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City: Leh

Royal Enfield – Himalayan Odyssey 2022

The biggest motorbike manufacturers have a brand strategy and promotion program under which they do many marketing activities to engage with loyal customers. One such big event promoted by Royal Enfield, one of the top motorbike manufacturers, is their annual motorbike riding event called the Himalayan Odyssey. Royal Enfield puts …

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Leh- The Barren Beauty

Hello Riders, we are back with a new travel blog! Summer is at the peak in the north, so why not ride amid beauty and more refreshing breeze with your family and friends? A place no one can say a no to, a place full of adventurous rides, and natural …

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey Women’s Edition 2016

Himalayan Odyssey Women’s Edition 2016

This July Royal Enfield introduces the special Himalayan Odyssey Women’s Edition 2016. The odyssey is happening between July 9th and July 20th. Registration is on July 7th in Delhi. The motorcycling scene in India has always been exciting with more and more biker groups being formed and new events happening every …

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Road trip from New Delhi to Leh – Ladakh

Once known as the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, the town of Leh bursts with unquantifiable amounts of culture, architecture and the grandness of nature itself – and I speak of this from my own personal experience. This small yet magnificent place found in the Trans-Himalayan region is …

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