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Imagine winning a new motorbike

Win UM Renegade Commando signed by Leslie Porterfield

Win The Only ‘Um’ Renegade Commando Of Its Kind!

This beautiful bike finished in Gloss Red, will be signed exclusively across the petrol tank by Leslie Porterfield the fastest women in the world on a conventional two-wheeled motorcycle (hitting 246 mph!).

This bike will literally be the only one available on the planet!

So whoever is lucky enough to win, will have a very special motorcycle. Not only is the ‘UM’ Renegade Commando one of the coolest machines to be seen on when riding the roads of India, this one will be the only one exclusively carrying Leslie’s signature, permanently sealed on the gas tank, making it very unique, and of course very special to own.

‘UM’ Motorcycles originate from the USA, with their global office based in Miami, Florida, and Leslie Porterfield is based in Dallas, Texas, so the Renegade Commando was an obvious choice for Motorbikes India as a prize!

Why Is Motorbikes India Giving Away This Bike?

Simple, our aim is to become the NUMBER ONE online magazine website for bikers across the Indian peninsula. We have grown our audience massively over the last two years and we want to gain even more exposure. So we have teamed up with ‘UM’ Motorcycles (India) to offer one of our readers the chance to win this beautiful bike.

UM’s motto is ‘CONQUER THE WORLD’ ours is to be the ‘FIRST ONLINE CHOICE FOR BIKERS IN INDIA’! Which makes for a great partnership!

UM Renegade Commando Left View

So How Can I Win The Commando?

All you have to do is register on our website or go to our Facebook page and hit the link to register, to be eligible you will need to complete this process between now and the 10th of November 2017, when the first phase of the competition finally closes.

Alternatively you can click this link to register now:

Once you have registered on our website, you will be automatically entered into the next phase, this will be a game of pure skill, the skill will be to ‘spot the ball’! This element of skill will be based on a picture of an India cricket match, where the ball has been removed, your individual judgment will be to determine where you believe the cricket ball will be on the picture (by marking the spot with an electronic X). The angle of the bat and the balls trajectory, combined with the direction of the eyes of the players and the supporting crowd, will help you to decide its exact position.

This part of the competition will be available on our website (as well as on our mobile friendly site) from midnight on the 10th of November until midnight on the 13th of November 2017.

The closest person to the actual centre of the ball wins (centre pixel adjudicated by a registered lawyer and national race champion Naresh Babu).

To see the full rules that apply for this competition please follow this link:

How Will I Know If I Have Won?

The winner will be announced on the 15th of November, this will be by email and/or by telephone.

If I Have Won, When Will I Receive My Um Commando?

There is more good news; Motorbikes India and Leslie Porterfield are attending India Bike Week in November in Goa. We are partnering up with UM for this event.

The winner will receive an internal return flight to Goa from your local airport, coming out on the 23rd of November and returning on the 25th, you will also receive
accommodation in Goa for up to three nights, the flights and hotel are courtesy of Motorbikes India.

Leslie will award the winner with the bike on Saturday the 25th during the IBW event! UM will then deliver the bike to the nearest UM dealer to your hometown for you to collect.

Leslie Porterfield welcome to IBW
Looking forward to seeing you all in Goa for India Bike Week November 2017 —Leslie

Want To Know More About The Um Renegade Commando?

Watch the video now by clicking on the link below:

Motorbikes India Will Be Test Driving The Commando

UM Renegade Commando Right View

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  1. I want this bike very badly since I have seen this contest. I’ve been visiting this site every day… very very desperate… lots of HOPE…

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