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UM Renegade Sports S 2017 – Expensive Looking, Improved, Affordable!

The UM Renegade Sports S 2017 looks like a really expensive imported sport cruiser. But costing only a feasible Rs. 1,68 lakhs. We’ve taken the UM Renegade Sports S 2017 model for a test drive and here we present the review of it’s  design, performance, top speed, mileage, price, etc.

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The UM Renegade Sports S is one of the top awaited motorcycles this year from the house of United Motors or better known simply as UM.

A fairly new brand in the current global motorcycle market scene — UM was established back in the early 2000s in the United States. According to the company, the brand was conceived with a vision of providing affordable motorbikes to people with low and mid-income – without compromising on quality.

Since then UM has organically infused the Indian motorcycle scene.

Here’s how it happened…

Launched back in the Auto Expo 2016, the Renegade Sports S has already caught attention of many bike aficionados here in India. UM is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has tied up with Lohia Auto in India with a 50-50 joint venture.

The outcome?

Now the American cruiser along with its other mechanical siblings is manufactured in Kashipur, Uttrakhand for not just the Indian market, but Europe and South East Asia as well. This isn’t a surprise considering it saves the company a lot of budget for focusing on other important aspects such as marketing and so forth.

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“UM Brand Manager handed over to us a shiny new Renegade Sports S for a test drive”

The Renegade Sports S falls under the cruiser category like UMs entire Renegade range of motorcycles. As the motorcycle is already making waves across the country, we decided to take it for a test ride and see whether it matches up to the expectations. So, we reached out to the UM corporate office in New Delhi and on arrival had its brand manager hand over a shiny new Renegade Sports S for test driving.

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Read on for our complete UM Renegade Sports S review to know how the motorcycle fared and also for more details on how you could win the Renegade Commando model, signed by Leslie Porterfield the fastest women on a conventional two-wheeled bike in the world, Leslie will be presenting this bike to the winner at India Bike Week 2017!

Design and Colour Variants

Orange coloured UM Renegade Sports S

The motorcycle is made available in three colour combinations. With colour Black present in all three, it is combined with Red, Orange and Silver to complete its look in variations. The one most popular with buyers so far out of the three is the Black-Orange version, as it ends up giving the Renegade Sports S a rather unique and sporty look.

On the design front, the Renegade Sports S is quite impressive. It has looks of an enticing cruiser which are strikingly similar to a Harley Davidson Street 750. At first glance, it’s the headlight cowl of the motorbike which catches your attention instantly. The simple yet bold design of the motorcycle gives it an essentially masculine appearance.

There’s also a USB port available on the motorcycle which makes it easier for riders to charge their mobile phones in case the battery drains out.

The motorbike features an electric start and the overall design is quite proportionate. Another feature which stands out in the Renegade Sports S is the LED lights right beneath its fuel tank on both sides. They glimmer to life as soon as the motorbike starts and double as a safety feature when riding especially during night.

UM Renegade Sports S has LED lights right beneath its fuel tank as double safety feature

When introducing a bike range to a unique market like India, all manufacturers go through a learning curve in terms of matching the needs of the local biking community, and UM like all other newcomers to this market are making great improvements in terms of its bikes fit and finish, by listening to their customers and taking feedback, which has led to enhancements and improvements in this short space of time since its initial launch in 2016.

Performance and Handling

This is the segment where UM really needs to establish its forte if it wants to make an impression and last in the Indian market with a loyal fan base. Because no matter how good looking a motorbike is, if it doesn’t perform, people will soon lose interest.

The Indian road conditions really do test a motorcycle inside-out and keeping that in mind we took our Renegade Sports S for a demanding test drive.

The Indian road conditions really do test a motorcycle inside-out. — Click to tweet

The motorbike has a kerb weight of 172 kilograms which is close to that of a Royal Enfield 350 Street Standard. However, the sound of its exhaust is very different in comparison to RE and almost resembles to some beast’s roar. This again reminds the rider and onlookers of its masculine demeanour. The saddle of the motorcycle fits perfectly between the legs and on disengaging the clutch, the motorcycle moved swiftly into motion.

In between road traffic, both brakes did a good job at halting the motorbike at speed bumps and cutting easily past other vehicles. The suspensions also worked fine when it came to reducing the impact of potholes, which you often find on Indian roads. Once we hit the highway, we let loose on the acceleration.

Front breaks of UM Renegade Sports S do a good job

We decided to test the motorbike on how far it could go in first gear and were astonished to find it touched a remarkable 75kmph! Switching between the gears takes a bit of getting used to, and could be something that UM could improve on going forward.

Its engine however did a commendable job in holding the motorcycle steady at high speed driving. With a displacement of 280cc to be exact, the Renegade Sports S provided for quite a comfortable driving experience. Although, it’s recommended for short to medium distance trips rather than long ones as alignment when driving at high speed can be challenging, but is not off putting. Fuel consumption could be improved upon but is in line with some bikes of a similar CC. Overall, it did a good job and performed well considering it’s a cruiser motorcycle and not an all-terrain bike.

Top Speed

The speedometer on UM Renegade Sports S is analog by design and suggests a top speed of 160kmph. Even at 100kmph acceleration, the motorcycle kept going steadily without any strong hints of strain or shaking. So, we decided to push it further and hit a mindboggling speed of 140kmph at its top, which really impressed us!

