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World’s Rarest Motorbikes – Part 3

I am sure you are pretty eager to know what we are going to see in this last chapter of our series on the world’s rarest motorbikes. In the last two articles, we discussed some of the rarest motorbikes that have great historical importance. Today, let us take a look at some of the rarest motorbikes that were sold at a heavy price in auctions.

Interesting right? Well, I promise you a bumpy ride on this one. So, take a deep breath and enter into the world of motorbikes. We have listed up the best motorbikes only for you.

Expensive motorbikes

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Pic courtesy: By Elambeth

Doesn’t it look stunning? I hope now you understand why Dodge Superbike is listed here as one of the most expensive one. It costs about $550,000 for its four-stroke Viper engine. Introduced in 2003, Dodge Tomahawk can reach up to 60mph in about 2.5 seconds with an unbelievable speed of 400mph this mad machine belongs to the creation of Evel Knievel. There is no doubt that Dodge Tomahawk will attract you to take a ride on it.

BMS Nehmesis

Pic courtesy:

BMS Nehmesis can be recognized by its yellow glittering 24-carat gold that each and every motorbike rider wishes to preserve in their home as a treasure. This marooned whale will cost you $3 million for its streaming technology and appearance.

If you ask yourself why it costs so much, then, the answer is simple. It is still a fully functional motorbike with air-ride system, swingarm rear suspension and for your amusement; this motorbike can be lifted up to 10 inches above the ground for a smooth drive.

Now let us look at some of rarest motorbikes which were sold at a heavy price in auctions.

“Captain America” Harley-Davidson Panhead from “Easy Rider”

Pic courtesy:

Sold in Auction: Profile in History

One might think why Harley-Davidson is more famous from the past? Even I have wondered about it and the answer is simple because Harley-Davidson motorbikes are expensive and its roots lie in the past. One of the examples is “Captain America” creation from Harley-Davidson that was sold for US$1,620,000.

Did anyone of you notice it in the movie, “Easy Rider”? Well, it became a famous motorbike by then and in an auction that was conducted globally, Captain America stole the highest place.

Brough Superior Overhead 680

Pic courtesy:

Sold at Auction: Bonhams for $105,711 on September 2008 in London, UK

Brough Superior belongs to the motorbike technology of 1933 was sold in 2008 and is now the part of Brian Verrall collection. Before the auction, it was owned by one of the members of the Brough club. Some of its imperfections were restored by Simon Miles, a famous motorbike specialist of the group. With complete history and ownership, it was sold at auction by Bonhams.                          

Here are a few more rare motorbikes which can be called both fast and expensive in the motorbike community.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter         

Pic courtesy:

Neiman fighter is known for its pride like a lion and stands first in the list with a maximum cost of $110,000. It drives you to an unbelievable topmost speed of 190mph that is driven by 120ci V-twin engine with 45-degree air-cooled technology. Its two-wheeler body-parts are complimented with precious metals like aluminum, carbon fiber and last but not least, titanium. Doesn’t this stylish motorbike inspire you?

AJS E95 “Porcupine”

Pic courtesy: By Craig Howell a.k.a. “El Caganer”, CC BY 2.0

AJS E95 “Porcupine” of 1954 is one of the treasures of AJS creations. It has entered into the list of the rarest because only 4 porcupine motorbikes were produced till 1949. One of the noticeable records of the porcupine is the one that was created by Les Graham during the World Championship in the year 1949. Its two-wheeler parts are of aluminum alloy and are of 500cc Twin DOHC engine technology.


Motorbikes, despite being a machine, prove to be the best buddy for every motorbike lover. Each and every motorbike bears a history and its own importance that links its roots to the past. Don’t you agree?

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