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Four Corners of India — Conclusion

In this part Chiranthana travels from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu back to Bangalore and his home.

Last part of the Chiranthana's journey
Back to Bangalore! Last part of the Chiranthana’s journey.

It was a proud moment when I reached Kanyakumari, the Southern Tip of India, the 4th and the Final Corner of India 4 Corner Tour. But, it was not yet over. Though I had become the First person on wheels to circumnavigate all 4 corners of this Mighty India, I still had to travel to my starting place, Bangalore, which, eventually had to be the finishing point. The terms and conditions of the Limca Book of Records was very clear; since this was a circular route, my ride had to end at the finishing point to claim the record.

It was already a month since I left Bangalore, I was in a hurry to get back home. The thought of record and the achievement which I had attained, took a back seat, for once. Though it was not a feeling of homesickness or missing my family, nor the tiredness of riding 13500 kms in a month, all alone throughout the country, it was some other feeling, after achieving the unattainable, it was, what next?

Kanyakumari is known for Sunrise and Sunset points. When I came to the town, it was almost moonrise, since the sun had set 4 hours before. While at the hotel room, I thought, atleast tomorrow, I should wake up before the sun and have a glimpse of the Sun rise. I knew very well that, I couldn’t wait till the next day’s sun set before I left the southern tip.

I lay down on the bed and went back in time machine, 30 days before and all the 3 corners, the bus stand, the hotels, the petrol bunks, the tents, the night rides, the people whom I met on road, the tea shop boy, the Guwahati family, the Punjab Beer shop family, the Yamaha service stations, everything unfolded before my closed eyes.

More than an achievement or a record being created, it was the ride through all those 30 days which my Don had covered, taking me behind his back, gave me the goosebumps. Of course, on the road, there were many bikes, the Royals, the Dukes the Avengers and the Davidsons, which overtook me with their sheer power and speed, my 5 month old 149 cc Daring Darling, my Don, the F-Zee-Yes had done, which no other bikes or the 4 wheels had ever done before. It had created a new route for the Riding Fraternity to go for and a record had been created, to be broken by another Rider, in future.

Take heart riders of Royals, Dukes, Avengers and Davidsons… If I had your bikes, I think I could have done it in a lesser number of days. That was always behind my back, every time one of these bikes zipped passed me.

The time machine came back to future, after the picturesque sun rise. It was almost noon when I came back to my senses in the Kanyakumari Hotel Room. Having missed both the Sun Set and Sun Rise, I decided to take some snaps at the Triveni Sangam, where the Three Mighty Oceans, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meet. After lunch and purchase of some sea shells as mementoes, I had to leave towards Bangalore. Then I realized, my bike had covered around 3000 kms since the last service of Engine Oil and Chain lubrication. At that time, I searched for the Yamaha Service Station and found one, near the border of Tamil Nadu – Kerala State Boundary. I called them and requested for just the oil change and chain setting and lubrication. After hearing the route covered by the vehicle, the showroom manager asked me to come down. It was about 7pm when I reached the showroom. To my surprise, the manager and an expert mechanic was awaiting my arrival at their showroom. When the vehicle entered the service bay, they were accompanied by the Owner of the showroom, who had come specially to welcome me. Another proud moment.

Heading home

I had to take the South-North Corridor from Kanyakumari to Hosur, through Madurai and Salem to reach Bangalore. There was another option too.. the Extension of SN Corridor was at Cochin too. While I was taking the assistance of Navmii to get to the nearest highway, I found it would be better and wise to extend my ride till Cochin on the state highway, then I can hop on to the SN Corridor Extension and reach my destination. I had created another ring road even at the 4th corner, and it was the right thing to do. Since I had an alternative route and I need not take the same road back; the Rules of the LBR was taken care of.

The entry at the border of Kerala was taken in the Log book and after dinner, I continued my ride towards the Kerala capital, Thiruvananthapuram.

