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Types of Two-Wheelers

Two-wheelers have notably taken over the travel industry per se. However, the choice of two-wheelers is currently shifting from just being an ancient commuting vehicle to a fashion and style icon. People are focusing more on fancy motorbikes as they feel that their rides would highly influence their social status.

This change in the attitude of common people has led to a rapid evolution in the industry. Manufacturers are innovating new features and improving the existing ones to make the ride meet their customer’s preferences.

In this article today, we shall talk about some of the different kinds of two-wheelers which are an integral part of the Indian motorbike community.

Standard Motorbikes

Standard motorcycles are general purpose street bikes which are simple to operate, cost effective and have a moderated engine performance and thus are highly recommended for new riders. They also don’t have body fairing which qualifies them to be the best sportbikes in the market.

A good brand which represents standard motorbikes category would be Yamaha SR400.

Types of Two-Wheelers

The riding position of these bikes offers optimal comfort as the handles are placed high enough so that the rider isn’t forced to lean forward that much in order to control the bike. Thus they are assumed to have a natural riding posture.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser motorcycles are grouped under different entities like the chopper and power cruiser bikes. These bikes are good for use on the street and over short distances since their riding posture would probably cause fatigue over long distances.

An example of cruiser bikes is the Bajaj avenger cruise 220.

Types of Two-Wheelers

They offer a low sitting position, high handles which are slightly leaned towards the rare and a low forward feet position. This makes the rider lean slightly backward, or else maintain an upright riding posture. 

Sport Bike

These are more focused on acceleration, handling, and grip on race pavements while giving very little consideration to the comfort or fuel expense. Being speed based, these motors are lightweight and thus have perfect control capability even at their highest speed. Also, they have no bodyworks covering their engine.

Sportbikes have a high foot step position positioned towards the backend of the bike and a forward-leaning position as the rider is meant to lie on the tank. This facilitates ground clearance while handling corners.

One of the famous sportbikes in India includes the Ducati Panigale V4.

Types of Two-Wheelers

Touring Bikes

Touring motorbikes are designed to cover long distances. They offer large fuel tanks which can accommodate enough fuel to enable a long ride without refilling, an upright sitting position for comfort, large engines, and wind protection screens. They are large in size and quite expensive. Touring bikes are mostly recommended for experienced riders.

Indian Roadmaster from Indian Motorcycles is a good model for luxury touring purpose.

Types of Two-Wheelers

Sport Touring

These are an upgrade of sports and touring motorbikes. They are essentially used for commuting for long distances at relatively high speed, best on curvy canyon terrains. They are lightweight like sportbikes however they maintain a sitting posture less extreme than that of the sportbikes.

A key sport touring brand is the BMW K 1600.

Types of Two-Wheelers

Dual Purpose Motorbikes

These are essentially used on rough as well as smooth grounds and are referred to as on/off-road motorcycles. They have a tall sitting position as well as a high center for gravity offering good suspensions on rough grounds. They are made using a dirt bike chassis although they own additional features like, added lights, signals, and equipment which allow them to be licensed for public use.

A good example of off-road bikes is the Honda CRF450X.

Types of Two-Wheelers


Scooters are low power rides used for short distances at a relatively low speed. Their engine power is low and so is their fuel consumption. They work best on smooth roads and may easily break down especially on rough terrains. Scooter engines are found in the swing arms and so the engine moves with the suspension.

Honda Metropolitan is a good scooter model.

Types of Two-Wheelers

So these were the different types of motorcycles available in our current market. Overall we can conclude that speed, riding comfort, and engine power are highly emphasized on while buying a two-wheeler. However, you should also consider the utility in addition to the cost of maintaining and running a motorbike.

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