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Coming Soon : New Launch in the 2020 Year-End

What’s up, Motorcycle Enthusiasts?

I hope you all are doing the usual adventures in life! We are here with exciting info on newly launched motorcycles this 2020 year-end to spice up your game. And, these big boys are going to be incredible and breathtaking for any motorbike lover.

Stay tuned if you are also searching for upcoming motorbikes in India!

1 – Honda Rebel 500

Expected Launch: December 2020

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 4,50,000

Here’s a beginner-friendly and most aesthetic motorbike by Honda, i.e., Honda Rebel 500. The revised model will launch with pretty great updates that every one of you are admiring. However, the bike is more targeted at beginner and women riders. Overall, you are going to have an active seating experience with this big bike. The slipper clutch and assist is its new addition and one of the critical updates.

Key Features

  • Low Seat
  • Dual-Channel ABS
  • Digital Trip Meter
  • Digital Odometer
  • Self-Start only


Engine Displacement: 471cc

Length: 2205 mm

Height: 1090 mm

Maximum Torque: 44.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm

Maximum Power: 44.9 HP @ 8500 rpm

Number of Gears: 6

Seat Height: 690 mm

Ground Clearance: 136 mm

Wheelbase: 1490 mm

Wheel Size: Front – 16 inches, Rear – 16 inches

Kerb Weight: 190 Kg

Fuel Capacity: 11.2 Liters

2 – Indian Scout

Expected Launch: December 2020

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 13,60,000

The new Scout is the 2021 lineup of Indian Motorcycles for India. It’s a new entrant to mid to heavyweight cruise models. You can very much relate to the design of Harley Davidson with the newly launched Indian Scout. Another prominent feature is that the Indian Scout is the most affordable lineup. There is no scarcity of chrome over the entire design of Indian Scout.

Key Features

  • Availability of various color schemes
  • Great handlebar controls
  • Integrated USB port for charging
  • Genuine leather seat
  • With rear dual shock absorbers and telescopic fork


Engine Displacement: 1133cc

Length: 2324 mm

Height: 1068 mm

Maximum Torque: 97 Nm @ 5600 rpm

Maximum Power: 100 bhp

Number of Gears: 5-Speed

Seat Height: 649 mm – 675 mm

Ground Clearance: 146 mm

Wheelbase: 1575 mm

Wheel Size: Front: 406.4 mm, Rear: 406.4 mm

Kerb Weight: 264 Kg

Fuel Capacity: 12.5 Liters

3 – KTM 790 Adventure

Expected Launch: December 31, 2020

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 11,00,000

Here’s a big brother of KTM Adventure, i.e., KTM 790 Adventure. Well, it feels very similar to a sports bike. The engine is full of power and full of life with breakneck speed. The enthusiasts in other countries have tagged it a lightweight motorbike full of adventures. It’s a newly built cc engine that can ride up to 450 km and within a few stops.

Key Features

  • Parallel twin LC8 motor
  • 200 mm suspension travel
  • Lean-sensitive controlled traction
  • Switchable ABS
  • Nine-step slip adjustment
  • With Rally mode


Engine Displacement: 799cc

Length: NA

Height: NA

Maximum Torque: 88 Nm @ 6600 rpm

Maximum Power: 95.17 PS

Number of Gears: 6-Speed

Seat Height: 850 mm

Ground Clearance: 233 mm

Wheelbase: NA

Wheel Size: NA

Kerb Weight: 189 Kg

Fuel Capacity: 20 Liters

4 – Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

Expected Launch: December 25, 2020

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 33,59,150

It will be a big launch as Harley Davidson come with its first electric motorcycle. Its motor stands out as there is so much black in the midsection. The whole battery cell is of high-quality aluminum material worth considering. It has a pretty sporty riding position for true motorcycle enthusiasts. All in all, it will be a powerful source of inspiration for all you Harley lovers.

Key Features

  • Raised handlebars
  • LED headlamps
  • Includes premium infotainment system
  • The six-speed transmission engine system
  • Available in four paint schemes
  • Digital Odometer


Engine Displacement: 1,868 cc

Length: 2,430 mm

Height: 1310 mm

Maximum Torque: 163 Nm @ 3000 rpm

Maximum Power: NA

Number of Gears: 6-Speed

Seat Height: 695 mm

Ground Clearance: 140 mm

Wheelbase: 1625 mm

Wheel Size: Front – 482.6 mm, Rear – 457.2 mm

Kerb Weight: 391 Kg

Fuel Capacity: 22.7 Liters

5 – Okinawa Oki100

Expected Launch: December 2020

Ex-Showroom Price: INR 1,00,000

Oki100 is another tremendous electric motorbike most expected to launch this month. Another crucial point to note is that it has all made in India components except the battery. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable lithium-ion battery with a motor power of around 2500 watts.

Key Features

  • Electric Fuel Type
  • Range: 150Km/charge
  • Alloy Wheels type
  • Tubeless Tyre Type
  • Digital Console


Engine Displacement: Electric

Length: NA

Height: NA

Maximum Torque: NA

Maximum Power: NA

Charging Time of Battery: 2 Hours

So, guys, these were a few year-end launches for the Indian motorbike community this year. We hope to see you enjoy the new rides in the new year 2021.

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