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Bonneville T120 – Latest in the Triumph Series

Ask any motorbike enthusiast for stylish icons and classic models, and the one motorbike that rolls out on the tongues of a true blood motorbike rider is the models from Triumph. These genuine war horses of a motorbike are pure British in taste and styling. The latest from the manufacturer Triumph is the Bonneville T120. A cruiser motorbike with the perfect power, performance, and advanced technology.

Let’s check out the all-new Bonneville T120, features, and finishing.

Chrome Finish

The Bonneville T120 comes with high-definition chrome plating on important motorbike parts, including the main body, frame, and exhaust. The chrome finish adds a bright and shiny look to this classic motorbike.


The latest from Triumph: The Bonneville T120 boasts a powerful, heavy-duty 1200 CC engine. This motorbike has the best in class parallel and dual engine with a silent but monstrous engine providing the necessary thump to the motorbike rider when accelerated to high speeds. The engine of this motorbike is fully compliant with Euro 5 norms.


The Bonneville T120 has a perfect weight ratio for the best maneuverability and control. The wheel frame is of aluminum, and the suspension is rigid and can take on the roughest roads.

Advanced Technology

The new T120 comes fully loaded with advanced technological features like ABS, two riding modes, ride by wire, and cruise control for seamless and smooth riding.

Classic Console

This new beast provides the classic dual radial instrument console for the iconic look and styling. The instrument cluster gives the rider all the information at their fingertips, be it speed, distance, fuel capacity, and engine condition. The motorbike is an excellent combination of visibility and clarity while riding on long cross-country journeys.


The latest Bonneville comes with ABS as a standard offering and disc brakes on both front and back wheels. The dual braking pistons system gives the highest safety on the road—a tension-free ride for any motorbike rider of this Bonneville T120.

Cruise Control

As in luxury cars, the T120 has cruise control for a relaxing ride while on long and arduous cross-country motorbike journeys.

Multiple Riding Options

This motorbike has multiple riding options for its rider to change speed and get better control of the Bonneville T120.

  • The rain riding option gives the best control even on slippery roads, and
  • The road riding mode offers the best grip on the most challenging routes for outstanding adhesion and a risk-free ride.

Comfortable Riding

The 2022 Bonneville T120 has ergonomically designed seating for the correct riding posture and pain-free riding position during long journeys. The handlebar and foot pegs design with a classy cushioned seat gives the rider a comfortable riding condition throughout their journey.

Classic Styling

The motorbike stylist kept in mind its iconic status. The frames are metallic, with a prominent logo badge that stands out among its peers. The tank is in teardrop fashion with a hand-painted badge and fins.

So, the Triumph fans in the motorbike community go for the Bonneville T120. It is a complete motorbike with a remarkable confluence of style, looks, and power mixed in the right proportion. A motorbike worth every penny of the Rs. 11 lakhs of its on-road price.

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