS says that NTorq 125 is a stealth aircraft inspired scooter as it gets cuts and creases like no other vehicle.

Seats are soft and made up with fine stitching for long lasting capabilities and with a grip bar like the Apache series to give a firm grip for the pillion.

An interesting rear light features a LED panel with the letter “T”. The fuel tank can hold up 5 litres of fuel, weighing just 116.1Kgs. It does get a lot of first ever features like, 12 inch sporty diamond cut alloy wheels, engine kill switch, 22L under seat storage, USB charger inside the under seat storage, jet style external fuel fill and sporty stubby muffler.

For the best experience on the road TVS has equipped NTorq with Tubeless 100-80/12 inch wheels with telescopic suspension up front and Tubeless 110-80/12 inch wheels clubbed with the usual gas filled Hydraulic type coil spring shock absorbers. The braking duties in this vehicle has been taken care by yet another sporty tool, disc brakes as the front gets a 220mm roto petal disc in the front and 130mm Dia drum in the rear.

Another interesting feature is the TVS SmartXonnect which is the first time ever for a scooter. With this feature you can connect to your vehicle via an app on your mobile phone (available only on Google play) and connect it via Bluetooth, use it for navigation assist, displays caller ID, helps you locate your vehicle by providing last parked location assist, and also ride stats for the improvement of the vehicle.

Engine and Performance

Engine is the part where TVS Racing DNA is really unleashed; it doesn’t perform like any other 125cc scooter but actually does well because of the well sculpted and light weight body. Being a gearless scooter TVS NTorq gives out amazing pick up with its 3 valve 125 CC CVTi revv engine which can take you to 60 kmph from a standstill in just 9 seconds.

If you think, this is not enough it also gives out a top speed of 95Km/h with a power output of 9.4Ps at 7500rpm. The thing which will attract you to actually own a scooter like this is not its aesthetics or looks but is the way it drives, as said before it is a 125cc scooter but the way its acceleration is tuned it gives you a feel of power in your hands.

The initial pick up is the most necessary thing when you are in stop start traffic where NTorq will play its role very proudly. Even when we talk about higher speed stability, this scooter performs well because of its aerodynamic shape and reduces vibration for a better and smooth riding experience. Giving it a try on pot holes and rough patches was also fun and not a belly scratching ride since it has got a ground clearance of 155mm.

Ride Quality and Feedback

The way you drive a gearless scooter totally depends on you because, not like a motorcycle you have all your hands and feet busy.

With a straight back and clear vision this is a great scooter to ride, with a handle bar which is not too small nor too big for the perfect control while turning and even leaning a bit to take turns. The brakes here play a very vital role too since the front gets disc which can be blessing or a curse at times. The suspension too adds up to the convenience of the rider.

As we all know how demanding and speed deprived our teenagers are, TVS NTorq can be a safe solution to it since it gives you that kick in the butt of a mid level motorbike as well as the safety of a scooter. The observed preferred height for riding this scooter would be 5’7-5’11 inches.

Honestly speaking there is no flaw at least to the naked eyes since you generally get what you want in this small scooter on daily basis. It seems like TVS has tried to keep up with the ongoing market of ash said before the speed deprived class, NTorq is one of the options available for them.


At 59,650/- (Ex-showroom Delhi) it might be frugal an option to the competition.

The attributes of looking sporty and performing well on the roads in Indian traffic are prevalent but still there is a pinch of a downside to this scooter where you do not get enough leg space, tiniest fuel tank of the competition and nor is the pillion seat too comfortable for long rides as its too small in size. Also the April 2019 regulation of bringing the 125cc vehicles with the ABS tech might make it feel obsolete in months.

Talking about the highlights though it is tech laden with features like the kill switch; pass by switch, temperature indicator and obvious TVS SmartXonnect.

Coming down to the final verdict, is it worth the buy or not.

It would be recommended to those who are let’s say bachelors who do not have a lot of house work or errands to follow or a mum wanting to go pickup her children from School on daily basis, this might make relative sense.

It might also appeal the people guys who are yet to be become the man before saddling in a motorcycle or even those girls who intend to give the guys a rough fight in style.

— Rishabh Kaushik

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