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Another Weekend of Motorcycles

I gotta tell ya… some weekends there is SO much goin’ on in da motorcycling world around here that Kelly and I ain’t got time for a 2nd drink!! Last weekend (weekend of August 20-21st) we had not 1, not 2 but 3 events in our neck of the woods!!

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1st out we bopped over to Mike’s Lounge for the 4th Annual “Grimm Run” — an event put on by good friends, Dave n’ Lisa Grimm and bar-owner, Mike… of course… to benefit the local Hospice facility. Grabbed my 1st “bracer” of da day… met up with a few old and new friends… took a bunch of pictures. We hung out till da Brothers and Sisters did kickstands up at noon… then, assisted by the Austintown Police Department doin’ traffic control, they got off without a HITCH! Kelly n’ me grabbed a parting drink and headed up the road to our next stop!

We only needed to mosey up da road apiece for our next stop. Around our ‘hood they call the “Fred Perry Run For Kids” the “Big One” and with good reason! The event, which benefits local children’s charities, is held in the parking lot of a large strip plaza complex and, TRUST ME, they need EVERY bit of room they can get as bikes by the hundreds show up. This year was the 26th Annual event and it was, once again, HUGE! Grabbed me a cold refreshment and hit the sign-up area; which featured merch AND food Vendors, music, this year supplied by Train Wreck, trophies and door prizes by the truck full, a traveling regional historic motorcycle photo exhibit assembled by Rabbit, local author and former publisher of the Northeast Ohio Motorcycle News; plus, of course, ice cold adult beverages and ALL the fine “eye candy”, mechanical AND natural, a rider could want at an event! Kickstands went up a 1PM and, again, the dedicated “Boys in Blue” of the Austintown Police Department, did traffic control.

Did we stop there….HELL NO!! We headed over to one of our favorite local watering-holes, Crickett’s, to check out the Animal Charities League fund-raising event. Lots of people… LOTS of give-aways… owner Amanda even put our favorite bar snack back on da menu… Deep Fried Rueben Bites!! Finally had time for not 1, not 2 but FOUR Jack’s on ice, courtesy of our good friend Ed. We even threw some dinero into a couple of bags for the KILLER Chinese Auction! Great way to end a day of helpin’ out others while getting’ out on da bike!

Finally called it quits and dragged ourselves back to day crib to re-group and get ready for ANOTHER weekend of motorcycles and more!

Want to come hang with us?

If yer in da Northeast Ohio…Northwest Pennsylvania area…or JUST plannin’ on visitin’…or JUST like to jam to some SERIOUS scooter tunes…listen to our Internet Radio Show on…EVERY Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8PM Eastern for da BEST Biker music, Past, Present and Independent…KILLER call-in and studio guests…and, of course, Kelly n’ Me talkin’ trash and destinations rides for the upcomin’ weekend….till next time….ya’ll keep it between da ditches!!

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