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Why do I need Two-wheeler Insurance?

Thinking of buying your dream motorbike? Then, you must also think of taking a strong resolve to always renew your motorbike insurance each year before it expires. But why? What is the use of it? There are many questions that hover the minds of young and budding motorbike riders, unfortunately, and more often than not, motorbike insurance is not one of them. Through this article, we want to make our readers understand the importance of keeping their two-wheeler insurance paid up.

Why do I need Two-wheeler Insurance?

Well, we are living in an age where everything around us moves fast and with increasing connectivity on roads, the traffic is simply getting crazier day by day. However, we do still enjoy travelling on our motorbikes… those long trips and rides with or without friends and loved ones are certainly our favourite. Some of us even travel on our motorbikes for work on a daily basis. However, driving in cities is a lot of stress. Many drivers, be it on four wheels or two wheels, drive without much of an experience or road sense for that matter. This is a major cause of numerous road accidents and fatalities that the country witnesses each year.

Hence, motorbike insurance is a must for all of us belonging to the motorbike community. Not only because the law of the land makes it a mandate, but for your own safety on the road as well. So whether you are a new bike owner or someone who already has a motorbike, keep a regular check on your insurance papers and get them renewed before they expire.

What is Motorbike Insurance and what is its importance?

Motorbike insurance is a legal agreement between you and the insurance providing company which takes the ownership against any natural or man-made calamities caused to you or your bike on the payment of a certain premium amount, normally for the duration of one year.

Why is it important to take Motorbike Insurance?

Taking two wheeler insurance is one of the most important tasks that will keep you insured against any unforeseen event. Many two-wheeler manufacturing company offer you motorbike insurance during motorbike finance or even on the spot.

Let us understand some of the basic coverage that the usual two-wheeler insurance gets us.

Keep you worry free

Would you like to live a life free of stress, worry or tension while you are onboard with your bike, with or without family? Well, motorbike insurance will take care of that for you. As it will cover all the important areas that matter to you the most in terms of expenses, personal, property or third party losses in case of any misfortune.

Why do I need Two-wheeler Insurance?

Take care of hefty Bills

You can avoid those heavy bills at your doorstep during an unfortunate accident. With this previous precautionary measure, you can avoid yourself from paying those hefty bills which come with the unpleasant occurrence. Thus, in other words, the future planning you made for your family and your saving will not get disturbed by these unplanned events at your end.

Reduce accident risk

You can avoid the mental, physical or collateral property risk due to some bad event. Any risk that comes in the event of an accident is not pleasant and comes with various risk factors. You can avoid these by going for a motorbike insurance that will cover the risks and play the role of your guard at hard times.

Safety against injury to bike/self/third party

A motorbike insurance owner can gain safety against any damage to property or self. In fact, safety is one of the most important terms of your life. Since you are the guardian of your family, it becomes your responsibility to take care of yourself, your family, and assets such as a motorbike or any other two-wheeler, plus taking necessary pre-safety measures. You can doubly ensure that with the help of a two-wheeler insurance cover for your motorbike.

Why do I need Two-wheeler Insurance?

Protect your favourite motorbike

You can get cover for any loss or damage caused. While purchasing your favourite bike you always dream of a wonderful journey and the best road experience with your family. If racing a motorbike is your passion and you want to keep it going in the coming future then you can keep it secure from the bad events by insuring your bike and being one of the more responsible motorbike riders.

Protection against law

As per Insurance and Motor Vehicle Act of India, it is mandatory to get the motorbike insurance. Why? Well, for similar reasons a helmet is mandatory too – your safety. Two-wheeler insurance acts as a safety gear for the motorbike community. Whether you are travelling on your wonderful bike for a short or a long trip with family or friends, it is always advisable to have it with you.

Natural and man-made calamities

There are many natural and man-made calamities, some of which are avoidable while others are not. No matter what the situation is, you should be ready for them. It is a wise decision to own an insurance to safeguard you against any unforeseen event. Let us see some of the natural and Man-made calamities, against which you should back-pack and be ready at all times.

Natural: Fire or explosion, lightning, self-ignition, flood, earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, storm, inundation, tempest, hailstorm, cyclone, landslide, frost, rockslide.

Man-made: Theft or burglary, riot, strike or any other malicious act, damages occurred while in transit by road, railway, inland waterway, lift, air or elevator etc.

Protection against Third Party Liability

This is the most important advantage of having motorbike insurance.

Remember, you are legally liable for any injury or mishappening to a third party or his property due to an accident. It is quite common that we take due care of ourselves as well as our family. But the road does not belong to you. Every day, there are more and more people driving, walking, running on the road and many without any road sense. Whatever the reason be if somehow you meet with an accident or an unavoidable collision, you will most likely end up being in soup with the police and even worse, a hefty fine for not carrying your motorbike insurance papers.

However, you can make necessary arrangement to avoid any third party liability by being an active member of two wheeler insurance. The insurance will protect you from any third party liability.

Advanced additional benefits and facilities provided by new generation Insurance companies to all motorbike communities and their riders

  1. Instant online digitally signed policies;
  2. Cashless claims;
  3. Additional personal accident benefit for the co-passengers (if opted);
  4. No claim bonus at the time of renewal;
  5. Easy options to shift your insurance from one company to another;
  6. Online claims.

Life is beautiful not because of the worldly things, but because of your valuable time, your life, the presence of loved ones and the time we spend with them. Taking care of each of these things will further beautify the lovely moments of life. So, it will be a nice idea to go with two-wheeler insurance for your beloved motorbike, so that you can better take care of your bike and yourself while driving on the busy roads.

Learn to be responsible while driving on busy roads, remember life is precious whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Your motorbike insurance can go a long way to protect you and everyone else around you.

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