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A Road Trip to God’s Own Country: Kerala

Hi Guys! I am back and super excited to share with you my first ever road trip to one of the most beautiful destinations of India, Kerala.

I happened to visit this beatific coastal state just last month with four of my colleagues. We all rented the most reliable long distance motorbike, Royal Enfield from Bangalore and started our journey through the green coconut valley of the western coastal line.

So, are you anxious to know what all places I visited in my short trip?

Well, then read on as I have a lot to share with you about the mesmerizing southern beauty.

About Kerala

Located on the Malabar coast in the south-western region of India, Kerala is the 13th largest populated state with about 33 million people spread over approximately 15 thousand square miles.

Kerala has received several enticing nicknames over the years such as the spice garden of India, land of coconuts, and God’s own country. But the nickname that has stuck the most is “God’s own Country”.

The expression behind the name is deeply rooted since the entire region is an embodiment of ravishing tourist attractions. Kerala looks like it was specially birthed and nurtured by mother nature herself. Our two-wheeler ride to Kerala from Bangalore, Karnataka was more than a fun-drenched adventurous ride.

One of the first eye-catching scenarios that met our eye was the array of coconut trees. It is even believed that the etymology of the name “Kerala” is a fusion of “Kera” and “Alam” translated as “Coconut trees” and “land” respectively, hence, it’s nickname “Land of Coconuts”.

Interesting, right?

Kochi or Cochin; a great place to start.

The first pit-stop for us was Kochi, an amazing location for a breathtaking personal experience. Kochi or Cochin as some call it is one of the main ports in Kerala and is one of the most popular towns.

Fort Kochi located in Ernakulam district features a beautiful serene environment. You can view the site of the sunset kissing the seemingly infinite water body from the beach shores. It would be an ever-lasting memory that will be etched in your mind.

Kochi being a colonial-era area still has vintage locations that keep historical records alive such as the Dutch Cemetery, Jewish Synagogue, Mattancherry Palace and many more.

Well, visiting them all would require more than just a few days road trip, hence we skipped.

After a few hours of halt, we moved on to the Periyar river, just about 28 kms away from Kochi. The closer we got, the louder could we hear the whiz of the soft southern breeze gliding over the river setting a gentle ripple motion.

On the banks we met a few local fishermen with their fishing nets looking to plunge into the deep with hopes of getting a net full of nutritious soft water fishes.

Their fishing style was seemingly made easy by mechanical devices unto which the edges of their nets are tied. Once a certain weight is attained due to the quantity of fishes in a net, the devices dangle a bell as a sound of victory.

We too tried our hands in fishing but hard luck!


At about 75 kms from Kochi is the Athirapally waterfalls, a picturesque view to stop by and just 7 km apart you can find the Vazhachal waterfalls.

Kerala is blessed with over 20 different falls so you just can’t run out of waterfalls here.

Kochi to Munnar is another scenically enticing 3 hrs road drive and there are tonnes of unmissable scenes to capture on your camera.

Munnar itself is a region full of undulating hills and valleys graced by tea plantation spanning over several acres.

The hills, its plantation, and general vegetation forms a scintillating uniformity in diversity with the beautiful sky in an orchestra of melodious harmony of nature.

The serenity in that environment can put out an inferno of life-long worries.

After our long drive and travel, we were exhausted to the core and hence planned to stay back in Munnar for a sound sleep after a lavish dinner with lip-smacking Kerala Fish curry and Rice.

Alleppey and the Houseboat

The next day we planned to visit Alleppey, a region with an unending array of paddy rice planted in the waters simply waiting for a ripe harvest.

Alleppey is also a must visit for houseboats that take you around the backwaters. They even serve you fresh fish fry and other coastal delicacies of your choice.

We rented the houseboat for a day to spend the night staring and smiling at the clear starry skies of this alluring city as the cool breeze of the sea touched our cheeks.

Finally, the next morning with a heavy heart we bid adieu to our friendly cook on the houseboat as he served us some mashed tapioca, idli, and spicy chutney in the morning. We hopped on our motorbikes that we had parked in one of the hotels and started back for a long and tedious journey back to the city life of Bangalore.

Well, I am already looking forward for my next trip and this time to South Kerala beaches.

So, did you have a recent travel experience on your motorbike? If yes, then share with us the details as we would love to post it on our page!

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