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Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter – The New Kid on the Block

2022 is the year of electric vehicles with the Indian two-wheeler market is heating up. New-age EV startups are launching new-age electric scooters that are fully loaded to woo the motorbike community fans. Electric scooter manufacturing has become a game between traditional manufacturers like Bajaj, Hero, TVS, and Honda. On the one hand, the agile Genex EV startups like OLA, Ather, Tork & SmartE.

Add to this the most recent EV scooter manufacturer Bounce Infinity. Bounce Infinity is a Banglore-based EV scooter startup. They have come up with their Infinity E1 with a unique BaaS battery service feature which is a sure disruption in the EV market. Bounce Infinity motors have taken over the older 22 Kymco’s i-Flow scooter manufacturing facility & have turned it around to commence their Infinity E1 EV scooter for India.

The Bounce Infinity E1 comes in 2 saleable versions.

The first one is with the battery, and the other is with the BaaS option. The conventional EV has a battery, chargeable at home using the special fat charger provided by the manufacturer.

The second has a swappable battery. You can remove and replace it with a fully charged battery made available at Bounce Infinity charging facility stationed at standard intervals.

The rider can take the discharged battery pack to the charging station, plug it in the charging slot, pick a fully charged battery pack from the available place, and fit it right into the EV to be ready to go.


This latest EV, the Bounce Infinity E1 with the battery, approximately costs Rs. 70000, whereas its BaaS option is a killer at Rs. 40000 to 50000.

Some of its technical highlights are

  • This EV, fitted with a 2.2 KW Li-ion battery, gives a mileage of 80KM when fully charged.
  • This EV has a torque of 90Nm and rEVs up from 0 to 50 km/Hr @ 10 seconds.
  • The highest speed it is capable of is 65km/hr.

  • Its Li-ion battery gives a full charge in 4-5 hrs flat.
  • This EV can easily be exciting using standard wall sockets at your home.
  • The EV’s best battery power usage has two riding modes – Powerful and Economy mode.
  • Its engineering is done keeping in mind Indian conditions.
  • It has a tube-type frame that is featherweight.
  • The suspension is heavy-duty to cover the bumpy and potholed city roads.
  • Rider safety is the highest priority, with an EBS braking system as a standard option.
  • The front and rear wheels have disc brakes for maximum control and safety.

Design and Styling

  • The Bounce Infinity E1` is a Made in India product.
  • Its in-house R&D team at Bangalore does the design and engineering.
  • It looks are dynamic, and this EV comes in five vibrant color combinations.
  • To appeal to the youth and millennials, the colors selected are Deep Red, Jet Black, Silver, and Grey, both in matte & glossy finish.

  • Special functions are available on the digital cockpit.
  • Bluetooth intends for easy access to entertainment via the rider’s smart mobile.
  • An intelligent application has been made available to trail and geo-fence the EV.
  • REVerse gear is made available to park and take out your bike with minimum complexity easily.
  • A pull model option is available for the rider to walk along when the tire gets punctured for easy push to the nearest tire repair center.
  • Its instrument cluster keeps the rider always informed about the status of the array charge besides the consumption while riding on long journeys.

Bounce Infinity E1 is truly the next generation electric scooter that all-inclusive and easily accessible EV. This electric scooter is made for India by an Indian EV startup that will be a champion motorbike in the long run. Bounce Infinity is one of the pioneers to create an electric ecosystem for the easy adoption of electric scooters in India.

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