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Winter Riding Tips : 11 Things to Note

Who does not enjoy a motorbike ride in winter? Well, I am sure most of you await the winter season for a mind-blowing tooth cracking riding experience.

However, you should take all safety precautions while going for a winter motorbike ride, especially in the hilly areas.

So, here are some primary tips that will make your winter two-wheeler riding comfortably.

Prepare your bike for a harsh condition: Well, your bike won’t like cold weather. You should keep the motorbikes clean and use a corrosion-inhibiting spray to keep the engine safe during winters. Also, make sure the machine works properly and other parts like levers and controls are appropriately lubricated.

Wear correct motorcycle gear: Heated gear gives you a feeling of extra luxury. But the truth is, once a ride wears these motorbike accessories, he will never go out in winter without it. The jackets, helmets, pants, and boots are some of the essential motorcycle gear in winter. An excellent waterproof and breath-ability jackets suit better for winter bike riding. Wearing thermals can give you extra warmth for cold riding. It is better to go for waterproof trousers and can be great for an early winter morning.

Don’t miss gloves, boots, and helmet. Look for waterproof layered gloves from outside and dry & warm from inside. To save your legs from this chilling weather boots are the best option. Lastly, go for a helmet visor with a pin lock inserter. It prevents your helmet visor from fogging up. 

Invest in thermals and warmers: It is vital to keep your body warm and safe while riding in winter. Good thermals and warmers can keep a rider comfortable in frigid weather. Too many clothes can make you feel uncomfortable riding in the frosty weather. It is crucial to keep the gaps around your neck, hands, waists, and ankles sealed. Neck warmers help to keep you warm and ensure a good seal under your helmet. 

Carry rain gear: While driving in winters, there is a possibility of weather change, therefore; carrying rain gear is crucial. The equipment will also protect against chilling weather, and traveling without a rain-coat may land into a troublesome situation.

Check the engine: During winters, the bike engine becomes stiff and might take time for ignition. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure your bike’s engine is working in order. Check brakes, clutches, and other essential machine engines before starting your bike in winter.

Maintain distance on roads: During winters, visibility decreases due to fog on roads, hence maintain distance from other vehicles is necessary to avoid collision and accidents. Roads become slippery in cold weather, hence keeping a safe distance from other objects will help to apply brakes in case of emergency.

Check your tires: When the temperature drops, you should take extra care of your bike’s tires. The cold temperature causes a reduction in air pressure in tires. It will be comfortable for riders with properly pressured tires.

Drive within limits: Driving too fast during winters can be dangerous as you might lose balance. As the roads remain greasy, it impacts on the grip of the vehicle. The cold wind affects your bike’s body parts, hence driving slowly with the limits can save you from a sudden mishap.

Avoid salts and black Ice: Beware of crystallized salt on the sides of the roads as its enemy of metal. Black ice looks similar to frost, stay away from it. Motorcycles are not for winter rides, and salt can rust their body parts. If you love traveling in winters, then the best option is to get your bike washed during sunny days.

Towering services: You must be aware of the towering services. They are helpful in case of accidents or mishaps. Fast service from the towering bike services can help you in case of emergencies.

Don’t be a fool to ride your bike during snow: Keep a watch on weather reports as snow can be challenging for riders. It’s better to get back home during a blizzard or wait in a safe place during your motorbike community trips.

Apart from the above, it’s advisable to always carry your driving license and two-wheeler insurance policy with you. Additionally, take some cash and be financially secure so that you can ride without worrying.

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