It was around 11pm and I breaked at a State Bank ATM to withdraw some cash, which eventually, would serve as a documentary evidence of my record tour. While taking rest at a Bus stop near the ATM, the Navmii showed a little word.. ‘Pamba’ very nearby, around 200 kms from that place. I decided.. this would be a gratitude ride to the Hill Shrine of Lord Ayyappa and I was sketching the route plan to join Salem and Hosur through which I could reach Bangalore. It had always been my dream to come on my 2 wheeler from Bangalore to Shabarimala. The first plan in my Hero Puch was cancelled and finally I had gone to Ooty.

By that time, a Royal Enfield with the prayer flag of the Ladakis stopped by. I greeted the Rider and the chat started by… “Leh Ladak??” it went on past midnight and I had joined hands with a Rider from Kerala. “A Solo Rider is never lonely on the Highway. Though he rides alone, the shadow of the Riding Fraternity always follows him”. That was my thought at that point of time.

Reached Pampa early in the morning, the entry in the log book at the Pamba Police station, took a while, though some people were taking permissions from the station to go to the top of the hill, I was rejected a permission to take my bike, reason being.. “today it is too crowded”. Just wondered.. in this crowd, when the 4 wheelers couldn’t create any problem to the crowd, how can a poor 2 wheeler create havoc?

After pleading excuse to the son of Hari-Hara, I re-entered Tamil Nadu, carried on to Dindigul, via Valanjamkanam Waterfalls near Theni. Had the famous Dindigul Biriyani for dinner and halted near a petrol bunk by midnight.

Another tea session on behalf of the petrol bunk people of Tamil Nadu. It was hardly 300 Kms from my destination, and I very well knew that by the EOD, I will be in namma bengaluru. The Dindigul-Salem-Bangalore route was not new for me, since I had been to Kodaikanal with my colleagues in Car and later to Ooty and Kodai with my family in the same car. The road was a known one, a beautiful 6 lane Highway, part of South-North Corridor which passes through Bangalore. Around 3pm, I came to the last state border in my All India Trip; my very own Karnataka Border after Hosur.

Having crossed almost 18 state boundaries, my joy knew no bounds when I saw the Border of Karnataka State from Tamil Nadu side. Home coming after 32 days of Riding all over the Country, gives you so much excitement, one has to experience to believe it.

Entering Bangalore City outskirts

Immediately after entering Bangalore City outskirts, I came to Nice Ring Road, which is a peripheral Ring Road surrounding the city. This was the only road in all of 14000 Kms of my ride, where even the 2 wheeler has to pay Toll, only because it is a Private Road, not under State or Central Government.

As I was Riding towards the Starting point, Bangalore University Campus, to finish my circular route, I was thinking about the ride in different terrains and in different weather. Immediately, so as to remind my ride in rain, heavy showers welcomed me to Bangalore, making me feel the ceremonious welcome given to the guests at the entrance of the a function hall. While many bikers were stranded under the flyover taking shelter to escape from the heavy rains, were all surprised to see me riding happily in that shower. I was enjoying the ride in rain, the destination about 15 kms away.. heart pounding, the tired eyes lighted with excitement, the weary legs looking forward to land at the Finishing point, the handle gripping hands, waiting to be lifted towards the skies, at the same time, the mind telling everyone to be patient until the goal is reached. The feeling was a tricky one, feeling excited in one end and driving too cautious, so as to not to slip at the final stage.

After a few minutes, the rain gave way to a mild pleasant evening sunshine as I entered Jnana Bharathi Campus, I felt like a marathon runner, entering the stadium to a huge standing ovation and applause from each and everyone in the stadium. I could almost hear the claps from either side of the wet tarmac, I visualised the Entry Gate of the Administration Block decorated with Welcome board, with colourful papers and balloons and a banner of my pic on my bike.

Around 5.15pm, when I entered the Ad Block parking place, where the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar of Bangalore University flagged off my start, there were no one, except a couple of cars parked. The place was deserted. I shrugged off the imaginary welcome with a hearty laugh, found a place near the Main Entrance and the vehicle came to a stand still for the final time in the journey.

The ignition was turned off after a minute of idling, my helmet didn’t want to come off my head for the last time. As they say, “All good things should come to an end”, an once in a life time ride, finally came to a stop with the switching off of the bike’s ignition.

