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All-New 2022 Motorbike Models from Honda – I

As we enter 2022, the motorbike community has much to cheer for. All motorbike manufacturing companies will launch at least one new motorbike model to attract their loyal fans.

Honda Motorcycles is not behind as it gears up to launch as many as 12 new motorbikes in 2022. The motorbike launch will be in all categories: daily riding motorbikes, cruiser motorbikes, adventure motorbikes, sports motorbikes, and even scooters.

Some of the motorbikes which we shall highlight are below.

Honda CB 650R

Honda has developed a new design studio concept, the Neo-Sports Café, explicitly targeting youth motorbike lovers. The latest motorbike to launch under the tagline “ Thrill at First Sight “ is the CB650R. A sports motorbike loaded with a powerful engine and dynamic, bold looks. A motorbike made to tame the city roads.

To cater to the sophisticated taste of the urban motorbike community, the CB650R has a compact frame, sleek aerodynamic design, and vibrant metallic colors. The body is muscular and taut with a well-defined rear number plate positioning.

This motorbike satisfies your craving for “Dil mange more.”


Digital Instrument Cluster

  • The handlebar for this motorbike, the CB650R, is comprehensive for seamless driving comfort.
  • Nestled between the handlebar is its high-end digital instrument cluster with a large LED display.
  • The Console has built-in gear position monitoring and shift movement alerts.
  • The large display gives easy visibility to all information related to speed, fuel consumption, engine temperature, torque, distance clocked, etc.

Full LED Headlamps

  • The headlamp to the CB650R motorbike is a classic round with a black reflector at the back for maximum illumination and a powerful blue beam.
  • The lights are best in quality and powerful LED.
  • The rear end comes with a small LED just above the number plate.

Safest Braking 

  • The all-new CB650R mounts with four-piston caliper-type grip and disc brakes, well-balanced by the rear wheel mounted with one piston caliper-type disc brake.
  • The brakes have ABS to give the rider extreme safety on all terrains, and weather conditions are rain or shine.
  • You can ride the CB650R without any stress, even on potholed city roads during the heaviest of downpours.


  • The CB650R comes with light but rugged aluminum wheels in a Y shape.
  • The wheels are light to give the best in class speed and mileage but toughened to provide high-end durability.

Smooth Suspension

  • The new Honda shows a separate fork function with an oversized piston and USD fork suspension.
  • This gives the motorbike a smooth-riding functionality on bumpy and potholed roads.
  • The rest is engineered to provide this motorbike with perfect balance and the need for poise.

Monstrous Engine 

  • The CB650R motorbike sports a monstrous engine with 650 CC capacity, producing 70Kw at 65Nm torque and 15K rpm.
  • The engine is 16 cylindered and based on the patented Honda Selectable Torque Control to give it the best in class sturdiness and synchronous power.
  • The engine starts with a simple flick of a button mounted on its heavy-duty fuel tank.

Double Air Suction

  • The Honda CB650R is designed with double-ended air suction at its front to take in the fresh air.
  • This feature of the motorbike enhances engine power and mileage.

The Exhaust

  • The all-new motorbike from Honda has a well-engineered exhaust system with four upturned pipes and a specialized muffler.
  • The styling is such that it gives a trendy look to the motorbike.

African Twin

Honda has a legacy of manufacturing podium finish motorbikes. African Twin is one such motorbike geared up for cross country rallies be it dirt tracks or even dessert safaris.

The all-new African Twin is a combination of sports and heavy-duty all-terrain motorbike.


Digital Display 

  • The newest from Honda, the African Twin 2022, has a large 7 inch TFT display.
  • This motorbike display is smart with mobile connectivity, Bluetooth for audio connections, smart navigation using Apple-based car play, and Google maps.
  • You can replicate your favorite Apple applications using car play features, giving immense rider pleasure for calls and entertainment.

Powerful Engine

  • A monstrous heavy-duty 1100 CC engine powers the new African Twin.
  • You can rev up the motorbike quickly to its fastest mode.
  • The all-powerful African Twin is powered by a parallel cylinder motor giving it the best in the class throttle.


  • The motorbike from Honda, African Twin 2022, is part of its adventure series.
  • The suspension fitted into this motorbike is exceptionally smooth and flexible.
  • The manoeuvrability due to this unique suspension is enhanced, making it the most agile motorbike in town.

Cruise Control

As a premium motorbike, the African Twin is currently fitted with cruise control to give its rider a wonderful experience while riding on long journeys.

Throttle with Ease

  • Honda’s perfection in its engineering and design is visible in the latest African Twin 2022’s six user modes.
  • The rider can now select how much power he wants to use while riding different terrains.
  • Special care has been taken to give the biker an excellent riding experience.
  • Small features like a warmed-up handle grip are useful on long journeys.

ABS as Standard 

  • The newest feature in the African Twin from Honda is its emergency stop signal, making the rider stand out when applying an emergency brake.
  • The anti-skid ABS is a standard feature in this motorbike, making the rider safe even on slippery roads.

Powerful LED Headlamps

  • The motorbike with powerful LED headlamps illuminates the darkest of roads.
  • The technology used in the LED lighting is DRL automatically fine-tunes to the surrounding environment.

Lightest Adventure Motorbike

  • The African Twin frame is made from lightweight composite material and designed to shave off its bulkiness.
  • The battery too used in this motorbike is Lithium-Ion which is light in weight and takes very little space.

Honda motorcycles have invariably been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. The year 2022 is a path-breaking year for Honda, with as many as 12 new motorbikes are in queue to launch by the year ahead. So, watch this space to hear and read about the all-new motorbikes from Honda in our subsequent articles.

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