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9 Best Ways to Maintain Your Two-Wheeler in Monsoons

Whether in India or elsewhere, the motorbike community goes crazy during heavy monsoons, and why not? Our buddies are not protected like the four-wheelers from all corners but constantly face the sharp spats of water and air.

Thus, as the owner, you need to take extra care to safeguard your two-wheeler in this stormy season, including where you park it.

So, here are some ways that will help you maintain your travel buddy better.

  • Find a Good Parking for Your Motorbike

It is good to have covered parking for your two-wheeler. However, you may not find it everywhere. So, purchase and keep a rain cover for your bike handy and use it to avoid sitting on a wet seat. Besides, the cover will also protect other parts of the bike.

  • Treat Your Bike with Anti-Rust Layer 

Most motorbikes these days have a fiber body and thus are resistant to rusting. However, it is better to protect the metal frame with a cheap but durable anti-rust layer from a nearby shop.

  • A Teflon Coating for Your Two-Wheeler

Teflon coating on your two-wheeler will protect the paint on your bike. So, in heavy rains, you can relax so that the water will not touch the painted portions of your motorbike.

  • Ensure the Tires are in Good Condition

Monsoons are the most dangerous time to drive around on a two-wheeler due to the possibility of skidding and losing grip. So, either get specialized monsoon tires for the rainy season or ensure they have the treads for good on the road. Get the tires replaced if need be. Do not take chances.

  • Keep the Bike Chain Clean

Regular cleaning of the motorbike chain is crucial if you are a regular motorbike rider, especially in the rain. Every 400-500 km or so, you must make it a point to remove the dirt and mud and add lubricant or grease to the chain.

  • Optimize the Tire Pressure

We keep the tire pressure in summers low since the heat expands the air. On the other hand, during monsoons, with air contraction, the tire pressure falls. So, ensure never to overfill but maintain a steady optimum pressure in your tires for a better, no-bumpy ride.

  • Clean the Air Filter

Keep the air filter dry and fresh. During monsoons, the air becomes heavy due to moisture and can bring dust and particles to your motorbike air filter. This will make your two-wheeler jerkier, stalling while accelerating since air will not be able to pass seamlessly.

  • Keep the Brakes Oiled

Although brakes are vital for every season, monsoon season reduces the brakes’ efficiency due to moisture. Visit a mechanic regularly or DIY oil your motorbike brakes for a safer ride. Even ABS would not help you with bad brakes in the rainy season.

  • Drive Responsibly and Use Rain Gear

Invest in good rain gear to avoid falling sick in the rainy season. Also, drive responsibly, do not apply sudden hard brakes or overtake from the wrong side. The visibility is low for everyone on the road during heavy rains, so go slow and in no circumstance get agitated.

Thus, these were nine caring ways to maintain and manage the monsoons, keeping yourself and your motorbike safe in all situations.

Do you have more tips for our readers? Do share with us in the comments.

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