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BMW Launches the Updated R 1250 GS in India

When you hear BMW, you imagine solid German engineering, bold design, and power-packed cars loaded with the latest and unique features. The same is true for all the motorbikes from BMW Motorrad, its two-wheeler subsidiary.

Throughout the last four decades, BMW Motorrad has successfully launched sports and adventure motorbikes lapped up by the motorbike community and its fans at large. The success of these motorbikes is its crazy fan following across the globe from Asia, Middle East, Europe, and even Africa. These motorbikes penetrated the smallest countries through their wide distribution and service network and became a rage among the motorbike community.

BMW Motorrad developed its latest motorbike, the R 1250 GS, based on its tried and tested GS motorbike platform, now available in India in two models, the R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS adventure priced in the range of 20 – 22 Lakhs. A princely sum for the king of a motorbike.

Let me give you some insights into the news.

Looks & Design

BMW R 1250 GS is an iconic motorbike from the BMW Motorrad stable with a legacy of 40 years and a fan following of millions all over the world. This motorbike has time and again been reinvented by adding new and unique features to appeal to the current and latest motorbike fans.

  • The latest R 1250 GS has been installed with a powerful front-led headlamp with a design to capture your mind and soul.
  • The design of this motorbike is very sporty, bold, and visually appealing.
  • The LED technology incorporated in this motorbike gives long-distance and crystal clear on the darkest of roads.
  • The headlight features a swivel option, adaptive to external lighting and environment, thus giving the rider extra comfort and safety while riding this superbike.
  • Some notable features for better riding comfort are its seat heating that gives a warm and cozy feeling while riding in extreme weather.
  • Its seven riding modes are comprehensive to give a clean and smooth ride to the motorbike rider at all times, a perfect balance between performance, efficiency, and safety.

The All-Purpose Motorbike

BMW Motorrad has designed their R 1250 GS as an all-purpose motorbike for the motorbike community to enjoy and ride into the sunset. This motorbike is equipped with the best technology and pumped-up features to satisfy the premium, two-wheeler buyer. These unique features make the R 1250 GS a motorbike par excellence stuffed with aggressive dynamism and requisite safety to give a stress-free ride on all terrains.

Multiple Riding Modes

Be it tar-coated roads, dirt tracks, uneven mountainous, hilly roads, or rain-drenched slippery concrete topped highways, the R 1250 GS motorbike is made for all terrains.

  • Take perfect control of all landscapes, with 7 modes for riding, ensuring you are in total control and get peak performance for every penny of fuel loaded in its tank.
  • You can pre-select the 4 modes by flicking a button on the high-raised sporty handle when the R 1250 GS is motionless. Move from one method to the other during your long journey through varied road types.
  • The R 1250 GS is provided with susceptible brakes for engine control to give the biker extra stability and safety when riding in extreme conditions.
  • The specific pro-riding mode does not allow the back tire to freeze and slip during emergency braking while on wet roads.
  • For the fuel-efficient ride, you can turn on the Eco mode to efficiently utilize the petrol. Now you don’t have to tank up every time you spot a fuel pump on a long journey.

Prepared for the Night-Out

The BMW R 1250 GS is perfectly designed to look sporty and upfront gorgeous.

  • It features the most adaptable headlamps, which turn on automatically when the motorbike is slanted or skewed while making a turn on a sloppy bend.
  • The LED-powered headlamps focus a blast of the powerful beam on the road ahead as per the rider’s load and riding angle to provide additional safety and a smooth ride even on less illuminated streets.
  • The rear end of the motorbike is fitted with LED turn indicators designed to make the motorbike look saucy and sexy.

The Powerhouse of a Motorbike

  • The BMW R 1250 GS comes powered by a 1254CC twin-cylinder air-cooled engine producing 136 BHP at 7750 RPM and 143Nm torque at 6250 RPM. When you ride this motorbike, you will feel its sheer raw power and animal ferocity under the hood.
  • The patented “Shift cam” variable camshaft provides the necessary power, performance, and enough displacement for a smooth ride without frequent gear changes, thus giving you a smooth as butter ride
  • The new BMW motorbike comes equipped with a catalytic convertor designed in a 3-way mode.
  • The R 1250 GS follows EU5 European emission control compliance.
  • The powerful engines give the motorbike a top speed of 200km per hour, even on roughest roads, making this motorbike the best superbike in its category.

Cut that Noise

The BMW R 1250 GS though a part of the growing trend of super motorbikes with a powerful engine that rev’s up when throttled. The engine sound is low on the ears due to the specially designed sound mufflers or the silencers placed conveniently at the motorbike’s rear. Made from stainless steel, they don’t require frequent maintenance. The plug-and-play silencer provided as a standard offering cuts the engine sound dramatically, and its titanium jacket gives the motorbike an eye-popping glamorous look.

Bright and Bold Colors

The BMW R 1250 GS motorbike is available in fresh and metallic bold colors.

  • The styling is enhanced by its two-tone color scheme, the solid white with a triple black paint theme.
  • The special 40 year GS limited edition comes in bright yellow and black color scheme codenamed the Bumblebee for its eye-catching design and color.
  • The other attractive colors available are Red, Blue-Ice Grey, and Rallye.


  • The BMW R 1250 GS is packed with motorbike accessories like two 12V power sockets for charging your mobile phones on the go under the rider’s seat.
  • An additional USB 5V socket is available for an emergency quick charge.
  • It comes with a sizeable TFT 6.5-inch display on the handlebar with a fully functional digital console and metering integrated with the BMW Motorrad controller under the tank for speedy access to the motorbike and connecting with your smartphone access real-time ride data.

In conclusion, this BMW R 1250 GS is an excellent, stylish motorbike for superbike fans and a section of the Indian motorbike community. The eye-catching design and German engineering built it, keeping in mind riding capabilities on the meanest roads and even for the smooth off-road experience.

Though priced at a premium over its natural rivals, it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Buy this motorbike for its dashing looks, its fuel efficiency, and hardcore power.

Go for the all-new BMW R 1250 GS.

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