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Benelli TRK 251 Launch Review

Every motorbike fan has a particular preference while buying a heavy-duty motorbike. Some like sports bikes some prefer cruise/adventure bikes. Some like to ride on classic monsters or superbikes. But the all-time favorite motorbikes are from the Europe best engineered and designed motorbike from Italy. Benelli Motorcycles is one such manufacturer of trendy yet sharp sports and adventure motorbikes. The bikes from Benelli first rolled off their ramp nearly 100 years ago, in 1911. Since then, they have consistently produced motorbike that appeals to the sport-loving motorbike community. To further their legacy, they have participated in many motocross GP’s and have always stood tall on the podium.

The Indian subsidiary of Benelli has made up its mind to enter into the entry-level and cost-effective adventure motorbike arena. Benelli’s brand has lost some presence in the last few months but is now up to relaunch itself with a big bang. As a global leader in heavy-set sports motorbikes, Benelli now wants to tap into the massive market of entry-level motorbikes and catch the imagination of the motorbike community with its technology and features, which are not available in the economical market motorbikes. For this, Benelli has come up with TRK 251, an all-new adventure motorbike in the Indian market, at a very pocket-friendly price point of Rs.2.50 Lakhs.

Let’s go through an overview of this mean machine and newest motorbike from the house of Benelli, a trustworthy manufacturer of sports motorbikes.

  • The TRK 251 by Benelli will begin shipping in India in a solitary option but with three metallic and vibrant colors.
  • The 250cc, compliant with BS6 emission norms, powers the motorbike.
  • The TRK 251 motor generates 26BHP power at 22Nm torque, giving the rider experience raw power while cruising on every road, whether in the city or on off-road journeys.
  • This motorbike comes fitted with disc brakes in the rear and front wheels with Anti locking Brake System technology for the best in class rider security.
  • The petrol tank is very prominent with an eye-catching design. It’s not too large and limits itself to 18 liters making light on the wheels.

Let’s get some details to help motorbike community enthusiasts in their minute scrutiny.


  • The most up-to-date Benelli TRK 251 comes with a heavy-duty and rugged 250 CC quad stroke motor which is liquid-cooled for better heat dissipation.
  • The engine has a double-headed cam-type distribution system and is fuel-injected through the electronic mechanism.
  • The TRK 251, when kick-started and revved up, produces a raw power of 26 BHp at 8000 rpm and 22 Nm torque.

The motorbike rider feels the powerful engine and can now cruise at high speeds on the roads but in a very steady manner without any jerks & vibrations though being a tad too light in the frame for an entry-level sports & adventure motorbike.


  • This newest entry-level motorbike, the TRK 251, has an arch bar-type truck as its frame.
  • The telescopic fork mechanism for its suspension intends to take on any topography: dusty tracks, city roads, or winding hilly paths.
  • The back suspension is also a coil spring designed to give maximum comfort while riding on challenging and bumpy roads.
  • The front and back tires are fitted with disc brakes with Anti locking Brake System technology as a standard offering.
  • Overall the TRK 251 is light in weight, around 165 kg, and the frame structure is compact for ease of riding and providing maximum manoeuvrability.
  • Even though it is an entry-level motorbike, it is with a high road clearance considering the Indian conditions. Seat height is higher but adjustable for pillion rider comfort.

Braking Mechanism

  • The engineers manufactured the TRK 251 with the most significant safety standards with a four-piston caliper at the front and straightforward, one piston 250 mm calipers at the back to give its tires a firm braking system in floating condition.
  • This design provides best-in-class safety and control even at high speeds on open national highways.


  • The latest Benelli TRK251 adopts the newest design of having a High mast windshield.
  • It provides the driver greater visibility and protection from sun & wind during lengthy inter-state journeys.

Digital Console

  • The handlebars encompass a large digital console with a bright backlit LCD.
  • All the information related to speed, mileage, fuel consumption, and temperature is available for the ease of visualizing digital meters.

With this newest launch, the TRK 251 Benelli has made a spectacular comeback in the Indian motorcycle market.

The price of this motorbike is also made attractive at Rs.2.50 lakhs.

The TRK 251 from the house of Benelli is now a perfect option for motorbike lovers. A motorbike with Italian design, best-in-class technology, and trendy new-age looks. TRK 251 from Benelli is a mean machine and rider’s dream motorbike for an entry-level motorbike. Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime while taking your hot wheels for a spin.

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