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Aprilia SXR 125 – New Launch

One more famous motorbike brand from the European shores and Italy, to be specific, is the Aprilia. Founded by Cavaliere Alberto Beggio, the brand manufactures both superbikes and scooters.

Aprilia began its journey as a bicycle manufacturing company and gradually upgraded itself into manufacturing mopeds and then motorbikes in the 1960s. Around the 1970s, Aprilia started manufacturing motocross motorbikes meant for motorbike racing. It even manufactured a small size sports bike by outsourcing its engine manufacturing to an Australian company called Rotax. In the 1990s, Aprilia launched its all-plastic scooter named Amico and set the scooter market by fire. 

Throughout its long history, Aprilia has always been a proud participant in the motocross championships and has won all the major titles, Motocross World Championship in 1976, Grand Prix Road Racing World Championship in 1985 Czechoslovak motorcycle Gran Prix as recent as 1991. 

Piaggio, the other famous Italian two-wheeler company in 2004, took over the family-owned Aprilia and, by 2016, launched Aprilia in India. The latest from the Aprilia stables is the Aprilia SXR 125. A scooter in a class of its own.

The Aprilia SXR 125 is a futuristic scooter that combines style, riding comfort, excellent ergonomics, and powerful performance, all packed into its small but sturdy frame. The design is of Italian hallmark appealing to the GenX motorbike enthusiasts. This scooter is fitted with all the requisite technologically advanced features making it a trendsetter in its category. 


  • The Aprilia’s looks are dashing and more accentuated by the three-layered HD body paint and the trademark Aprilia graphics.
  • The trims are matt black with dark chrome elements, and the grills are honeycomb-shaped for perfect symmetry.
  • The air dams and chrome-colored exhaust make up for the dual-toned styling.
  • The Aprilia branding is visually attractive, with the logo painted on the footboard.
  • Its premium appeal comes from its distinct body lines, geometry-friendly body contours, sporty bumpers, overall dynamic design, and eye-catching, making its craftsmanship an exquisite affair.
  • The headlamps are a wrap-around LED with dual crystal technology that gives a high beam at the center. The bike indicators and the eye-level lights give the rider excellent safety on dark roads.
  • At the rear end are similar wrap-around LED tail lights in diamond shape design, giving this scooter a futuristic look and sex appeal.
  • The front is aerodynamic that will make heads turn while you ride on the city roads.
  • The wheels are 5 spoke alloy with signature red Aprilia logo blazing on its side, making it fiery and charming at the same time.
  • The metallic finish coupled with perfectly sturdy suspension makes this scooter a perfect riding option for the city rider.

Comfort & Convenience

  • The Aprilia SXR 125 ergonomically designed is for extra riding comfort on long winding roads and even dirt tracks.
  • The driving handle is well-positioned and comes with easy touch switches for operating its various functions.
  • The seat, too, is well positioned, so your feet are not left hanging while idling at the signal or during an emergency stop.
  • This motorbike comes with a telescopic suspension at the front and a self-adjustable rear suspension to take on any rough terrain.
  • The seat is all leather, long, and bucket type giving the ride extra comfort while on long rides.
  • This scooter also comes fitted with footpegs for the rider and the pillion for relaxed riding.
  • Its handle grips offer excellent grip and ventilation due to its perforated design.
  • For the safety of the pillion rider, the rear end sports a grab rail for greater comfort.
  • The scooter has ample storage space well lit up to keep the helmet and other belongings for a quiet ride.
  • The Aprilia SXR 125 sports a bag hook for additional storage and a front glove box with a USB charging point acting as a savior for your mobile battery issues.
  • The central stand is easy to use while parking.
  • This fun scooter comes with a 7-liter petrol tank and offering great mileage for the average rider.

Technology & Performance 

  • The Aprilia SXR 125 is robust by a high-performance 125 CC BS 6 3 valve fuel injection engine with 92.5 BHP giving the rider power and a smooth-riding experience.
  • This scooter has an entirely digital riding console with a digital RPM meter, mileage indicator, speedometer giving average speed, top speed indications.
  • It also has a digital fuel indication, trip meter, odometer, time display, engine oil temperature display, external temperature, an engine malfunction indicator, and battery voltage. Thus, giving the rider all real-time information on fingertips.
  • Additional features include mobile connectivity through mobile apps as a standard offering that can be used for vehicle tracking, raising the alarm, submit a service request and even post on social media directly.

Safety & Security

  • The Aprilia SXR 125 comes with CBS – Combi Braking System and front and rear disc brakes and twin pots caliper hydraulic brakes making this scooter the safest scooter available in the Indian market.
  • The wheels are totally for India roads with 5 spoke alloy, 12-inch wide pattern tires offering excellent grip better stability on wet roads.
  • The tires fitted are tubeless type taking away the stress of frequent punctures and repairs.
  • This scooter is built both for strength and comfort due to its thick chassis design.
  • European engineering is t its best and gives you complete control at high speeds, stability while riding on rough roads, a great combination of safety, comfort, and easy maneuverability.
  • The brake handle is especially for utmost safety even during an oncoming impact.

Thus, to sum it up, the Aprilia SXR 125 is a gem of a scooter with a futuristic design, fully loaded with impressive features making it the number 1 option for any scooter buyer looking at a price point of Rs 1-1.5 lakhs today.

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