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2021 KTM Duke 390 – The All-New Performance Motorbike

If you are the new millennial generation, next buyer of sports bikes or street motorbikes, a name that will cross your mind is KTM. A seasoned super motorbike and precision German engineering are what differentiates all the models from KTM AG. Designed explicitly for super speed and burning the racetrack, the motorbikes from KTM are always a pleasure to ride and a tad too adventurous for the motorbike community.

The 2021 KTM Duke 390 machine is a powerhouse of speed and raw energy. Code named Corner Rocket as known in the motorbike community; this motorbike sure is a rock-on performer. The KTM Duke 390, fully loaded with technology, is a monstrous engine with design capabilities such that it still is featherweight to ride on any terrain.

KTM AG has collaborated with Bajaj Automobile in India and has launched the KTM Duke 390 at an aggressive price point of Rs. 3, 55,000/- ex-showroom Pune.

To know more about this powerful motorbike, the KTM Duke 390, be sure to read this article to its end.


  • The KTM Duke 390 powers itself via a 390 CC heavy-duty engine to get the right acceleration.
  • German engineering assures fuel economy even for such high-end motorbikes.
  • The high-capacity engine delivers a power of 44 BHP and can burn the roads and racetracks alike. 

Power & Torque

  • The KTM 390 is a classic street motorbike sleek, swift, and agile.
  • It has a curb weight of 149 kg but still is receptive to the slightest movement of your wrist on the acceleration throttle to leave behind your onlooker while on the road.

Slipper Clutch

  • The KTM Duke 390 motorbike has a slipper clutch technology, which helps the ride control this motorbike in all situations.
  • This slipper clutch prevents the rear wheel from vibrating during emergency braking or sudden deceleration when you throttle the motorbike.
  • The additional advantage of this system is single finger control like a genuine sport motorbike.


  • The Duke 390 comes with no throttle cables.
  • Its ride-by-wire technology ensures high torque and transmission to the throttle valves specifically designed to give the total rider control, maximum speed, and a perfectly smooth ride on city roads and race tracks.

Cylinder Head

  • The new KTM 390 sports a 4-stroke 4-valve cylinder head actuated by two top-headed camshafts and strong carbon-coated cam followers.
  • All this gives the engine more power and maximum speed when throttled.


  • The KTM Duke 390 with a 6-speed transmission and flue injection type engine gives great mileage for every drop of petrol.
  • The remarkable catalytic convertor fitted on this motorbike produces the lowest of emissions even at high speeds.

A2 License


  • The 2021 KTM Duke engineers kept in mind the young and new riders.
  • It is compliant with all the required features and functionality to comply with A2 License riders in the age bracket of 19 years and above, a powerful yet safe motorbike for these your riders.


  • Like all sports motorbikes and a three-chamber silencer, the side exhaust suppresses the noise at high speeds.
  • The exhaust, its link pipes, and the silencer are perfectly aligned to give this motorbike a perfect balance and deliver tremendous power.
  • The looks, too, attenuate due to this mean-looking exhaust system.


  • The reverse WP fork-type suspension based on open cartridge technology is smooth and straightforward to maintain.
  • These provide minimal jerks while on long journeys or short high-speed rides and even a smooth ride on rough terrains.

Shock Absorbers

  • This motorbike comes with 150 mm spring-type shock absorbers, designed keeping in mind any load: a single rider, a pillion rider, or even heavy luggage.
  • The ride is always smooth and jerks-free.


  • The KTM Duke 390 motorbike is fitted with a 110 mm wide tire at the front and 150 mm wide at the rear on a 17-inch alloy wheelbase.
  • These give a firm grip on any road, dirt track, or even water-drenched road.


  • The superbike with a technically advanced BYBRE braking system and ABS provides its rider with total control and safety.
  • The front-wheel has 320 mm disc brakes, whereas the rear tire has 220 mm disc brakes to give perfect braking even at high speeds.

Fuel Tank

  • This motorbike has a futuristic-looking 13 liter fuel tank for perfect knees contact and riding position to give the rider an extra thrill while speeding on the highways.
  • It holds enough fuel for an extraordinarily long and satisfying drive.


The latest KTM 390 has high and upright handlebars with state-of-the-art clutch and brake systems that provide feather touch control capabilities, thus giving the rider a smooth and aggressive stance while riding this motorbike.

Hand Levers 

The clutch and brakes are fully adjustable, keeping in line with the type of rider.


  • This motorbike is fitted with the most ergonomically designed seats divided explicitly into two parts for both the rider and his pillion’s comfort during long rides.
  • The driver seat’s height keeps the rider’s position and aerodynamic capabilities required for minimal wind resistance.

TFT Color Display

  • The full-color TFT display in its console is vibrant and adjusts to the external light conditions.
  • The display changes colors to egging you on when you rev this mean machine or holds you back when the engine is cold.

Menu Switch

  • The techie riding mode selector is on the left of the handlebar.
  • Switch on the menu switch and flick to the mode you desire, and you are ready to vroom to the desired destination.

LED Headlights

  • Huge LED headlights power the KTM Duke motorbike to give the best visibility even in low light and dark riding conditions.
  • The 20 LEDs, parking lights offer the highest visibility behind the riders during foggy or rainy conditions.

Rider Aids

The KTM Duke 390, with personalized and technologically advanced special features, gives the rider extra comfort and an exceptional riding experience.


The BOSCH Anti Braking System as a standard offering gives the rider complete control over the motorbike in all emergencies.

Supermoto Model

  • The Supermoto mode controls the front wheel disc brakes of the KTM Duke 390’s additional riding mode.
  • The rear brakes need to be controlled manually by the rider using his right foot.
  • This gives the rider the thrill of human control and adventure.

KTM My Ride

  • The KTM Duke 390 motorbike has total digital integration with your smartphone. You can now take, reject calls on the move.
  • The large TFT display provides all data at the fingertips with alerts and indications.
  • The rider can get a hand-free riding experience.

Thus, the KTM Duke 390 is a perfect sport motorbike, light as a feather, great on looks, great on mileage, and to top it up, explosive power under the monstrous fuel tanks. A complete motorbike in every respect for the new and your generation buyer. Take this motorbike anywhere you go, be it on city roads or challenging terrains on long mountainous biking journeys.

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