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4 Best Motorbike Trails Across Picturesque Southeast Asia

The best way to understand a country is either enjoy its street food or go to its villages to learn about the native culture. Both are possible when you go on a cross-country road trip. And if the road trip is on your favorite motorbike chugging through winding green forests or rain-hit mud roads, your life is set. You must have read all about motorbike journeys across India, from Delhi to Leh or Mumbai to Goa. Let me tell you about the best routes in South Asia, which will hook you for a lifetime.

South Asia as it is a beautiful place with tremendous greenery and a small-town feel. You get to experience the serenity of the woods and the hustle-bustle of the weekly bazaars simultaneously. Here are some of the best routes to take a motorbike for a ride.

Trail 1 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Ho Chi Minh tour route is the most famous and well-accepted amongst the motorbike riders across the globe. It starts in Vietnam from the city of Ho Chi Minh, winds across Laos, its neighboring country, and ends in Cambodia, once a princely state. Guerrilla fighters of the Communist Party of Vietnam must have taken the exact route. These rebels would crisscross their country on motorbikes to supply arms, ammunition, and food to their comrades fighting the US forces. Now, global adventure motorbikers who want to have some fun follow the same path.

The route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city is full of winding terrain filled with muddy roads, Rocky Mountains, and bristling water rivulets. You can enjoy the eye-catching greenery of the freshly cultivated rice fields and stop by nature’s miraculous rock formations. You will come across friendly villagers with their sparkling eyes and broad smiles, which will melt your heart. While on the road, you can live in scant village houses or roadside guesthouses, which offer the best hospitality you have ever experienced. The total journey is 1000 km, and you can cover it in 4-5 days. But these will be the best days of your life.

Trail 2 – The Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

You can cover this long road trip of 400 km in 2-3 days on your cruiser motorbikes like the Himalayan from Royal Enfield or the Harley Davidson Street Bob. This road trip covers the entire north of Thailand.

The circular route starts from Chiang Mai, one of the most famous tourist destinations, cruises through Sariang, Hong Son, and ends in the village or small town of Pai. You will be mesmerized by the green mountains, rich farmlands, small but quirky villages, limestone quarries and sparkling creeks, and tiny waterfalls throughout the journey.

The roads are good, and the zig-zag bend keeps you alert throughout the motorbike journey. Although you can visit Thailand 24 x 7 any time of the year, the best time for a motorbike road trip is from November to February, when the weather is superb, and the climate is dry.

Trial 3 – The Thakhek Route, Laos

This motorbike journey is shorter at around 300 km and passes through the heart of Laos. The route starts from and ends in Thakhek and takes four days flat. But once on the motorbike and going through the picturesque jungle trail, you will want to go slow and enjoy the ride. The journey itself is an experience of a lifetime with mountains, curvy bends, jaw-dropping valleys, and virgin forest for company. You may want to skinny dip in the incredible blue lagoons and go on an adventure trail through the uncharted caves. Set up a bonfire in the forest, enjoy a hearty dinner, and then sleep under the starry night sky.

The best to visit is November to March when the weather is calm and relaxed.

Trail 4 – The Ha Giang Journey, Vietnam

This is a small adventure trip covering 300 km in 3-4 days through the Rocky Mountains of the historical province of Sapa to Ha Giang in North Vietnam. The road trip will land you in the misty forests section and road that is parallel to neighboring China.

Throughout the road trip, you will come across green forests, lime quarries, and paddy fields with farmers wearing the typical oversized straw hats and buzzing markets. This area, inhabited by the local tribes of Vietnam, preserves itself from the manic development of the cities. The overall journey is arduous and not for the meek-hearted. Criscrossed through peaks and valleys with deadly winding roads. On the way, you will cross the famous towns of Xin Man, Bac Ha, and Muong Khuong.

The best time to take a motorbike road trip here is from March to April and from September to October. The weather is quite warm, but it’s lovely to ride.

So pick your riding jacket, all-weather boots, helmet, and other motorbike accessories for a spin of a lifetime. Visit the picturesque Southeast Asia and have a great time.

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