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2021 – Price Rise List of Major Motorbike Companies in India

Hey, guys. Well, 2021 started with announcements of price hikes of some of your favorite motorbike brands.

Yes, the top two-wheeler manufacturers from Husqvarna to Hero have raised the price of specific motorbike models with effect from January 2021. The rate increase is in the range of INR 1000 to INR 10,000, and the reason is the consistent price increase in the raw materials, like precious metals, steel, aluminum, plastic, and so on in the COVID-19 pandemic period.

So, take this article with a slight pinch of salt and be ready to open your pocket a little more.

Brand: Husqvarna

In Husqvarna, the 250cc models, Svartpilen and Vitpilen, got price hikes. Check out the listed price difference and key features below.

From INR 1, 86, 750 to INR 1, 89, 568 (difference- INR 2, 818)

Key features

  • A powerful 250cc modern engine with camshafts technology, 12V/8Ah battery, WP suspension, hydraulic Bybre brake system, trellis frame, perforated steel discs, etc.
  • Authentic design, stylish triple lamps with LED technology, Swedish heritage, lightweight, and narrow bodywork. 

Model 2: Vitpilen 250 

Price increase

From INR 1, 87, 7136 to INR 1, 89, 952 (difference- INR 2, 816)

Key features

  • It is a light-footed motorbike with surefootedness, immersive riding position, low-slung bars, 250cc modern fuel-injected engine technology with camshafts, balancer shafts, and electric starter.
  • Vitpilen comes with a progressive design with iconic black styled graphics, 320mm front and 230mm rear brake calipers, triple clamp, 17″ alloy for challenging terrain, control zone, and the latest LED technology.

Brand: KTM

On the list among the other two-wheeler companies, KTM bears the second price hike with motorbike models, like Duke, RC, and Adventure. 

Model 1: Duke

Price increase

Duke 125 (INR 1, 50, 105 to INR 1, 51, 507) (difference- INR 1, 402)

Duke 200 (INR 1, 78, 960 to INR 1, 81, 536) (difference- INR 2, 576)

Duke 250 (INR 2, 14, 210 to INR 2, 17, 402) (difference- INR 3, 192)

Duke 390 (INR 2, 66, 620 to INR 2, 70, 554) (difference- INR 3, 934)

Key features

  • Duke benefits from a premium power engine of fuel injection system with a 32KW battery, slipper clutch, ride-by-wire, four-valve cylinder head, and A2 license.
  • Besides, you get WP forks for suspension, a shock absorber, ultra-light wheels, a Bybre braking system with advanced ABS, and an ergonomic fuel tank.  

Model 2: RC

Price increase

RC 125 (INR 1, 61, 100 to INR 1, 62, 566) (difference- INR 1, 466)

RC 390 (INR 2, 56, 920 to INR 2, 60, 723) (difference- INR 3, 803)

Key features

  • RC has an ingenious intake engine design with a 32KW battery, carbon cam followers, state-of-art injection electronics, race-inspired exhaust system, and ride-by-wire for smooth throttle response.
  • Coming to chassis, it has forged aluminum triple clamps, high-quality WP telescopic forks, race-spec eye-catching wheels, high-tech braking with a 320mm disc in front and a 230mm at the rear. 

Model 3: ADV

Price increase: 250 ADV (INR 2, 48, 256 to INR 2, 51, 923) (difference- INR 3, 667)

390 ADV (INR 3, 05, 880 to INR 3, 10, 365) (difference- INR 4, 485)

Key features

  • Adventure edition is quite different from the other KTM motorbikes where it gets the EVAP ventilation system, making it fulfill the EU5 exhaust emission standard. It also receives a DLC piston, 6-speed gearbox, and clean, lightweight exhaust system.
  • Unique bodywork, an aggressive look, LED headlights, TFT display, comfortable handlebar, two-part seat, footpegs, windshield, rider aids, MTC, off-road, and cornering ABS.  

Brand: Bajaj

In Bajaj motorbikes, “The World’s Favorite Indian,” all the five motorbike models have received a price hike.

Model 1: Dominar

Price increase:

Dominar 250 (INR 1, 64, 218 to INR 1, 67, 718) (difference- INR 3, 500)

Dominar 400 (INR 1, 96, 258 to INR 1, 99, 755) (difference- INR 3, 479)

Key features

  • Dominar has a liquid-cooled DOHC engine, a new graphic color scheme, USD forks, a new mirror design, and twin-channel ABS with a 320mm disc radial caliper.
  • For better handling & comfort, 43mm forks with a muscular look and twin-barrel exhaust with heavy brass give the sports tourer feel.

Model 2: CT

Price increase:

CT 110 (INR 52, 147 to INR 54, 138) (difference- INR 1, 991)

Key features

  • CT from Bajaj is a stylish motorbike edition with attractive LED daytime running lights, stable grip semi knobby tires, rubber tank pads, and bash plates for a solid appearance.
  • With a robust DTSi engine, CT guarantees superb mileage.
  • Alongside, it is safe on all roads with bigger crash guards, raised ground clearance, upswept exhaust, and bellows on suspension.

