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Yamaha YZF – R15

In 2008, Yamaha made a significant entry into the sports bike market of India with the launch of the first version of the YZF-R15 series. Four years later, it relaunched the version two of the series, and this year, they launched a brand new third version of the Yamaha YZF – R15. It can unapologetically be called an almost completely newborn baby motorbike compared to its predecessors.

Yamaha YZF - R15

An eye-catching piece of two-wheeler starting with an almost perfect shape, aesthetics and overall composition ready to give you the chills and that “out of the universe” experience.


Right from the front head-on look at the R15 Version 3, you can literally feel the twin-eyed ominous look of the motorbike sinisterly staring into you. The look is enhanced by the placement of its Aerodynamic LED Headlights paired with its rear-view mirrors and slickly designed cockpit cover to protect its fully digital display features and its swing arms.

Yamaha YZF - R15Yamaha YZF - R15

The entire build of the R15 V3.0 is inspired by the R1 and R6 model and is available in two Unisex colors – Thunder Grey with a touch of red and a Racing Blue color scheme. A 360-degree view of the two-wheeler lets its aesthetically enticing look speaks for itself. Its entire bodywork is lit and proportionally balanced on all sides making it easier to handle and enjoy a non-stop ride.

Although the seat was designed for a riding experience majorly and might not be suitable for a simple cruise ride, the clearance of the bike has been increased to about 170mm which is about 10mm more than its previous version.


The R15 Version 3.0 engine received an impressively significant third generation update from its predating versions. The update in its engine helps facilitate an overall riding performance and handling. The engine claims to increase the horsepower by a 16.3% after receiving a displacement shoot to 155 ccs.

One of its third generation features is the variable Valve Actuation which helps to pull cleanly from low revs at higher gears closely comparable to the Valve Timing Technology in new age motorbikes. It simply means that while in mid-town where you cannot pop the highest possible speed, you can still stay on a high gear without having to switch to a lower gear in the 6-speed transmission system before riding in lower speed.

Another great feature is the VVA system which kicks into action once the engine has panned up to a 7, 400 rpm and also when the engine is past 8,000 rpm mark, to keep the engine feel alive. At 10, 000 rpm, the engine produces 19.3 PS and the 15Nm torque would be hit at 8, 500 rpm. These specifications have given the version 3 of R15 its relatively top-notch performance.

This riding beauty comes with another technological advancement in its goody-bag, this one was called the Assist and Slipper Clutch (A&S). The motorbike probably is the very first to adopt this technological feature amongst all the already available two-wheelers in the Indian motorbike community. With the A&S Clutch system, the pull weight of clutch is significantly reduced while taking a ride. Aside convenience for the rider, this technology also reduces excessive braking of the engine improving the behavioral pattern of the chassis and a smoother downshift activity.

Handling and Top Speed

Advancing to the racing track on a test ride of the R15 Version 3.0, you will be glad to know that there was no disappointment on its riding experience. The motorbike’s suspension was perfectly designed to effortlessly house everything without affecting the balance of the bike even at a top speed on a straight line ride.

I guess its most impressive riding experience quality comes to play when negotiating through corners, balancing easily on its wide tires (Front: 100mm/80-17, Rear 140mm/70 – 17) and with its 282mm front disc brakes, you can bring the motorbike to a complete halt in a matter of secs.

Yamaha YZF - R15Yamaha YZF - R15

Fuel Efficiency & Price

The YZF – R15 is equipped with a SOHC 4- valve liquid cooled Fuel Injection engine. It has a fuel efficiency of 35-45 kmpl while riding on the highways at top speed (as claimed by Yamaha).

The ex-showroom price in Delhi is around INR 1,27,000.

Yamaha YZF - R15Yamaha YZF - R15

The new YZF-R15 version 3.0 is more just an impressively designed and engineered piece of a magnificent two-wheeler. It is a ride to crave for by all members of the Indian motorbike community. With its third generation technological advancement features including the use of a digital display, the addition of a USB charging port, and an affordable pricing, the motorbike has blazed the trail for other manufacturers.

We are sure that the YZF R15 V3.0 should make a handsome break into the India market.  What do you think?

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