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What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

“Faster, faster and faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death” is one quote that can be related to motorbikes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that motorbikes and speed are synonyms and complement each other the best.

When you buy a motorbike, you should be aware of its speed, weight, gear type, motor specifications and other factors related to performance. There are some of these factors that are discussed in this article and will give you a clear idea about the speed and engine of your motorbike.

How engine affects the speed?

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

“Engine is the heart of a motorbike while wires function as veins”. Each and every motorbike has a different engine type depending on their functionality and usage. For example, if a motorbike is of 150cc, then it will be equipped with a tachometer. The purpose of the tachometer is to show the engine RPM (rotations per minute). RPM is given as the rotation speed of the engine and it lowers due to change in gears leading to high power and fuel consumption.

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

I hope now you have understood the importance of RPM. Hence it is better for you and your motorbike if you ride at low or medium RPM. High RPM might lead to damage to engine parts in turn leading to decrease in the speed of motorbike. For smooth and safe riding, maintain 3000-5000 RPM in case of city zone and 4000-6000 RPM when on highways.

What factors enhance the motorbike power?

Torque and power are the two characteristics that are related to motorbike performance. It might sound related to physics but that is the real and basic factor. Motorbike generates power by combining torque and RPM. Lower the RPM, lower is the power generated that affects the speed factor of motorbikes. Hence, you have to revise the engine of the motorbike constantly in order to keep the speed factor stable. While choosing a motorbike it isn’t necessary to focus on these points but it is important to concentrate on your choice and the one that suits you the best.

How to improve your motorbike performance?

“Change is what that never changes” and this is the answer to improve your bike performance. Analyze the machine parts of your motorbike and modify them or else replace them with the latest ones. Make arrangements or alterations in spark plug and air mixture screw to increase the air intake level of your motorbike.

Modifying the ignition system of your motorbike can help in improving the performance of bikes. Change the igniters control, ignition coil, spark plug wires and distributors. Consider the usage of NGK platinum plated spark plugs that will help in the reduction of high fuel consumption.

Better try switching the exhaust system of your motorbike and it will help in enhancing the improved appearance and sound of the motorbike. Before making these modifications on your motorbike, it is necessary, however, to have a clear view of your motorbike and its functions.

Here are some of the world’s fastest motorbikes

Dodge Tomahawk (420 miles per hour) proves to be the fastest one followed by Kawasaki Ninja H2R (249 mph), MTT turbine superbike Y2K (227 mph), Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R (208 mph) and our favourite Suzuki Hayabusa (194 mph).

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

What Do You Know About the Speed of Motorbike

These high-end motorbikes are rated top among the International motorbike community.

If you are someone who thrives on speed, go on and create your own adventure. Speed is exciting and with motorbikes, it becomes a wild experience. However, as we always say, you must be a responsible rider for the motorbike community you represent.

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