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Amazing Motorbikes Photography

Motorbike photographers are in great demand, especially in the Indian motorbike industry job market. Hence in this last article on motorbikes photography, we will discuss some additional tips to help you become a pro.

So for those of you who are you still confused, read on to get inspired by some of the famous photographers from the motorbike community.

Like any other art, motorbike photography also needs diligent practice to get upskilled.  So follow these small tips and make your photography stand-out among the crowd.

Importance of beautiful background

As we stated before, for a nice portrait of your motorbike, background selection plays a vital role. Thus for the best-shooting experience stick to the urban environment and take advantage of the moody climate. Depending on the kind of motorbike you have, a cruiser, a roadster, or a sports bike, rely on a dashing background, for example, a garage, a new homage,tunnel-based frames etc.


How to get the high-speed shots?

The SLR and Canon EOS 7D mark 11 is designed especially to shoot high-speed motion images. Get tips on aperture and angle adjustment to experiment how sniper shot and zoom out effects work to the best. You must plan well and get an expert view and instructions to capture a good moving shot of motorbike.

Lastly, watch some YouTube videos on photography and take some online photography lessons from the professionals.

So are you ready for an experiment?

Now let us get familiar with some of the best motorbike photographers

There are many motorbike photographers who have created their own niche in the world of motorbike community. These professional photographers started as an amateur but now are an inspiration to thousands of others around them.

Want to know them? Let me introduce them to you one by one.

Aaron Brimhall

Aaron hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. He loves and enjoys each and every ride on his Harley Sportster and makes memories of every ride in Canon 5D mark 3.

His famous and favorite shooting location includes beaches in and around Utah and Indonesia. Aaron is addicted to posting his pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Pic courtesy:

David Marvier

David is recognized as one of the best motorbike photographer located in Bordeaux, South-West France. He loves to ride his superbike Yamaha YZF1000 Thunder race that takes him to all his favorite destinations. He concentrates primarily on fashion photography and likes to expose his talents through videos and movies.

David likes to shoot with his brand new Canon 1Ds mark 3 and makes them more attractive with the help of CaptureOne, Lightroom, and Photoshop applications.  Mountain territories and desert tracks are some of the favorite shooting targets of David. His advice for budding motorbike shooters is to “focus on subject, framing and color harmony”.

Pic courtesy:

Anthony Scott

Scott entered into professional photography by relieving himself from military services. He is very much inspired and drawn towards his own, race-based Honda CB550. He always tries to find out different locations to bring out his hidden talents and believes that there is inspiration everywhere.

His work has been highlighted in many print publications. Currently, Scott owns Canon EOS 5D mark 2 body, Canon EOS 7D mark 2, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8lL lens and GoPro Hero 5. Cloudy and foggy climate in the northwest of Pacific is his favorite location for some of his best shots.


Motorbikes photography is the game of precision. If you have the right focus, right timing and the right background, bam! There you have your perfect shot.

So are you inspired by the wonderful work of these eminent motorbike photographers? Then go and get your cameras ready for your next motorbike click. Let your photographs do the talking!

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