Clasped both my hands behind my back for a stretch and for relaxing the spinal cord, sat next to the bike for a few minutes, with absolutely no thoughts in my head.

The reality struck. I wanted to enquire if the Registrar and the Vice Chancellor were in the office, so as to go and report to them. Luckily, both were available. Met them and reported for duty immediately, since I was being accused of leaving office work for over a month’s time.

Is it the End of India or the Beginning of India

So ended a journey around India, covering all 4 corners of a vast country, for the first time by anyone on wheels. I finally got the answer to one question which I was always asking to myself, when I had visited a couple of times to Kanyakumari.. “Is it the End of India or the Beginning of India”. The answer was I had seen the view of the country from all corners, in its varied terrains, altitudes, cultures, languages, attitudes and it’s diversified natural geographical image.

The Desert view, the Valley view, the Forest view and the Ocean view of India will be itched in my mind forever.

People across the country used to ask me what did I feel about the roads in various parts. I will sum it up in four lines.

While riding, If you are able to take a nap for 2 minutes and still find you are travelling in the same straight road, it is Gujrat.

When you are riding, what you see is only straight wide roads and a big circle, next straight wide roads and a big circle.. Check your map, because, you may get lost in one of the sectors of Chandigarh.

While riding, if you could close your eyelids for 2 seconds and if you find yourself in a deep valley, it is Jammu and Kashmir.

While riding, if you blink your eyelid and miss a wonderful scenery of the nature, you are riding in Himachal Pradesh.

While riding, if you fear of closing your eyes and instead, you are made to look around with your eyes wide open, you are in Andhra Border.

While riding, if you don’t even blink, because of the fear of hitting a group of cattle sitting right in the middle of the National Highway, you be sure, you are riding in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

While riding, if you close your eyes for 2 seconds, you will be at the end of a Highway, about to fall into an ocean, you definitely are in Kanyakumari.

Last, but not the least, while riding, even if you have kept your eyes wide open, without a blink, you find people and vehicles coming directly towards you, as if you are not to be seen by them and if you are made to feel that it is YOU who are driving in a wrong direction, my dear friend, do not worry; Just relax, ride slowly, don’t honk, don’t shout at them for they coming in wrong direction; because, you are driving in UP and Bihar.

Every other day, when you come across one or the other experience of all the above points, put together in a single city, brothers and sisters of the riding fraternity, you are definitely riding in namma Bengaluru!! Well… Instead of an ocean in Kanyakumari, you will be falling in one of the open storm drainage.

Well.. It is just the experience which I have personally felt, while riding in those roads only and need not be necessary that it applies to all roads of the states mentioned above.


Coming back to my All India ride, It was taken up solely to test myself, if I could sustain being myself. I believed in myself and my ride, the F-Zee-Yes, just said; YES, We Can.

The motto of the ride was to #Ride_Safe_Reach_Heights.

It was achieved through riding safely on one of the World’s Highest Motorable Road, Khardung La.

Later, it was altered to #Ride_Safe_Reach_Places.

Goa, Mumbai, Narayan Sarovar, Mount Abu, Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, Kargil, Srinagar, Leh, Ladakh Valley, Manali, Shimla, Meerut, Lucknow, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Tezu, Siliguri, Nepal, Kolkata, Konark, Puri, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Thiruvananthapuram, Shabarimala, Dindigal, Salem and Bangalore. Some of the main places covered while riding safe, all in a single stretch. Need I say more?

Finally, the motto of the ride, after I left from Kanyakumari, was to #Ride_Safe_Reach_Safe.

From June 18th 0010 hours to July 20th 1750 hours, I rode safe, vehicle in my control and not vice versa, allowing all the senior vehicles (in terms of CC) to pass by, smilingly, with no intention of proving I-am-better-rider-than-you attitude, knowing your limitation, the capacity of your bike, enjoying the nature, following the traffic rules in city limits, sometimes just testing your capacity (just sometimes and well within control), and mainly enjoying what you are doing, I reached safe.

