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Bonneville T120 The Latest Beast in Town

If you ask a fan from the motorbike community, the global iconic motorbike brand, you are sure to get Triumph at the top of that list. Triumph motorbikes have a legacy of nearly 100 years. A British motorbike, first manufactured in 1902, lost the number one position and brand preference in the motorbike community over the years.

In 1983, things changed as John Bloor bought the brand Triumph and the manufacturing rights to this legendary motorbike. He brought on board several Japanese designers and engineers to give a makeover to this British icon. The Triumph relaunched many models; however, the Bonneville has tremendous appeal in the motorbike community.

The all-new Bonneville T120 was launched in 2021 globally and also in the Indian motorbike market.

Bonneville T120

Bonneville T120 is the best-known legendary British motorbike,  a combination of great looks, uber sex appeal, powerful performance, features and functionality you can dream off.

With an ex-showroom price starting at Rs.11 lakhs, it is one of the premium motorbikes available on the road today.

To know more about the features of the Bonneville T120, read this article specially compiled and curetted for the motorbike fan in you.

Chrome Finish

  • The styled look is modern, giving it a chrome finish for its important motorbike parts like its exhaust, fenders, and engine.

Powerful Engine 

  • Powered by a 1200 CC dual liquid-cooled engine, this new motorbike gives 80 BHP at 105 Nm torque.
  • The powerful motor is EURO 5 compliant and produces tremendous throttle and with the trademark thump.

Improved Handling Set-Up

  • The Triumph Bonneville is lighter by 7 kgs from the previous version.
  • The motorbike wheels are made up of aluminum to provide greater flexibility during long rides.
  • The shock absorbers fitted are high-end and give the rider a shock-free ride even on rough pot-holed roads.

New Technology

  • The Bonneville T120 is an amalgamation of the latest technology and best-in-class design, provided with cruise control, selectable grip, Anti braking system, and two modes of riding to give safer rides.

Twin Dial Console

  • This motorbike has an easy-to-read twin dial console that indicates speed, distance, fuel, gear position, and a tachometer indicating rpm and torque.

All this information available to the motorbike rider ensures a great ride.


  • The new beast from Triumph comes with ABS as standard.
  • The brakes use Brembo technology along with floating calipers at the front.
  • The disc brakes are 310 mm, giving total control to the rider even on slippery wet roads.
  • The rear wheel with Nissin disc brakes provides you absolute control.

Cruise Control

  • The new Triumph T120 motorbike with a single switch helps in the easy selection of cruise control, again a standard feature to provide further comfort and reduce exhaustion during long motorbike cross-country journeys.

Two Riding Modes

  • While riding on the roads, you can select from the two riding options either rain for the wet conditions during heavy rains for better grip and a safe riding option.
  • The motorbike also has a road option for better manoeuvrability on city roads.

Chassis and Suspension

  • The T120 has a light but sturdy chassis with a smooth suspension to take care of any shocks from potholes and rough riding conditions.
  • The ergonomic seat is for good posture and a stress-free riding option.

Practical and Comfortable

  • The Bonneville T120 is for city roads as well as dirt tracks. A true marvel of engineering capability providing the motorbike rider fun and stress-free ride.

The T120 is a real super motorbike that has evolved over the years, perfected with outstanding engineering and loaded with technology. Thus, if you are looking to buy a motorbike with an iconic status that will make heads turn when you ride it, then Bonneville T120 is your motorbike.

What’s more, the new Bonneville features in the yet-to-released Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie, “No Time To Die.”

So, go check out this motorbike, test ride this beast, and feel like a Bond while taking it out for a spin.

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