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Women Motorcycle Gears

Cool, Smart, Wonderful, Stylish…. The women era in the motorbike community starts with every women biker who loves to ride, explore and wants to live the life to the fullest. To be honest, there is nothing that can stop her from achieving that marvelous glory that she is entitled to.

In this article today, we will introduce some basic women motorcycle safety gears that every women motorbike rider must wear to ensure road safety and have greater riding experience.

Importance of safety gears for women

Why do I need safety gear or safety equipment with me during a motorbike ride? That would be the most common question an amateur motorbike rider would have in her mind. We all think, as long as we drive safely and within the speed limit, we do not need motorbike gear for safety. Isn’t it?

However, the reality is that each and every two-wheeler rider is always at a greater risk to face road mishap. It may or may not be your fault. A four-wheeler rider will face much less injury compared to you on your motorbike. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry and wear proper motorbike gears while on road.

The Govt. although has introduced many laws to keep a tab on road accidents, it is the younger generation that slacks and avoids to take proper measures in terms of road safety. The primary action was to make the wearing of helmet compulsory by law in about 19 countries. Although there are still a few riders who do not follow the law diligently, the traffic policemen do their job well and take care of these misfits from time to time.

Main safety gears

With the evolution of technology, many gadgets and gears are available in the market for better road safety today. However, today let us look into some of the basic ones.


The first and foremost safety gear for a motorist is the helmet. To increase the awareness around the importance of the helmet, many rallies and camps are being conducted for the public at various places.

Before choosing a helmet, it is necessary for you to check whether it fulfils Snell helmet standards (Safety Standard Organization) and have passed the quality tests. Apart from these factors, helmet selection has to be based on your comfort; it should never be too tight or too loose else it might affect your comfort and thus safety.

Tips: Avoid the usage of black colour helmets as it absorbs more heat. Instead, prefer white or any other bright coloured ones.


Do you face abrasion during a motorbike ride? To avoid this, use motorbike jackets. Buy high-quality textile leather waterproof jackets that come out with armor part fitting around chests and joints.

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Usually, our hands are fragile and fleshy. Extreme pressure and friction can lead to pain in the muscles of our hand. It is estimated that we lose over 1 mm of flesh by attempting a speed limit of 30mph. So, it is best to wrap your palms and wrists with a retention strap that will keep your hand and knuckles secured.

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Similar to your hands, feet also need their share of care as they can be easily injured during motorbike rides or a fall. Sandals and sneakers should be avoided while riding and proper boots should be worn to protect your feet from any unfortunate crash.


Our eyes are very sensitive and eye damage is very common due to dust and dirt in the air. To overcome these effects, eye protection becomes an important factor and sunglasses can be used for this purpose. Use branded sunglasses that will resist sun rays from your eyesight and also help in full coverage of the soft area under your eyes.

Now, to all the women motorists, equip yourself with these essential safety gears and be ready to face any challenge on your motorbike while on the road. I promise you that these gears will add to your beauty and charm wherever you go.

After all, safety is of utmost importance for everyone.

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