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2 Best Motorbike Road Trips in the North-East of India

You will be considered a true-blue motorbike enthusiast only and only if you have gone on a long and adventurous motorbike trip with your groupies or traveled a lesser-known path all alone. The thrill for every motorbike rider is to conquer the wild with their beast, his monstrous motorbike.

As you ride on the open roads or wind through hilly terrain, you can enjoy the breeze through your hair and the fresh air all around; no traffic, no pollution, away from the congested lanes and habitat—just pure bliss. India’s hinterland is blessed with some of the best motorbike routes for all to enjoy. You can choose from wild forest trails to long dessert tracks or remote hilly destinations – different strokes for different folks. Some of the routes are tough other may be just right for even the novice motorbike riders. Explore the Indian terrain to your heart’s content.

Now that you made up your mind and brought out your wanderlust. You can choose the evergreen and hilly mountains for your next motorbike cross-country trip in North-Eastern India. These roads lead you up winding mountains, though crisply smelling tea gardens, or through the virgin forest with giant trees and their foliage’s for company.

We list below 2 of the best motorbike road trips you can take to explore in North-East India.

  1. From Guwahati to Moreh

For the adventurous and wild at heart, one of the best motorbike routes in Guwahati in Assam to Moreh, a small dusty old village near the India –Myanmar border in Manipur. The journey is a combination of city travel as a start winding through epic green forests and onwards to the spectacular small town of Moreh with lots of scenic beauty and landmark tourist spots thrown in between.

  • In Guwahati, ride your motorbike to take you to the famous Umananda temple, followed by a quick visit to the Planetarium if you are space and start enthusiast.
  • Do not forget to catch up with the wild animals in the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary.

Once you are back on track, the journey from Guwahati to Moreh is genuinely adventurous and epic.

  • The 1st phase of the ride is from the capital city to Dimapur, which is 6 hours journey.
  • Most long-distance riders space out their rides to preserve their stamina and reduce riding stress.
  • Dimapur is an ideal place for a quick night halt to catch up on your beloved 40 winks. You will find good hotels and lodges on this part of the journey to give you a good night’s sleep.
  • Get up early to catch up on the Sun’s first rays and the fresh air, have a heavy breakfast as the 2nd leg of your journey will be an extended one on 7 hours to your next halt at Imphal capital Manipur.
  • Once in Imphal, you can rest for the day and explore the wilderness and greenery. Try the local cuisine at the small local eateries. The Manipuri cuisine is a little spicy but delicious.
  • You may want to try their signature dishes like Eromba, which parboiled vegetables with special Manipuri chilies which are hot like fire.
  • Another dish here is a spicy salad known as Singui, or you can try the local fish preparation called Nganam. Eat to your heart’s content and cuddle up in your bed for the night.
  • Next morning, get up fresh and start the last leg of your tour on the way to Moreh, which is now only three and half hours from the capital city of Imphal.
  • The roads are good, and you won’t feel unnecessarily stressed. Taking nightcaps on your long journeys puts the energy back into you on a long touring journey.

Enjoy your motorbike ride, and make sure to click some lovely photos for your Instagram account and to make your friends jealous.

Journey distance – approx 600 km

Time required – 16 -18 hours (approx two days)

Suggested halts – Dimapur and Imphal

  1. Siliguri to Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim

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One of the most scenic and mesmerizing motorbike rides is Siliguri, which is in West Bengal nestled in its hilly Northern region of Jalpaiguri.

  • It’s a perfect spot at the bottom of the Himalayan ranges. The entire area is brimming with tea plantations.
  • Green and brown leaves as far as you can see.
  • Plantation laborers’ buzzing away with their baskets hung from their back, ready to be filled with freshly plucked tea leaves.
  • From Siliguri, you can plan a motorbike ride to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, with just 3 hours of riding time.

  • Stay back at Gangtok to get acclimatized to the chilly weather here before you embark on your motorbike journey onwards to Tsomgo lake.
  • Enjoy the pristine hilly terrain and its greenery, which you will never experience in your city life.
  • Once in Gangtok, you can visualize a small-town effect with its small bylanes, cute roadside markets, and a good amount of Buddhist monasteries.

  • While once you reach Tsomgo lake, it’s true in the midst of nature, pure and scenic at an altitude of 12500 mts above sea level and 50 km from Gangtok.
  • The terrain is steep and curvy due to its hilly nature, so be a perfect rider to ride through the roads here.
  • The accompanying natural beauty will take away any stress in your mind and make you smile at yourself during the long journey.
  • The best time to visit and plan a motorbike ride here is from March to May or from August to November.
  • Do some homework on the permits required to visit this circuit as it comes under defense jurisdiction guarded by ITBF and the local police.

Journey distance – approx 200 km

Time required – 6-8 hours

Suggested halts – None

As a motorbike community member and a roadster, it’s always a dream to go on a long cross-country journey on your motorbike. So, the when you want to take a road trip, think of the fun you can have and the enjoyment you can experience from the places in North-East of India. As they say, the fun is not reaching the destination but the joy of exploring and enjoying the ride itself.

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