Model 3: Pulsar

Pulsar RS200 (From INR 1, 50, 681 to INR 1, 52, 179) (difference- INR 1, 498)

Pulsar NS200 (From INR 1, 29, 722 to INR 1, 33, 222) (difference- INR 3, 500)

Pulsar NS160 (From INR 1, 07, 091 to INR 1, 10, 086) (difference- INR 2, 995)

Pulsar 220F (From INR 1, 21, 747 to INR 1, 25, 248) (difference- INR 3, 501)

Pulsar 180F (From INR 1, 11, 520 to INR 1, 14, 515) (difference- INR 2, 995)

Pulsar 150 Neon (From INR 91, 130 to INR 94, 125) (difference- INR 2, 995)

Pulsar 150 (From INR 98, 086 to INR 1, 01, 082) (difference- INR 2, 996)

Pulsar 150 Dual Disc (From INR 1, 01, 984 to INR 1, 04, 979) (difference- INR 2, 995)

Pulsar 125 Neon (From INR 71, 123 to INR 71, 615) (difference- INR 492)

Pulsar 125 Split seat (From INR 71, 615 to INR 74, 298) (difference- INR 2, 683)

Key features

  • All Pulsar models, the family’s stronghold, benefit from a fuel injection system, BS-6 DTS-Fi liquid-cooled engine that offers a telescopic suspension with the mono-shock absorber.
  • For safer riding, dual-channel ABS you get with 300mm disc at the front and 230mm at the rear. System headlamp like low/high beam projector adds up to the electricals section.

Model 4: Platina

Price increase:

Platina 100 ES (From INR 60, 826 to INR 63, 578) (difference- INR 2, 752)

Platina 110 H-Gear (from INR 63, 027 to INR 64, 301) (difference- INR 1, 274)

Key features

  • Platina of the Bajaj two-wheeler company is known for the comfortable ride fitted with an advanced gear shift guide (GSG) for smoothness and an anti-skid braking system with tubeless tires.
  • Nitrox suspension, long wide quilt-stitched seat with a pillion, and advanced DTS-Fi engine exclusively from the Bajaj R & D offers the best-in-class experience to the riders.

Model 5: Avenger

Price increase

Avenger Cruise 220 (From INR 1, 21, 113 to INR 1, 24, 634) (difference- INR 3, 521)

Avenger Street 160 (from INR 99, 597 to INR 1, 02, 592) (difference- INR 2, 995) 

Key features

  • Apart from the other motorbike editions of Bajaj, Avenger gets a classic cruiser look with an iconic style & design with multi-function display like Speedometer, odometer, trip, fuel bars, clock, and a service reminder.
  • Avenger’s performance is accelerated with DTS-Fi technology patented engine from Bajaj and gets an integrated windshield, LED DRL’s, oil cooling, single-channel ABS, and striking body colors. 

Brand: Kawasaki

Among the other two-wheeler companies, Kawasaki bears the highest price hike from INR 10,000 to nearly INR 20,000. The exciting part is that KX and KLX motorbike editions are excluded from this hike.  

Model 1: Z series

Z650 (From INR 5, 94, 000 to INR 6, 04, 000) (difference- INR 10, 000)

Z900 (from INR 7, 99, 000 to INR 8, 19, 000) (difference- INR 20, 000) 

Key features

  • This version of the Z series from Kawasaki gets the liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin engine type that runs on a 6-speed gearbox.
  • Following the BS-6 exhaust system, both Z versions get TFT color instrumentation, sharper LED headlights, new tires, and Sugomi presence.

Model 2: Vulcan

Price increase

Vulcan S (From INR 5, 79, 000 to INR 5, 94, 000) (difference- INR 15, 000)

Key features

  • Apart from the other Kawasaki motorbikes, this metallic raw graystone rider gets a modern, urban styling with a traditional cruiser look, original headlamp, and cast wheels.
  • Crafted with DOHC parallel-twin fuel injection technology engine, Vulcan gets an under-engine muffler too.  

Model 3: Versys

Price increase

Versys 650 (from INR 6, 79, 000 to INR 6, 94, 000) (difference- INR 15, 000)

Versys 1000 (From INR 10, 99, 000 to INR 11, 19, 000) (difference- INR 20, 000) 

Key features

  • Versys gets the special KCMF from the Kawasaki development team for corner management and KIBS, and KTRC for braking control.
  • Facilitating an up-right riding position, Versys fulfills a fun sport riding style with electronic cruise control and slipper clutch. 

Model 4: Ninja

Price increase

Ninja 650 (From INR 6, 24, 000 to INR 6, 39, 000) (difference- INR 15, 000)

Ninja 1000SX (From INR 10, 89, 000 to INR 11, 04, 000) (difference- INR 15, 000)

Key features

  • Unlike pulsar in Bajaj, Ninja takes the mainstay on Kawasaki stable with smartphone connectivity, LED lighting, integrated riding modes, sports tires, and windshield.
  • Crafted with an anti-lock braking system, quick shifter, and cruise control, the ninja is always under the rider’s control. 

