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5 reasons the new Dominar 400 is your best option for a budget-friendly performance motorcycle in India.

Bajaj and KTM alliance brought more than a few business prospects to India. Bajaj with its years of experience in the Indian market decided to make the most of it from its partner’s experience in the performance industry. Enter Dominar, a motorcycle enticing both common commuters and travelers alike.

Performance– Equipped with the same engine as the KTM 390, Dominar is altogether a different motorcycle in terms of its character.
A much docile and family-friendly setup, this machine is meant for both cruising and gallivanting around. The engine produces a respectable 40bhp of power and 35Nm of torque.

Price– This is the exact reason why Dominar is one of the best-selling motorcycles in this segment. Kept at a reasonable price tag of INR 1.74 lakhs(Ex-showroom Delhi), Dominar has attracted commuters and enthusiasts alike. With a rising culture of biking in India, Bajaj has provided bikers a product with premium features on a budget.

Design– The mien this motorcycle carries is breathtaking. The wasp eyed headlamps to twin-barrel exhaust, this motorcycle carries everything necessary for being a head-turner. Fitted with the premium beam type perimeter frame, Dominar is pretty much different from all other touring machines available in the market at this price. The premium looking upside-down forks adds more than cosmetic upgrade to this motorcycle.

Exhaust note– This definitely needed a special mention. Why? Because it sounds so sweet that there is little room left for ignoring this machine on road. Last time we were this surprised by a single-cylinder motor’s thump was when TVS rolled their Apache into the market. Now, trudging towards quality, Bajaj has made up their mind to provide their Dominar with everything a rider wishes for.

2019 Bajaj Dominar

The exhaust note is not loud and not too shallow but downshift this machine and you’ll feel that bass tearing through your helmet into your ears.

Handling– Most of us had been to Ladakh on a super-heavy, budget-friendly cruiser where it was difficult to maneuver and even the suspension was not that helpful. Well, get over it. There is a new contender in town which offers nimble processing of turns and rock-crawling much comfortable.
Dominar 400 with its upside-down forks and beam type perimeter frame helps handle all that with ease. The linear power delivery helps you cruise on the highway with limited vibrations and lets you cross that treacherous terrain with lucid wrist movements.

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