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The real price of a cheap motorcycle helmet

Wear a cheap motorcycle helmet only if you really believe you have a cheap head!


If you think that your head has no value at all, don’t even bother wearing one. A flippant statement for us to make you might think, but that’s the point! A lot of bikers in India and many other countries (you’re not alone) just don’t think.

Wear a motorcyce helmet

For example:

In 2015 an in-depth study of motorcycle helmet wearing was undertaken in Hyderabad by the Indian institute of public health and the national institute of mental health and neuroscience

The result?

Out of 500K male riders who were observed from the roadside, only 167K of them were wearing bike helmets. That’s just 35%!

The most tragic statistic from Motorbikes India’s point of view, was sitting in the male 18-29 age group where almost 80% do not wear a crash helmet.

“That age group is India’s future generation”.

Now, if you asked these young men’s family, girlfriends, wives, children and friends “How much do you think X’s head is worth”? What do you think they might say?

I’m guessing anything from:

  • priceless” to
  • I could not imagine it not being in my life” to
  • it has its whole future to look forward to“!

If you head does not function, you do not function

Not only does your head qualify as the heaviest part of your body, (there’s obviously a good reason for that) it also carries your brain giving you the ability to think, as well as your vision, your speech and your hearing, it enables you to eat, drink and deliver your smile to those people who care about you listed above!

And most importantly (you would think) the ability to make rational decisions. It is also the part of your body that manages the rest of your body, if it does not function, you do not function!

Want to look cool? Don’t get a cheap motorcycle helmet!

motorcycle-helmet-saves your-head

Can you really put such little value on such a versatile and valuable piece of evolutionary engineering? shouldn’t you be matching that exquisite piece of engineering with an equally and equivalent piece of man-made engineering? You know: a quality “crash helmet”.

But hey man, its not “COOL” you might say, it makes me less of a man wearing a motorcycle helmet!

“No” brain damage makes you less of a man, and do you think your friends will think you are “COOL” when you are either in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, or worst still – there is no rest of your life!

Your Brain Matter, Matters!

Get smart; get in tune with those people who “matter” in your life, those that care about your brain “matter”, how it brings them joy, and how they want it to stay that way.

Motorbikes India is committed to getting EVERY biker in India to wear a motorcycle crash helmet. And not just any cheap motorcycle helmet. But a decent one.

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