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2021 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 – Limited Edition

Triumph Motorcycles, the premium motorbike manufacturer from the UK, has always been a class apart when producing motorbikes for adventure and touring motorbike fans. These high-end motorbikes have always been great on looks and performance, a sturdy and robust super motorbike for the die-hard fan in the motorbike community. These excellent motorbikes have been successful at multiple sporting events like the motocross and motorbike world championship circuit for decades together.

Triumph group in 2021 relaunched its Daytona model calling it the limited-edition Daytona Moto2 765. The name combines its successful motorbikes, the Moto2 and 675, appealing to hardcore motorbiking fans and creating an image recall among the motorbike community. Triumph has put a lot of additional features into this motorbike. These new functionalities make it the fiercest motorbike on the racing track and knock out its competitors.

  • The super motorbike has a powerful engine producing 130 BHP power at 12250 rpm and 80 Nm at 9750 rpm torque. As the model number suggests, its engine capacity is 765 CC which makes it a powerhouse performer.
  • The engine is 3 X powerful, making the motorbike a heavy-duty motorbike with explosive power and the highest torque for racing conditions.
  • This unique edition motorbike with strong pistons, better cam profiles, higher compression ratio gives the rider ultimate power when you rev up the motorbike.
  • Its exhaust system is titanium-based.
  • The traditional gearbox is improved to provide the best performance in race conditions with a better gear ratio.

Engine and Transmission

  • This motorbike comes with fluid cooled, 12 valve Double Overhead Camshaft and three drums in-line engine.
  • The motorbike capacity is 765 CC and is a way better performer than other racing motorbikes.
  • It has a 53.58 stroke capability.
  • The gear compression ratio is 19.1: 1, the best in its class for a smooth and robust experience.
  • This powerful motorbike comes with an enhanced multi-point chronological electronic fuel injection system with SAI and microprocessor-controlled throttle.
  • Its exhaust, too, designed with stainless steel/titanium, is in a 3 in 1 scheme.
  • The silencer is also stainless-type fitted in the underbody.
  • The final drive is chain type.
  • The clutch is a wet multi-plate for ease of change in gears and a smooth-riding experience.
  • The gearbox of this motorbike is 6-speed with a unique Triumph shift assistance feature.


  • This motorbike boasts a futuristic metallic frame with an aluminum beam at the front and a dual spar at the rear with two pressurized die-cast metal job pieces.
  • Its swing-arm dual-sided is in aluminum alloy.
  • The front-wheel made from aluminum alloy has a five-spoke and is 17 by 3.5 inches in size.
  • The rear wheel is also made of aluminum alloy with five spokes and 17 by 5.5 inches.
  • The tires of this motorbike are large and wide with an extra rubber layer, making the motorbike a safe riding option on dirt tracks and highways.
  • This motorbike has Ohlin’s 43mm reverse NIX30 forks with adjustable preload, spring back, and firm damping type suspension at the front side.
  • At the rear side of the motorbike is the Ohlin’s TTX36 dual hose single shock with an allied tank, adjustable preload, spring back, and firm damping. These shock absorbers make the rider very comfortable on rugged terrain, speed bumpers, on pot-holed roads.
  • The anodized and powder-coated lightweight chassis gives the Moto2 765 a premium and smashing look.
  • Its metallic bolts are short of bringing down the overall weight. The best mass reducer is its carbon fiber body.

Riding Modes

The 2021 Daytona has five riding modes for a great ride on any terrain & even during cross-country journeys.


  • Brembo style four-piston radial single bloc calipers, dual 310mm floating disc brakes with adaptable ABS on the front side.
  • The rear side has a Brembo mono piston caliper single 219 mm disc, adaptable ABS disc brake.

Digital Console

You get a complete digital instrument cluster on its console, a large TFT Instrument screen, and a co-branded log-in display to give it that additional dynamism.


The best-in-class fuel consumption of 5.2 liters / 100 km for a super motorbike. No motorbike can in this class has a mileage or thrifty fuel consumption.


The Daytona Moto2 765 comes at an attractive price point of Rs. 13.90 Lakhs for the Indian motorbike market.

This beast is not just a new model from Triumph but a specially designed powerful motorbike appealing to the motorbike community with its vibrant colors, dynamic design, macho and muscular body frame to give a superbike feel and grand riding experience. In short, it is a motorbike for premium motorbike lovers and riders who want to have some adventure in their lives.

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