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Vardenchi Lifestyle Garage Opens in Mumbai

To all the bikers out there, Namaste!

Have you ever desired to make your two-wheeler look like you?

Well, Vardenchi Lifestyle Garage is here to customize your bike to your heart’s desires. It’s a dream come true for bikers all over the motorbike community in India.

Imagine your own desired creative look synced across to your personality. The feeling and execution will be sensational!

Since the year 2005, Vardenchi Motorcycles have been a leading customizing and motorcycle construction design firm in India. They have dedicated their lives to crafting motorbike designs that blend in with your personality, tastes, and preferences. Their 14-year experience is unmatched. The Lifestyle Garage from Vardenchi now will offer you the best of their products in accessories.

Vardenchi Motorcycle Lifestyle Garage was launched in Goregaon (West), Mumbai on the 2nd of April 2019. It was a star studded ceremony due to the presence of many Bollywood actors like Sunil Shetty, Sameera Reddy, etc.

The Lifestyle garage, true to its name, is set to offer a wide range of accessory customization including upgrading of motorcycles and crafting solutions.

From the moment the brand set off with the founder, Akshai Varde, the customization platform start-up was among the few valid motorcycle custom brands in the country.

The local Vardenchi start-up brought in the much-needed visual variety to the growing community of Royal Enfield owners, featuring some bold, exquisite designs matching the beautiful exotic quality on the Californian Coastline.

The cutting edge local theme of the customizations gave the motorcycles the look and feel that was closer to a customer’s taste, unlike the standard colors the bikes came in.

They have been building and designing customized solutions for motorcycles for their local population, especially for the Royal Enfield motorcycle. Some of the customizations offered include:

  • Metal sheet-metal fabrication techniques,
  • Structural modeling of the motorbike’s body,
  • 3D designing for certain aspects of the bike,
  • Assembling the parts like lights, and
  • In-house painting, depending on a customer’s request.

The products available in the store are in line with what, Akshai Varde, had envisioned. His purpose was to create ‘everything motorcycle’ yet with a customized feel added to it.

Right from the entrance, you will see various motorcycles upgrade utilities at the store, some of them including fitments designed to improve safety and style. Other parts are headlamps, decorative lights, comfortable seats, guards, and more.

Apart from just being a point of product showcasing position, the 1000 sq ft floor area of motorcycle-inspired space will be offering services that are mainly of interest to bikers. With a motorcycle-themed garage ambiance, bikers can also feel comfortable in the premium space as a point of relaxation. It will also serve as an avenue for owners to admire the art being crafted on their bikes, at the same time monitoring the processes involved in it.

Vardenchi, apart from selling customized parts of motorcycles, including Royal Enfield, will also customize the look for your parts in terms of models and painting to bring exclusive designs unique to you alone.

The Lifestyle Garage recognizes that the future of product development lies in your personality. The store will continuously work towards meeting your likes with their innovative thinking and design capabilities.

The store aims to build significantly on the customization of products to become a consummate, one-stop accessory shop for the motorcycle community, one which is, according to Varde, the first of a vast network of franchise stores.

So, Mumbai riders, have you visited the lifestyle garage of Vardenchi yet? If not, plan out an outing with your biker friends this weekend to see for yourself!

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