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UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace (New Launch 2018) Review

The Auto Expo 2018 was a grand show with loads of brands showcasing their to-be-launched motorbikes at the arena. One of the motorbike brands that caught our eye was the UM Renegade. Straight from the heart, UM, one of the most premium brands is ready to shake the Indian motorbike community with its new make called the Duty Ace.

This is the second in next line of its Duty series after the Duty S. With all new features and better performance promise, this new looking motorbike is all set to launch in the next few months.

So for those of you who are eager to test ride this beast, be ready, it will knock on your door soon.

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Estimated Price:

The Duty series from UM is fairly affordable for the Indian motorbike community. The Ace is estimated to be at the starting price of 1.29 lakhs, slightly higher than its counterpart, the Duty S priced at 1.10 lakhs.

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Renegade duty ace is recognised under the cruiser family and sets as the best competitor to Suzuki Intruder and Bajaj Avenger Street 220. One of the best features is its oil cooling system and the 5 speed with clutch transmission type. You can fully rely on radial tubeless tyres that will balance you well throughout your ride with the best suspension.


When it comes to design, the Duty Ace daunts a classic look from the stylish American cruiser. However, its mechanical and electrical characteristics are similar to that of Duty-S, its sibling.

Duty Ace comes with both kick and self-start mechanism and a dual-tone color style favoring circular-shaped headlamp, chunky front forks, and black cowl. For supporting a comfortable ride, sloping fuel tank and a smaller riding seat are provided along with pillion accommodation.

The bike has red and black stripes all over fuel tank, LED tail lamp arrangement, blacked suspension, and alloy wheels. Ace uses digital and analogous devices like digital display for the fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, gear position indicator and of course, is accompanied by ABS.

Isn’t it amazing?

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Technical Specifications

For an effective working and functioning:

  • The Ace is equipped with an ultimate 223cc engine.
  • It can provide a maximum power of 17ps driving at 8000 rpm.
  • You can experience a peak torque of 17 Nm at 5000 rpm.
  • It gives a mileage of up to 41kmph from a single cylinder, 4-stroke and 4-valve engine consisting of a 5-speed gearbox.
  • The petrol fuel type motorbike can handle up to 10 liters of fuel.
  • The front brake is of disc type and rear is of drum form.

For perfect suspension effects, Duty Ace is fitted with hydraulic telescopic technology for front suspension whereas for the rear suspension, hydraulic with spring effect is used.

Width :   730 mm

Length: 1972 mm

Height: 1135 mm

Ignition system: Spark ignition

Ground clearance: 180 mm

Tyre size (front) : 120/80-17

Tyre size (rear) : 130/90-15

Tagline: Tough, versatile, ready to work

Headlight: Halogen

Ace uses chain drive technology and out of 5, this Renegade can be given 4 for its unbeatable features, performance, and design methodologies.

What do you think?


Although there are various motorbikes to be ushered in this year, none can beat the huge excitement and enthusiasm of the UM fans in India. The new motorbikes from UM are certain to sway the Indian motorbike industry.

So, guys are you ready to ace the world with the Duty Ace from UM Renegade?

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