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Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

“Bikes, Wheels, Gears, Gadgets, Speed, Roads, Passion, and Adventure” these are some of the words that pretty much sum up a motorbike rider.

We are sure you would agree that everyone follows a different style of motorbike riding. It might sound strange, but it is true. So do you know, which type of motorbike rider are you? If you are not sure of the answer, then read this article and find out where you fit in the motorbike community.

The Squid

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

They are often referred to as inexperienced motorbike riders. Usually, riders under this category are young, drive too fast, and pull wheelies and stoppies in rush hours.

The Poser

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

Posers keep their motorbikes squeaky clean and are quite active in the motorbike community wherein they proudly showcase their bikes. They like spending money on buying motorbike parts and accessories.

The Mechanic

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

If you enjoy spending time with your motorbike whether on road or in the garage, then you fall in the mechanic category. This type of motorbike rider enjoys every ride with a sense of satisfaction as their motorbike is just like a family member to them.

The Accessoriser

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

These riders love to dress up their motorbikes with dozens of mirrors, catchy stickers, fringes and flashy accessories. They are a complete “fashionista” of the motorbike community. Are you one of these?

The Stunter

A stunter loves to perform stunts on two-wheelers and they are well-trained to live and enjoy their life on a single wheel. However, you shouldn’t try most of the stunts they do if you are a newbie.

The Philosopher

Philosophers are always decent and responsible everyday riders who have good knowledge of the techniques and the machines. You must have come across a few in your college or university.

The Gadgeteer

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

A motorbike rider with keen knowledge of technology and gadgets such as GPS navigators, GoPro cameras, and Bluetooth communicators related to motorbikes is known as the Gadgeteer.

The Newbie

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

At the initial driving phase, a rider is called a newbie. A new rider develops the necessary skills and becomes more enthusiastic while at this level. If you are a newbie, then we wish you the very best for becoming a successful rider soon.

The Adventure Rider

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

An Adventure rider enjoys every moment of life on his dream motorbike. They love long rides and are always equipped with all the necessary equipment irrespective of the surroundings.

The Sports Rider

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

Are you a rider who loves speed? If so, then you are surely born to be a Sports Rider. With never-ending love towards race tracks, MotoGP sports etc., sports riders are always ready to take on new challenges and act as a source of inspiration to those who love speed.

Didn’t find yourself fit in any of the above? Well, we have a few more rider types listed below. Check them out!

The Brand Loyalist

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

A brand loyalist as the name suggests sticks to their particular and favourite motorbike brands and are usually a part of brand-specific groups such as the Harley, RE groups and so on.

The Nutcase

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

A Nutcase keeps a miniature toolkit with them and loves to rebuild or redesign their motorbike parts.

The Bike Whisperer

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

These are wise riders with years of experience who follow each and every biking rule and handle their motorbike very carefully and responsibly.

The Vintage Bikers

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

As the name suggests, they are just the hardcore, dire lovers of vintage motorbikes.

The Jobsworth

Which type of Motorbike Rider are you?

They might or might not enjoy their ride, but are busy doing their work on the road, day and night. These are not the big names, however, in our opinion, they do carry enough respect for their continuous effort. A jobsworth can also be your pizza delivery boy!

We do hope that you found a category of rider that suits you the best from the above list. No matter which type of motorbike rider you are, it is imperative to be a responsible one. So, ride safe and above all be a responsible citizen.

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