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Motorbike Clubs: guwahati

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Assam xBhp

We are a part of xbhp india.we deals with motorcycle tour,motorcycle event, offloading and gettogether with native bikers club

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Meghalaya Xbhp Sports & Adventure Club

Meghalaya xbhp sports & adventure club with the support of the parent club and local bodies has taken various initiatives to contribute to society and promote motorcycling brotherhood through motorcycling events, other sports (bmx and mtb) events, freestyle dance events, adventure camps and state tourism, get-together programs and celebrations, regular …

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Open Road Wanderer Motorcycle Club

Openroad wanderers motorcycle club (strictly royal enfield riders)is formed by a group of friends belonging to different regions/states of india with its designated headquarters at dikchu, east sikkim. Members/wanderers of the club have been riding in different parts of india as well as international rides to nepal,bhutan and myanmar/burma participating …

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Rhino Riders

Royal enfield owners love to flaunt their bikes and like it even better to do so in droves. Guwahati

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Sikkim Riders Club

This club is a strong network and brotherhood of bikers of sikkim The club organizes leisure, commercial and non-commercial rides, events, and programs with the aim of uniting all the fellows bikers and to strengthen the passion for riding among fellow bikers of sikkim

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