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Motorcycle donuts — not clever, but fun!

First time I saw motorcycle donuting was at the Auto Expo Show, Delhi. There were big crowds of guys with stunning bikes, most of which were tuned in minimalism style – totally “naked”, long swingarm accenting that a big rear donut, under frame hanged short Supertrapp megaphone muffler. What we Indians can do with a decent bike! After such tuning a motorbike is only good only for showing off in front of girls haha! Want to create a scene on the streets of Delhi yourself? Note – We do NOT recommend this kind of behavior…but if you must, here’s the low down:

Motorcycle Donuts Instructions

  1. Slow down into the turn. If you’re going too fast, the bike’s going to slide out from under you. If you’re right-handed, turn left and vise versa.
  2. Turn the wheel sharply and pull in the clutch. This will disengage your rear tire just long enough for you to set up the stunt.
  3. Extend your leg in the direction you are turning; use your left leg if you’re turning left. Plant it beside your sharply turned front tire. Your handlebars should be pressing against your extended leg.
  4. Accelerate and pop the clutch to start the spin. Your rear wheel will begin to spin around you, using your planted leg as the pivot point. Keep the bike angled to the side.
  5. Maintain the angle and the pressure on your extended leg as long as you care to spin. If you tilt the bike upright at this point, the front wheel can gain traction and jerk you into a forward motion.


We certainly do not advise you to let your wife find you practicing motorcycle donuts inside the house! You have been warned!

Motorcycle donuts inside the house

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