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How to win a free T-shirt by writing about motorbikes

This contest is now over!

Attention blogger/copywriter/website owner!

Do you write about motorbikes? You can win a FREE T-shirt signed by Leslie Porterfield — the fastest women on two wheels!

Apply Now!

If you enjoy writing about motorbikes, you have a chance to win a Free Motorbikes India T-shirt! And not just any t-shirt but signed by Leslie Porterfield herself!

At Motorbikes India we enjoy writing about motorbikes in India. And we’d like to spread the word further. This is why we are running the “Win Free T-shirt by Writing About Motorbikes” contest in India.

MI editorial team will select several best article.

The prize is a FREE T-shirt from Motorbikes India. The T-shirt will be signed by Leslie Porterfield herself — the fastest woman on two wheels. Plus a photo that she will send you — also personally signed. All shipping already paid. You just need to write. That’s it.

But hurry, because number of T-Shirts we will ship is limited!

Best authors will win t-shirt from Motorbikes India
If you write about motorbikes, you can win a t-shirt like this from Motorbikes India.

Just imagine one day receiving a parcel, delivered right to your door! Shipping and handling already paid. You open it and inside you find a brand new t-shirt from Motorbikes India, signed by Leslie Porterfield herself — the fastest woman on two wheels. As well as a photo of Leslie also signed by her. All this by doing what you love — writing about motorbikes!

Wouldn’t it be nice?

And if your article is selected as the best one, you’ll be featured on Motorbikes India too!

Apply To Win Now!

Now you may be wondering…

 Can I really win a free t-shirt signed by Leslie Porterfield just by writing a motorcycle article?

To be candid, not everybody can participate…

We don’t accept “free loaders” who just want to get the prize without doing real writing. So, no copy paste — only your original thoughts and writing allowed!

Also we can’t guarantee you will win either.


We will select several winners. And, if you create your own interesting article — yes, you can participate.. And very probably win!

Yes, I’m ready to write! What do I need to do to win the free t-shirt?

To enter the contest you need to:

  1. Share this post on Facebook.
  2. Opt-in here (so we can follow up with you with instructions and a prize).
  3. Write an article about motorbikes. Publish it on a well established blog or website. Article should reference a Motorbikes India within article text and link to MI homepage or article. Then send the URL of the article to MI by email (we’ll provide you the details).

Authors of best articles selected by MI editorial team will win a t-shirt from MI as well as a photo personally signed by Leslie Porterfield! If you don’t know yet, Leslie is the fastest woman on two wheels. Her best speed to Date is 246Mph!

We will send these t-shirts directly to postal address that authors will provide. No shipping charge. We cover the shipping.

Win free t-shirt from Leslie by writing about motorbikes
Authors of best articles will also get a photo personally signed by Leslie Porterfield

What kind of articles you need to write and where to publish it

In this contest we urge you to write on one of the following topics:

  • Motorbike review. Review your favourite motorcycle.
  • Motorbike safety. Write an article encouraging safe riding.
  • Motorbike routes and trips. Write about a trip or route you’ve taken.
  • Review of Motorbikes India website. If you really like MI, mention both pros and cons, tell your readers about it.

The article has to be at least 500 words long. It must be unique, authentic, interesting and entertaining and have at least one unique illustration. It must have good spelling and style. You also need to follow common sense authors ethics.

As mentioned before you need to provide original thoughts and writing. Plagiarism is not allowed.

The article has to be published on a well established blog or website related to motorbikes in one way or the other. If you are in doubt about this, just think if your article will be interesting for the readers of the website. If so, it’s good.

Reference MI in your article to enter the contest

In articles, authors need to reference Motorbikes India. This means finding relevant information on MI and referencing it in your article with a link. The citation should read natural of course.

To do this simply find a related article on MI, cite it or reference, and provide a link to it within the text of your article. In other words yes, you have to link to Motorbikes India within your article to enter the contest.

Winners will be selected on November 21st 2016.

Our editorial team will select 10 best articles submitted to us. Authors of these articles will receive a free t-shirt from Motorbikes India personally signed by Leslie Porterfield as well as a signed photo from her!

Yes, I want to win a free T-Shirt from MI! What do I need to do?

So, you want to win a free t-shirt from MI with a photo signed by Leslie Porterfield?

Wait no longer!

Just fill out short application form below. And you’ll officially enter our “Win a FREE T-Shirt” contest! We will send you all details via email.

Fill out the details below and click “Apply Now” to enter the contest!

* indicates required

Good luck!

MI Team

Disclaimer: This article was prepared or accomplished by it's author in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Motorbikes India or it's owners.

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  1. Loved your website, would like to know more about the bike, I probably participated in the Win the UM and MI T-shirt contest. I am a true biker with big dreams, from a poor family, hope I’ll win.

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