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Motorbike Clubs: pune

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Dukes of Pune

It’s not a group of KTM owners but active bikers joining together to realise their common passion — Biking. Dukes of Pune is a very diverse group with each member talented and special in their individual unique way. Every biker, though distinct, shares a common dream, of taking biking to an …

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Club Of Pune Superbikers

COPS is how the Club Of Pune Superbikers calls it self. It is a group of passionate & experienced riders who’s goal is to create a culture that compliments dedicated riders.

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Bikerzone Motorcycle Club

Iride in the lap of mother nature… Iride through the trails leading to no house, no yard… Iride through the dense crowd of forests… Iride to the greens of himalayan courtyard… Bikerzone is a community of motorcycle enthusiasts with a mindset of sharing the passion for two wheelers with fellow …

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Dukes Of Pune

Dukes of pune – the official ktm biking team of pune was formed on the auspicious day of dussehra on october 24, 2012. It’s not a group of ktm owners but active bikers joining together to realize their common passion – biking. Ours is a very diverse group with each …

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Pune Bikers Club

Thanks for the overwhelming response… This club is not for those who are weak in character, will and attitude! It is for those bikers who want to make a difference to their lives and touch others’ too. We beleive in respect, humanity and social responsibility… I have noted down your …

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