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Ultimate Bajaj V15 Review

Bajaj V15 is one of the two brand new commuter motorbikes launched in 2016. Another new bike in the series is V. Bikes are also known under the name of Bajaj Vikrant (more on this later). Enjoy Bajaj V15 review and photos by Motorbikes India.

Bajaj V15 Review

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Bajaj V15 Quick Facts Infographics

Bajaj V15 Quick Facts specification shows price Rs. 62000, 150cc engine, top speed 113 km/h, colours and image

The 150cc Bike Made from Indian Aircraft Carrier

Bajaj is a name familiar to many worldwide and especially Indians, as a top maker of motorbikes. Bajaj Auto’s roots can be dated back to 1845. Since then it has managed to become the biggest seller of motorcycles in Indian market.

Bajaj Vikrant Review
Bajaj V15 also known as Bajaj Vikrant

Once they launched Bajaj V15 and V, the motorcycles immediately caught attention of biking aficionados across the country.


Not just for their much anticipated debut, but more because the metal in them was assembled from the scrap of greatly lauded INS Vikrant aircraft carrier. This is why many call these bikes Bajaj Vikrant. “Part Motorbike, Part War Hero” is a marketing tagline for the twin motors.

As soon as the bikes were ready to hit the Indian highways, we couldn’t wait to take them for a ride. So, right away we headed to our authorised Bajaj Auto dealership partner in New Delhi-NCR, for test driving the 150cc powered V15. Staff at Suman Bajaj Autos already had the V15 out for us and without wasting further time we took it for a good ride. But before we share our experience behind the handlebars of Bajaj 150cc V15, it’s essential to know about the glorious sailing vessel which made the Bajaj Vikrant happen.

INS Vikrant – The bold part of Bajaj V15

INS Vikrant was a distinguished aircraft carrier belonging to Indian Navy in majestic class. Original name of the ship was HMS Hercules. It was built to serve Britain in Royal British Navy. Halfway through its construction India bought it from the United Kingdom in 1957 and completely built it by 1961.

INS Vikrant Carrier
INS Vikrant Carrier

Vijaya Lakshmi Nehru Pandit, sister of then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, is credited with naming the vessel in Sanskrit as Vikrant — which literally translates as “bold” or “courageous” in English. Along with the identification Pennant Number as R11, the motto of the ship read “Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah”, which again is Sanskrit for, “I defeat those who dare to fight against me”.

INS Vikrant used for Bajaj V15
INS Vikrant used for Bajaj V15

Throughout its service, INS Vikrant proved worthy of its name and motto. It played a significant role in the Indo-Pak war of 1971. The ship heroically helped in sinking most Pakistani vessels in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar harbours, by launching Sea Hawks on the historic day of 4 December, 1971. The strikes carried on till 10th of December, 1971 and this established a naval blockade in East Pakistan.

INS Vikrant Bajaj Vikrant

So, every Bajaj V15 carries part of the heroic Vikrant that actually been in a war.

The crew of the ship was honoured with twelve Vir Chakra gallantry medals and two Mahavir Chakra. Vikrant continued serving the country protecting its waters until January 31, 1997. Until December 3, 2013, the ship was kept as a museum ship in Mumbai and later sold off in an auction in January 2014 for scrapping.

INS Vikrant steel for Bajaj V15
As a marketing move manufacturer of Bajaj V15 used steel from INS Vikrant for the bike.

Hence, this is how the Bajaj V15 motorcycle came into being and the following is all you need to know about it.

Bajaj V15 Review – Images and Design

As far as the design goes, the 2016 Bajaj V15 is a perfect mix of classic yet bold at the same time. Deriving its inspiration from the metal of INS Vikrant itself, the looks of Bajaj V15 are attention worthy. It is made available in three colours:

  • White
  • Red
  • Black

Each colour variation comes with red-and-black highlights. White being the colour code of Indian Navy, it’s no surprise why Bajaj chose to offer V15 in same.

Vajaj V15 image shows white colour V15 with red stripes
White Bajaj Vikrant with red stripes

Bajaj V15 Seat

The classic look of the V15 instantly remind you of the motorcycles back in the 80s and 90s. But with a modern twist of course. The tank appears quite muscular with solid appearing double cradle right underneath it holding up its engine. Both it’s sides have the V logo on them. Right on the cover lock of the tank is the iconic logo — an inspiration from INS Vikrant — which for sure is to stir up a patriotic moment in the heart of every Indian.

Bajaj V15 fuel tank
The fuel tank cover of V15 reads “Made with the invincible metal of INS Vikrant”
Bajaj V15 photo front
Bajaj V15 head lamp

The detachable cowl with V logo on the rear seat of the motorbike is a defining piece in the whole design It gives the bike the look of a tough one. The broad handle bars of the bike give it an athletic feel. The striking headlight of V15 with its unconventional looks appears like it has eyes of its own. The tail light is decent looking and only adds up to its overall beauty.

Bajaj V15 image back view - exhaust
Exhaust pipe and back lights
Bajaj V15 Seat
Comfortable seat

Bajaj Vikrant Panel and details

When it comes to the instrument panel of this Bajaj motorbike, it is quite unembellished in comparison of most of its counterparts in market. All it has is a fuel gauge, analog speedometer and odometer. It’s one place where Bajaj could have done more to the motorcycle but it looks rather neat nevertheless.