Model 5: W800

Price increase

From INR 6, 99, 000 to INR 7, 09, 000 (difference- INR 10, 000) 

Key features

  • W 800 stands unique from the other motorbikes of Kawasaki for its unique design, and sculpted fuel tank, retro-designed LED headlamps. 
  • To avoid rear-wheel hop downshifting, assist & slipper clutch is provided where traditional instrumentation is appreciable!

Brand: Hero

While the accurate price range isn’t out for all two-wheelers, Hero, following the price hike by other two-wheeler companies, confirmed that XPulse and Xtreme would get a hike up to INR 1,500 whereas Radeon and the scooter models will get smaller raise. Likely, this would come into effect from next month. 

Brand: Honda

Honda followed a different price hike in motorbikes starting from INR 3 to INR 2, 500. While there isn’t much increase in CD versions, CB and Hornet have reached a maximum hike of INR 2,000.

Model 1: CD110 Dream STD & DLX

Price increase:

CD110 Dream STD (from INR 64, 505 to INR 64, 508) (Difference- INR 3)

CD110 Dream DLX (from INR 65, 505 to INR 65, 508) (Difference- INR 3)

Key features

  • Powered with the revolutionary PGM-Fi technology, CD Dream has the 110cc HET BS-VI engine of ESP technology.
  • CBS with equalizer, seal chain, MF battery, stylish graphics, chrome muffler cover, silent start with ACG, and DC headlamp are the other attractive features.

Model 2: Livo

Price increase:

Livo Drum (From INR 70, 056 to INR 70, 059) (difference- INR 3)

Livo Disc (From INR 74, 256 to INR 74, 259) (difference- INR 3)

Key features

  • You get 110cc HET BS-VI eSP technology for fuel-efficiency and an ACG starter PGM-FI system with eight sensors for power output and high mileage.
  • Livo has an urban style with a chiseled visor, air-duct design, sharp headlight, rear appearance, muscular tank design, digital-analog meter.

Model 3: CB shine

Price increase:

CB Shine Drum (from INR 68, 812 to INR 70, 478) (difference- INR 1, 666)

CB Shine Disc (from INR 73, 512 to INR 75, 274) (difference- INR 1, 762)

CB 350 DLX (from INR 1, 85,000 to INR 1, 86, 500) (difference- INR 1, 500)

CB 350 DLX PRO (from INR 1, 90, 000 to INR 1, 92, 500) (difference- INR 2, 500)

Key features

  • For maximum power, Honda’s enhanced smart power (eSP) technology is used in CB variant and PGM-FI expertise that yields 14% more mileage.
  • You also get 5-speed transmission, DC headlamp, integrated headlamp beam & passing switch, 5-step adjustable suspension, and all-new meter design & aero tire fuel cap.

Model 4: SP125

Price increase:

SP125 Drum (from INR 74, 407 INR to 76, 074) (difference- INR 1, 667)

SP125 Disc (from INR 78, 607 to INR 80, 369) (difference- INR 1, 762)

Key features

  • In four distinct color variants like striking green, imperial red metallic, pearl siren blue, and matte axis grey metallic, SP 125 follows the advanced silent start with ACG technology.
  • Following the BS-6 norms, SP125 provides friction reduction, 16% more mileage, aggressive tank design with edgy graphics, sporty split alloy wheels, and engine start/stop switch.

Model 5: Unicorn

Price increase:

Unicorn (from INR 95, 152 to INR 95, 738) (difference- INR 586)

Key features

  • Offering unmatched performance with a 160cc HET BS-VI engine, tubeless tire, maintenance-free battery, and sensor-based PGM-FI technology, with Unicorn, you can get around stylish.
  • For safer riding, you get ABS and also take advantage of 3D wing mark, premium front cowl, stylish instrumental panel, chrome cover, comfortable seat, etc.  

Model 6: X-Blade

Price increase:

X-Blade Disc (from INR 1, 06, 687 to INR 1, 07, 851) (difference- INR 1, 164)

X-Blade rear disc (from INR 1, 10, 968 to 1, 12, 241) (difference- INR 1, 273)

Key features

  • X-Blade from Honda is quite different that gets outstanding stylish factors like Robo-face Led headlamp, aggressive-sculpted tank design, groovy grab tail, rim stripes, and sporty under-cowl.
  • A powerful 160cc HET engine, PGM-FI system, mono-shock suspension, and hazard switch are the stunning off-screen incredible for performance.

Model 7: Hornet

Price increase:

Hornet (from INR 1, 26, 000 to INR 1, 28, 195) (difference- INR 2, 195)

Hornet Repsol (from INR 1, 28, 000 to INR 1, 30, 195) (difference- INR 2, 195)

Key features

  • Hornet is unique for its racing style on the Honda family, with sporty split seat, LED overall, aggressive tank design, fully digital, liquid crystal meter, HET engine, and superior aerodynamics.
  • Hornet gets a single-channel ABS for safer racing, 140mm wide rear tire, hazard switch, key on the tank, USD front fork, and so on.

Thus, with discussion over the price hikes and the major motorbike models’ critical features, we have reached the end of our today’s article. Stay tuned for more!

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