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2022 KTM 1290 Super Duke R EVO – The Beast has Arrived

Change is the only constant state in life. With change comes evolution and progression. The Super Duke 1290 R EVO from KTM is a progressive manifestation in look, styling, & technological advancements. In colloquial language, a new beast has arrived. The fans from the motorbike community always dreamt of owning such a motorbike that dominates any riding terrain. This motorbike makes its presence felt at all-time as a cold-blooded hunter with its adaptive and inherent innovative features like suspension and taking definitive inputs from the rider. This motorbike stands tall against all odds and wins hand down against any face-off from its competitors.

Let’s get to know its functionalities built into the monstrous motorbike.


This motorbike with a powerful 1300 CC engine with 180 HP generates 140Nm torque. The engine is light but revs up to a powerful monster when accelerated.

Engine Casing

  • This motorbike boasts of a leaner engine case and modified water-oil mountings, reducing 0.8kg from its total mass.
  • The oil release system is enhanced using lighter aluminum.
  • This motorbike also sports an integrated linkage to give improved connection. As a result, the motorbike has gained a swing arm, providing more excellent steadiness.


This motorbike has top feeding injection giving it an enhanced air-fuel mix ratio at high rpm, resulting in better mileage even when you accelerate.

Improvised Gearbox

  • Its manufacturing team has tweaked its diffusion to give quick gear, small, and soft switch accents.
  • This provides this motorbike with smooth-riding capability due to its improvised s shaft, and CuSn coated gear shifting fork.
  • The design appeals to the motorbike community requirements for easy gear shifts and more significant acceleration.

Dual Spark Ignition

Everyone knows that dual spark plugs give better fuel efficiency.

  • This motorbike has dual spark plugs inside its double canister top.
  • Its firing series is optimized, giving the motorbike the best fuel mileage, reasonable ride control, and low emission.

Air Intake

Fresh air infusion is the recipe for better fuel economy in any motorbike engine.

  • The new KTM takes in fresh air from a unique arrangement in its headlight console.
  • This sucks in maximum air to get the best combustion in its combustion chamber to improve fuel combustion.
  • The servicing of this new air filter is made easy by giving it unrestricted access to any mechanic tending to this motorbike.


  • The grasp changing required during frequent speed changes in traffic-ridden roads is taken care of by the Pasc clutch mechanism, which provides lubrication under correct pressure.
  • Technically speaking, the mechanism takes care of sudden de-acceleration from a very high speed to a low speed without any vibration or destabilizing motorbike.
  • The system provides the motorbike rear tire lock to get deactivated by opening the grasp that offers greater power to the rider.

Ride by Wire

  • An exceptional engineering effort, and after a lot of R&D, the KTM manufacturing team has come up with a ride-by-wire feature that reduces the twist-action required for throttling by 7 degrees.
  • The revving up uses a low intensity of energy and elbow power.
  • This gives the motorbike a smooth acceleration without the power getting snuffed out, giving the rider complete control over throttling and helps during stunt driving or wheelies you perform to grab eyeballs of envious motorbike competitors.


  • As a thumb rule, lighter weighing motorbikes perform better. But for a super motorbike, it needs excellent design efforts.
  • The design team has reduced a lot of unnecessary weight by removing lard from its crankcase, which is now much thinner than its peers.
  • The motorbike combines its water pump and light clutch cover well, which provides savings in terms of its net weight.


  • The Super Duke R EVO with Formula#1 influenced piston technology to give it a featherweight design and still push its load capacity.
  • This provides the KTM 1290 with minimum reciprocation weight and maximum response to a change in acceleration.
  • The pistons are hard and anodized to respond quickly to any acceleration and rev up of the engine.
  • The components are manufactured keeping in mind their sturdiness and long life assurance from their makers.


  • The 2022 KTM 1290 has a 60mm drain pipe-shaped exhaust, which provides optimized fuel flow to the heavy-duty engine.
  • The dual catalytic convertors provide the lowest emissions with no loss in engine power from its trademark V Twin technology.

Titanium Inlet Valves

  • The 1290 Super Duke comes fitted through precisely fabricated special metal-based inlet valves coated with CrN.
  • The flatter input regulator weighs lower than the traditional metal input regulator.
  • This, when coupled with perfect engineering, gives a compression ratio of 14: 1—a total powerhouse of a motorbike.

Cylinder Heads

  • The motorbike enhances its torque using the resonating chambers specially designed to give the best output even at lower and middle RPMs.
  • Also, due to these designs, the motorbike uses less fuel and produces low Carbon Dioxide emissions keeping in line with regulatory compliance.

Air Filter

Air filters work as lungs for your motorbike. Hence in the new KTM, they are placed at a position that is easy to check and maintain. The filter box is easily accessible, making the sports bike lover emotional while doing regular cleanup for getting the best output.

Shock Absorbers

  • The Super Duke endorses the finest of shock absorbers, and in combination with its patented suspension pro, you get an adjustable load using a rap feeler.
  • The motorbike gets to sense & adjust to any load taking care of balance and stability to 3 modes or in percentage terms.

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

The motorbike wheels are lightweight, sturdy & strong with Bridgestone tires. The material used in the tire is particular grade silica offering the best grip even on dirt tracks.

Handlebar, Menu Switch, and Hand Levers

  • The R EVO sports an adjustable four-position handlebar for best riding posture and better control.
  • The handlebar is for easy selection of driving modes.
  • The driver is given a facility for clutch–brake combo on the handlebar and positioned to be easily accessible to everyone.

Seats and Footpegs

  • This monster Super Duke with ergonomically designed seats serves both the driver and his pillion.
  • The blueprint is such that there is no stress on the lower back while riding on bumpy paths.
  • Its footpegs give an elevated stance & still be comfortable.


  • The headlamps are full LEDs, and the styling is dynamic.
  • The luminescence of the headlamps evaporates any darkness.
  • The beast from KTM is fully electronic and loaded with features making it the smartest motorbike, providing the driver control and three normal modes and four additional modes.
  • The standard modes are rain mode to ride on wet roads without slippage, the street mode for city traffic conditions, and sports mode for zipping on the highways at high speeds.
  • Additional modes are performance, track, traction control (MTC), and Motor slip regulation (MSR).
  • The MTC provides rear-wheel control for better grip, and the MSR manages on the stifle to maximize the power safely. These additional modes ensure the safety and stability of the motorbike.

Thus, all the above functionalities make this 2022 KTM 1290 Duke R EVO a dream motorbike to be owned and the motorbike community is ready for its launch. The price Rs. 19.5 lakhs is on the higher side, but makes it an excellent catch for its macho looks, terrific styling, and oozes raw power when riding on the roads.

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