Bajaj V15 instrument panel
Simple instrument panel

The noise suppressor of the motorcycle is something which makes it appear quite like a mean machine. Its placement and design match up perfectly, making the V15 bike appear somewhat brash in the best way possible. The wheels measure 18 inch in front and a 16 inch – combining to give the Bajaj V15 a look truly unique and imposing.

Bajaj V15 exhaust
Side view and exhaust pipe of V15

Performance & Handling

Having a great looking motorbike doesn’t essentially mean that it will match up in performance as well. Performance probably is something which makes or breaks the reputation of a motorbike. Being the all new and first timer that Bajaj V15 is to Indian roads, we confirm that in performance segment it manages to live up to the legacy behind its name.

Bajaj V15 150cc engine
V15 150cc engine

Brand new 150cc engine is pumping V15 body. It seems Bajaj built it keeping in mind that it has to do justice to the bike’s demeanor. It’s DTS-i, 4-stroke, single cylinder with air cooling engine has a maximum torque of 13Nm@5500 rpm. The maximum power it’s capable of hitting is 12bhp@7500 rpm which is quite good. The motorcycle has a manual gearbox of 5 Speed.

As soon as you get behind the handlebars of the motorcycle and start it, one begins experiencing the authority it’s all about. The sound of its throaty exhaust compliments its strong clenched fist personality type. The meaty exhaust note is definitely one of a kind. Its 135.5 kilograms of weight gives it a solid placing on the ground and prevents it from jetting ahead as soon as clutch is disengaged.

Top Speed for Bajaj V15

As far as top speed is concerned, the V15 zoomed up to a very impressive 113kms/hr sans any shaking from motorbike’s end. Riding experience was absolutely delightful because gears shifted effortlessly in between. Front brakes are discs and rear are drums. Breaks worked immaculately in impeding the motorbike even at a speed of over 90kms.

The suspensions work nicely. Enough to eliminate any minor bumps or lessen the impact of any frequent ones experienced while riding the motorcycle. Hence, the Vikrant bike is very much worthy of a straight “A” grade in this segment.

Bajaj V15 user review
User review
Bajaj V15 customer feedback
Customer feedback

Bajaj V15 on road

Specification of V15

  • Engine: 150cc, Single cylinder, 4 stroke, SOHC 2 valve, Air cooled, DTS-i
  • Max power: 12 @ 7500
  • Max torque: 13 @ 5500
  • Front suspension: Telescopic
  • Read suspension: Twin-Spring loaded hydraulic type gas filled
  • Front breaks: 240 dia disc
  • Rear breaks: 130 dia drum
  • Front tyres: 90/90 – 18 51P Tubeless
  • Rear tyres: 120/80 -16 60P Tubeless
  • Fuel tank: 13 Litres (plus reserve 1.7 Litres)
  • Head lamp: 55/60 W
  • Dimensions in mm: length = 2044, width = 780, height = 1070, clearance = 165, wheelbase = 1315, saddle height = 780
  • Kerb weight: 135.5 kg

This information is from official manufacturer website:

Bajaj V15 Specification Suspension
Specification – rear suspension

Mileage Per Litre

Bajaj V15 delivers an average mileage of over 55kms on per litre. Quite good if not that great considering its heavy built and engine of 150cc. Since this motorcycle targets towards the everyday commuting populace, average might be an issue with most potential buyers. The fuel tank of V15 holds 13 litres of fuel. Good considering its size and appearance. In reserve, it holds up another 1.7 litres of fuel making its capacity a total of 14.7 Litres.

Bajaj V15 mileage per litre
Bajaj V15 mileage is 55km per litre

Bajaj V15 Price

When it comes to seeing a Bajaj V15 parked in your garage, you wouldn’t have to shell out an outrageous amount of cash thankfully. The motorbike can be made yours at an ex-showroom rate of Rs. 62000 anywhere in New Delhi. It’s quite feasible and worth considering the overall performance the bike delivers.

Bajaj V15 price ex-showroom is Rs. 62000
Bajaj V15 price is Rs. 62000 ex-showroom

The Verdict

Time for a verdict in our Bajaj V15 review.. From simply a biker’s point of view, the V15 bike is good. The bike lives up to the hype which its maker is marketing it. It is dependable, sturdy, efficient, good looking and offers a comfortable riding experience at the same time.

Won’t hurt to say that if V15 possessed a more powerful engine along with the built to support it, it might just have given some tough competition to many established heavyweights.

Despite the fact that there are many other motorcycles in similar category which may or may not be better than the V15, there’s something about this motorbike which draws you in the minute you behold it.

Bajaj V15 (Vikrant)

Perhaps, it’s the fact that it carries a part of INS Vikrant’s legacy in it. It not only makes it simply irresistible to any patriot Indian out there but also provides one a chance to create their own memories with it in whole new form of a motorbike. Whatever might be the reason to purchase the Bajaj V15, one thing is for sure – you will like it.

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  1. Can you please give details on the bike’s vibration issue. I have a Bajaj V15 2016 model and it has a vibration issue when the speed creeps up to just 55 kmph. I would like to know if the same problem persists with the new one.

  2. Super bike Vikrant!

  3. A really well written and engaging piece. I liked reading especially about the legacy of INS Vikrant. My friend recently purchased a V15 and seeking more information about the bike is what brought me to this website. I hope to get one for myself now.

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