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All About Peugeot Motorcycles from Mahindra

If you recount the major two-wheeler manufacturers in India, the names that will roll in your mind are Hero Motors, Baja Auto, TVS, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, to name a few.

But have you heard the latest news? 

Mahindra, the largest SUV manufacturer in India, is entering this fiercely competitive two-wheeler market. Yes, you have heard it right. It is a change for the motorbike community where an auto manufacturer enters the famous mass vehicle market. Being a brand trusted across India’s length and breadth and with intense dealership & service centers throughout the country, Mahindra wants to become a serious player in the two-wheeler market.

About Peugeot Motorcycles from Mahindra

In Jan 2015, through the European subsidiary, Mahindra two-wheelers Europe acquired a total 100% stake in the French auto giant Peugeot’s two-wheeler business units, Peugeot Motorcycles. It’s a dream project of its visionary CEO & MD Anand Mahindra of creating a globally recognized two-wheeler brand. And as a serious commitment toward this vision, Mahindra has already invested nearly 15 million Pounds which comes to 110 Crores in Indian Rupees in Peugeot Motorcycles. It strengthened its presence in Europe and ramped up production in its state-of-the-art French manufacturing facility, slowly but eventually increased its motorbike presence globally, especially in the hotly contested Asian two-wheeler market.

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Mahindra plans to introduce as many as 7 new models under the Peugeot Motorcycles brand starting 2019 up to 2021. As per their recent press release, the top management at Mahindra Two-wheelers is witnessing positive growth and demand for its Peugeot Motorcycles in the European market. Brands like Kisbee have become the giant selling bike in the 50cc category. Next in line is its flagship two-wheeler, the Metropolis, which is being lapped up both in Europe and China. They also got a tremendously positive response for their Urban GT maxi scooter.

New motorbike arrivals

To strengthen its presence in the European market Mahindra through its subsidiary Peugeot Motorcycles, launched its unique Maxi Scooter, the Metropolis, which is different in design with its three wheels instead of the usual two wheels in all other motorbikes.

This all-new Metropolis intro from Peugeot is unique as the designers have taken severe risks in terms of its extreme but futuristic looks. It comes with a vast grille upfront, even more, humongous nostril-shaped headlights giving the bike or rather maxi scooter a monstrous look. To support its big frame, they have also made the front wheels huge compared to the standard offerings in scooters. They have ensured rider comfort big, making the seats extra-large and roomier. The individual backrest for back support gives both rider and his pillion extra comfort while riding on rough terrain.

Peugeot Metropolis, this motorbike monster is powered by a massive 399cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor which complies with Euro 5 compliance. The engine produces a 35.6PS at 38.1Nm torque. With its heavy frame of 280 kg, kerb weight, every ounce of the power and torque becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Its braking system is 240 mm disc brakes at the rear and 230mm disk brakes upfront. It comes with an ABS mechanism for smooth braking as standard and leans like the conventional two-wheeler.

The all-new Metropolis Maxi scooter has had a makeover with its 2020 edition. A new feature like anti-locking brakes added to this motorbike makes it the safest bike on the road today. The Metropolis comes with Smart contactless and key fewer ignitions.

It has a remote access facility from a distance of 1.5 meters to open and shut the boot, control its fuel cap and the parking brake, all using the Smart key technology. Metropolis Maxi has a technically advanced 5 inch TFT screen built in the console-like dashboard with an anti-clockwise tachometer for better visibility and control. 

Not just Metropolis, but as said before, there are 7 models, and so we still have to reveal to you Peugeot P2X. Yes, from the year 2019 when Mahindra two-wheelers acquired Peugeot Motorcycles, the Peugeot team worked on it as the first motorcycle taken by the Indian company. This new motorbike is on the P2X concept previously displayed at the 2018 Paris Auto Show.

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Designed with two variants- one with the roadster design of 125cc and the other with a café racer of 300cc engine, the version has the same engine style of Mahindra Mojo. Matted with a 6-speed gearbox, 294cc single-cylinder engine producing 25 BHP power, 25Nm torque, ABS, and radial caliper are the additional features of P2X.

Don’t the above-discussed motorbike models from Peugeot motorcycles sound tremendous and admirable? Yes, indeed, they do. So, let’s give a loud applause to team Mahindra and Peugeot Motorcycles that is about to make a legacy in the history of two-wheelers in India!

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