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2022 Keeway SR 125 – The New Retro Motorbike

Classic motorbikes are the favorite of the two-wheeler community and the manufacturer. Then there are the modern motorbike models to look and feel retro. Yes, we are talking about the newly launched Keeway SR 125 in India that surprised both buyers and critics.

The SR 125 has a perfect classic retro look and design that will take you to the 1980’s generation. The technical team at Keeway has put a lot of thought into designing and engineering this all-new motorbike, making it a killer combination of technology and classy design.

Let’s learn more about Keeway SR 125 motorbike.


  • The Keeway SR 125 has the best in the class powerful engine with single cylinder four strokes, dual valve air cooled engine. A powerful yet silent performer.
  • The engine capacity is 125 CC, and power peaked at 10 BHP at 9000 RPM with an exceptionally high torque of 8.5 Nm at 7500 RPM.

Fuel Tank

  • The classic box-shaped fuel tank for SR 125 is a 15-liter.
  • The large fuel tank gives the required power and enough fuel for you to ride the Keeway SR 125for a long distance without the worry of a frequent refill at the petrol pumps.


  • The Keeway motorbike has a fork-type telescopic suspension.
  • The back suspension is coil spring type with oil-based lubrication for better shock absorption on rough roads.


  • The all-new Keeway SR 125 motorbike brakes are disc-type on the front and back wheels.
  • The brakes are powerful and sturdy to give the best possible braking even in emergencies.
  • Also, the motorbike comes with a unique Combination Braking System (CBS) instead of the standard ABS for better braking and total control.

Ergonomic Seating

  • The rider seat on the Keeway SR 125 motorbike is a singular unit with well-padded cushioning.
  • The ergonomically designed seat of the SR 125 gives its rider great support on long, arduous drives in rough conditions.
  • The motorbike also has remarkable space for the pillion rider to sit comfortably, unlike a sports motorbike.

Instrument Cluster

  • The Keeway SR 125 sports a traditional round-shaped instrument cluster with speed, fuel consumption, and engine condition available to its rider.
  • The heads lights are again the classic round shape to give the motorbike rider complete visibility even on dark highways or muddy forest trails.


  • Keeway started booking for the newly launched SR 125, with committed deliveries in October.
  • The pricing is Rs. 1.20 lakhs ex-showroom with a merge booking amount of Rs. 1000 to take home this powerful mean machine.

So what are you waiting for?

In the crowded 125 cc motorbikes, this new Keeway SR 125 has a look, style, and power to make you take you for an excellent ride every time you mount it.

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