Of course, this bike is not designed to be ridden at top speed for long periods of time, but proved very well to us that it has the power and acceleration when needed, which is critical for bikers especially when getting out of difficult or dangerous situations. At the top end you also get quite a bit of engine noise and some vibration, which some people enjoy as it reminds them that they are on an eye-catching cruiser, but others may not like it so much, but generally these are people who wouldn’t be hitting those speeds anyway! Overall UM in the areas of speed and acceleration capabilities really did manage to awe us.

Mileage per Litre and Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank of the UM Renegade Sports S has a capacity of 15 litres when full and for another 3 litres in reserve. This makes it a combined 18 litres, which is quite high in comparison to its Indian counterparts, even if only by a couple of litres, but obviously a very welcome addition, especially in parts of India where petrol stations are few and far between!

When it comes to the mileage, the S managed around 35kms per litre, which could be improved upon going forward, especially when comparing it against many other motorcycles in the 300cc cruiser category. But of course that extra couple of litres in the tank really benefits the rider and easily compensates for a slightly lower kms per litre.

Details and Specifications

In this department, the Renegade Sports S manages to collect some more kudos for itself. One small observation on spec, the company has decided to go for an old school analog meter instead of a digital one, but we guess that’s in keeping with its traditional cruiser heritage and is of course down to personal taste. However, overall its easy on the eyes appearance instantly makes up for that.

Whether you are a tall person or one of an average built and height, the saddle of Renegade Sports S is as comfortable as it gets. Even the pillion seat is bound to deliver a comfortable seating experience.

One would expect the logo of the motorcycle to be on the fuel tank, but instead it’s located in the centre below of the motorcycle on both sides. On its fuel tank is the company logo which simply says “UM”, enclosed in silver graphic design. The colour combinations work perfectly in highlighting the design of the bike and render it into a perfect eye candy.

Technical specifications of UM Renegade Sports S are as follows

  • Engine: 279.5cc, BSIV, Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, spark ignition, Liquidcooled
  • Max power: 24.8 BHP @ 8500 rpm
  • Max torque: 23 NM @ 7000 rpm
  • Front suspension: Hydraulic Telescopic, 41mm forks, 110mm travel
  • Rear suspension: Twin Hydraulic Shocks With Spring ( Adjustable )
  • Front breaks: 280mm Disc
  • Rear breaks: 130mm Drum
  • Front tyres: 110/80 -17, Tubeless
  • Rear tyres: 140/80 – 15, Tube Type
  • Ground clearance: 150mm
  • Fuel tank: 15 Litres (plus reserve 3 Litres)
  • Head lamp: HALOGEN
  • Dimensions in mm: length = 2227, width = 860, height = 1100
  • Kerb weight: 172 kilograms

Ex-Showroom Price

Despite the fact that Renegade Sports S looks like an expensive imported sport cruiser, one wouldn’t need to shell out a fortune for buying one in reality. Keeping its promise, UM has priced the motorbike for a feasible Rs.1.68 lacs in New Delhi at ex-showroom rate.

On-Road Price

The on-road price of the Renegade Sports S adds up by about Rs.25000 more which covers Road Tax, RTO and insurance as well. Hence, it would amount somewhere close to Rs. 2 lacs in all.

Other Features and Accessories

Along with the motorbike, the company provides the main key along with a copy plus a user manual which covers all the specifications of the bike in detail. Other accessories such as helmet, jacket etc. needs to be purchased by paying the relevant amount.

Quick Facts Infographics

UM Renegase Sports S infographics

Pros and Improvements

Every motorcycle out there has some shortcomings to deal with and can hardly be a perfect 10. In this case, the UM Renegade Sports S could also do with just a couple more enhancements, but overall it did manage to exceed our expectations. So, we’ve shortlisted the top three pros and our recommended improvements for the motorcycle to give you a snapshot overview.


  • Good quality bike overall under a price tag which may not end up burning a hole in the pockets of buyers
  • Design of the bike makes it look like an imported expensive motorcycle which makes it a first to come with such a ‘value for money’ price tag
  • Engine is quite powerful and delivers power efficiently


  • The fit and finish can be improved on, as we have suggested in the article
  • No digital speedometer (again this is personal taste)
  • There is no ABS or Anti-brake locking system on the motorcycle either. UM have announced ABS as an option for some of its 2017 range, so this may come in the future.


It can’t be denied that UM has certainly made an attention worthy entry into the Indian motorcycle scene. On top of that it has managed to keep its promise of selling its bike at a fair price.

But is that enough?


We can give that an affirmative in terms of performance of the bike, and with a few modest improvements to the UM Renegades fit and finish it could start to make great waves across India.

Overall it is correct to say that the UM Renegade Sports S, indeed has lived up to most of our expectations from a new comer and in some areas has outdone them. It has performed better than most of its counterparts such as the Bajaj Avenger in many segments and does manage to turn quite a few heads when out and about on streets. We would really like to see the UM range ‘Rule the Streets’ in the future.

Motorbikes India Upcoming FREE To Enter Competition

Motorbikes India are currently running a ‘free to enter’ competition to win the Renegade Commando. To enter just follow the link below and fill in the form, you will automatically go onto our ‘registered to win’ database, the next stage of the competition will be in late October or early November when all those registered will be asked to complete a game of skill, which you will be able to complete on our website.

The winner will be informed around 10 days before India Bike Week (IBW) and will also receive an all expenses paid trip to Goa for the event, finally, the winner will be presented with the bike by Leslie Porterfield the fastest women in the world on two wheels, this will take place during the show! This bike will be unique, as Leslie will sign it on the petrol tank at the factory and this will be permanently lacquered onto the tank for the winner to show off to their friends and family.

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