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10 Tips to Care for Your Motorcycle in Monsoon

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a motorbike,” aptly said by John F Kennedy. Taking care of your favorite buddy is of utmost importance, especially during the monsoon. Owners of four-wheelers need not worry much as it is a covered body, but if you own a two-wheeler, you have to go the extra mile to ensure the motorbike’s smooth functioning. Moreover, if your area lacks covered parking, you need to be extra attentive every time you park your two-wheeler.

Well, we at Motorbikes India are here to tell you about the top ten ways to take proper care of your two-wheeler baby in the rainy season.

  1. Cover the Bike :

If your parking does not come with a cover, always remember to wrap up the vehicle with a waterproof cover. If your motorbike gets wet, you will not feel like to sit on the damp seat. Also, try to park it under any shed of your house. Wetting of the vehicle would be the last option.

  1. Find Covered Parking Slot :

While traveling, it is hard to find a covered parking area. But resting the bike at the mercy of fate is not a good option. Try to park it under the shed of a restroom or the road-side food stall. At the least, you can manage a tree canopy to park it. Carry the bike cover and cover it with it if you plan to park it for a long time. Do not forget to lock it to protect it against potential theft.

  1. Opt for Teflon Coating :

It is not a desirable option, but you may not like your bike’s paint getting washed away. Teflon coating protects the motorbike’s original paint from water and other external pollutants. The ones with a newly painted bike should invest in Teflon coating before every monsoon.

  1. Buy Anti-Rust Covering :

Usually, the motorbikes have fiber, which is already resistant to rusting. But the Royal Enfield sticks to its metal bodies and frames. To protect this expensive bike, invest in an affordable anti-rust protective layer. Any rust on the shinning edge won’t look cool.

  1. Check the Tyres :

During the monsoon, roads become slippery, and the areas around the potholes get muddy. Hence motorbike riding is a rough and challenging experience. You seem to lose grip on wet roads. You may look for specialized monsoon tires. If you cannot afford that, make sure the existing tires have adequate tread levels for the smooth running.  If they look old and bald, then replace it at the earliest.

  1. Clean up the Bike Chain :

If soggy mud and dirt get into the motorcycle chains, the latter will get damaged. During the rainy season, this is quite normal. So clean up the bike chain every weekend or after traveling for 500 km. As the rainwater tends to wash away the lubricant, so you need to grease the chain frequently.

  1. Check the Brakes :

Most importantly, do not ignore the health of the brakes irrespective of the climatic conditions. Check if disks and drum brakes are working fine. Rainwater may intervene with the smooth functioning of the brakes. This action is especially required when you travel through busy roads and the inner lanes of the city. Do not panic. Just check that the brake shoe and pads are in proper shape and needs no servicing. Do not brake hard as then there is a chance of accidental skidding.

  1. Servicing of the Air Filter :

If there is heavy rainfall and big water bodies nearby, then humidity is sure to hit your bike hard. If the air filter gets clogged with moisture, then it may tear down, stalling the motorbike. The motorcycle may jerk continuously while pulling the accelerator. Even the air cannot flow freely. To ensure dry and fresh air flow, regular servicing of the air filter is vital.

  1. Check the Tyre Pressure :

After the scorching heat of the summer, air contracts lowering the pressure in the tire. Pump up the tire pressure to the optimum level. But do not overfill.

  1. Purchase Rain Gears :

Not only the bike, you too need superior protection against the rainfall. Invest in branded rain gears so that you do not become easy prey to viral fever just after the biking session. Get a good rain blazer, hand gloves along with superior-quality googles and helmet.

Thus, these steps are minimal to take proper care of your favorite motorbike during the rainy season. None of these procedures are time-taking or expensive. However, if you are not careful, your two-wheeler may get severely damaged and eventually create holes in your pocket. So, follow the few steps listed above and keep your motorbike shining and roaring without worrying during this monsoon.

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