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2022 – 5 Updated Motorbikes from Royal Enfield

Last year was a big bang year for Royal Enfield, the Indian motorbike community’s most famous global cruiser and sports motorbike manufacturer. It began with the launch of the all-new Meteor 350 lapped up by motorbike fans, then came the revamped Classic 350. Sheer delight and a dream come true for the motorbike enthusiast and Royal Enfield loyal customers. 2022 will be even bigger with five novel launches to satiate the desires of the motorbike community.

For the last two years, Royal Enfield has kept itself in the reckoning & captured the hearts & minds of the average motorbike buyer through its Meteor 350 and Classic 350. Both were revamped and launched on its all-new platform to enthuse the motorbike market. The story continues in 2022 as well. We understand from known sources that Royal Enfield will launch not 1, not 2, but 5 new models globally, and some of them will have a simultaneous release in India. We have brought together a hotlist of these new launches from Royal Enfield for your eyes only.

Scram 411 

Price – Rs. 2 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi

Modeled on the Himalayan platform, the Scram 411 is a unique motorbike once launched in India in 2022.

  • This motorbike has a powerful 411 CC engine from which it derived its model number.
  • The Scram 411 will come as an urban motorbike substitute for the existing city motorbikes.
  • Its large wheelbase of 19 inches gives it total stability and grip on the most uneven and pot-holed roads.
  • The Scram 411 has a high ground clearance ideal for Indian roads.
  • The styling is futuristic, and the color scheme is trendy with a wide alternative to cater to the tastes of the youth motorbike rider.
  • The power and braking, and the suspension are the same as its predecessor, the Himalayan from Royal Enfield.

Hunter 350 

Price – Rs. 1.75 Lakhs ex-showroom

Hunter 350 is the entry-level motorbike modeled on its tried and tested Classic 350 workhorse.

  • This original motorbike is fixed with the Classic J series engine, a 4-stroke air-oil cooled and powered at 350 CC.
  • The latest Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has a peak power of 22 BHP at 6000rpm and 28NM at 4000 rpm.
  • It boasts of a fully-featured digital cluster with a trip meter, odometer, clock, and fuel gauge in a digital but classic analog speedometer.
  • The 2022 Hunter 350 is available in classic silver, dark grey, and midnight black colors.
  • The design team at Royal Enfield has ensured the Hunter 350’s styling is retro and funky to appeal to the GenX motorbike buyers.
  • Though it shares its specification with the Classic 350 and Meteor 350, the engineering team has tweaked the power, capacity, and modalities to take care of the newest trends in the motorbike market.

ShotGun 650

Price – Rs. 3.5 Lakhs

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The ShotGun 650 was the cynosure of all the motorbike fans and critics at the European Auto Expo in Italy.

  • This Meteor upgrade, the ShotGun 650, is eye-catching with its smooth alloy finishing wheels and trendy blue and silver body graphics.
  • Made for global buyers, ShotGun uses the 650 CC cylindrical engines to give maximum power to the motorbike rider on any terrain.
  • This 2022 motorbike will come under the bobber category with a solo leather seat for the sporty feel.
  • The headlight is high beam LED, and end lamps are also LED-based.
  • The 2022 ShotGun 650 has a parallel twin powerful engine.
  • The sturdy handlebar is fitted with end mirrors for improved visibility on the road.

Bullet 350

Price –Rs. 1.65 Lakhs

The latest Bullet 350 is the all-time best-selling motorbike in India from the house Royal Enfield.

  • The new Bullet 350 features the recent J series engine with a capacity of 350 CC and a fuel tank of 13 liters in a classic teardrop shape.
  • This 2022 Bullet 350 has a solitary cylinder air-cooled engine to give tremendous authority to the rider on any terrain.
  • It has telescopic front suspension and back end dual suspension for that smooth, non-jerky ride.
  • ABS comes as a standard offering in the Bullet 350, and the front wheel has 250 mm disc brakes.
  • The rear wheel has 170mm drum brakes for perfect control and safety.
  • The new Bullet model still comes in its classic colors of Onyx black, black, and unique bullet silver and revs up to 80 KMph when pushed to 5th gear without breaking a sweat.
  • The commanding engine thumps to life, and the rider gets the best-in-class road journey while seated on his majestic Bullet 350.

Classic 350 Bobber 

Price – Rs. 1.60 Lakhs

The Royal Enfield was always known for its Classic 350 motorbike, its most excellent model to date. The all-new Classic 350 will be relaunched in 2022 as Bobber.

  • The design is copied from its engineering team’s concept motorbike, the KX 838, a showstopper at the European Auto Expo 2019.
  • The Classic 350 has a super streamlined body with broad seating making it the most comfortable motorbike for lengthy journeys.
  • The powerful engine gives the needed power to cruise through almost any terrain.
  • The disc brakes and high handle give the motorbike rider easy manoeuvrability and safety.
  • The 2022 Classic 350 combines an analog speedometer coupled with a digital LCD for better visibility.
  • The headlights are equipped with powerful LEDs with multi-reflectors to give best-in-class illumination on the darkest of roads.

To sum it up, 2022 will be a dream year for the hardcore Royal Enfield motorbike fan. So, make up your mind to pick up any of these newly launched motorbikes and ride into the sunset safely with motorbike accessories. Let the breeze brush through your hair.

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