Would be a crime if I don’t give credit

Failure is an orphan and Success has many fathers (and mothers too). In my case, it would be a crime if I don’t give credit to whoever was with me during this period of ride, so as to ensure that, I concentrated on what I was doing and was made to unleash my passion.

Choodamani, my ever tensed mother, who once asked me to return by flight from Leh, just because I couldn’t call her for one evening when in Kashmir. Her cautious strict condition of No Ride at Night, which made me smile during my night rides. The warm hug with which she welcomed me after seeing my smiling face, after 33 days. Thank you mom.

Latha, who double played my role during these days by dropping kids to school, which was my duty, along with taking care of her own office duties, angry during my first corner trip, afraid during the second corner, tensed up during third corner, anxious at the fourth corner and finally feeling proud after I came back.

Chinmayie, my teenaged pricess, who wrote, “Dad, you are born to ride, get sweet results, ride safely” in my Log Book, before I took off. All of 13 years, mentally over matured for her age, giving me confidence to go for it.

Chinthana, my cute darling, who cutely wrote, “Happy Jorny” wishing me in her own spelling, though 7 years old, unaware that she wouldn’t be seeing me for more than a month. 10 days into the ride, she once called and asked, “Pappa, Why are you taking so long to come back?” I told her that ‘I was going to Kashmir to get her a lovely Jacket and hence, will take some more time to come back’.

My colleagues, B.C. Ravindra and B.M. Nandeesh in particular, who constantly kept in touch and was monitoring my whereabouts to spread the news to other colleagues and friends.

Mr. Shivakumar, Manager at OPAL Solutions, GPS Tracking Device, who kept a tab on my daily movements and arranged for replacement of the damaged GPS Device at Chennai.

Mr. Tony (Quadros Yamaha, Goa) Mr. Shiv (Torque Bike, Delhi) Mr. Prem Sundar (Sundar Motors, Nithravilai, TN) and the Service Supervisors at Ajmer, Lucknow and Raiganj Yamaha Service Stations, who gladly gave attention to Engine Oil replacement and Chain lubrications to my bike, even at a very short notice and during lunch hour and were responsible for the smooth ride without tension.

It’s indeed my duty to thank the following people, who acknowledged my presence at the place and time, without which, the documentation would have been incomplete.

17/6/16 Seethamma KK, Then Registrar, Bangalore University, Bengaluru, KAR
17/6/16 Ninge Gowda KN, Registrar, Bangalore University, who certified zero meter reading
17/6/16 Thimmegowda, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University, Bengaluru, Karnataka
18/6/16 Siraja Rao JB Campus, Bangalore University
18/6/16 Dhananjaya Guilalu Toll Plaza, Sira
18/6/16 Ramesh Saya Satara Dhaba, Harihara
18/6/16 N Prakash Hubli City Gabbur Circle Police
18/6/16 “Manjunath B Muddebhal
Dayananda N Gundaya” “Traffic PC at Hubli Chennamma Circle
Hubli Dharwad Police, ”
18/6/16 Police Station Incharge Ramnagar Police Station, Uttar Kannada
19/6/16 Laxmikant Sawant Hotel Sai Darbar, Lanja, Maharashtra
20/6/16 Vasant Baburao Pawar Panvel Police Station, MH
20/6/16 Rajendra chauhan ARTO, Bhilad, Gujrat
20/6/16 Bharat Patel Ramdev Dhabha, Gujrat
21/6/16 K Bikers from Navi Mumbai Met near Vadodara, GJ
21/6/16 Zulfikar Samdhwani Reliance Petrol Bunk, Maliya, GJ
21/6/16 ASI A.B. Waswani Narayan Sarovar Police Station, Gujrat
22/6/16 K.N. Jadeja Narayan Sarovar Police Station, Gujrat
22/6/16 Vikash Kumar Sarhad Dairy, Bhuj, Gujrat
23/6/16 M.K. Parmar Police SI, Thara, Banaskantha Dist., GJ
23/6/16 Gauswami Saurabh NHAI Patrol Officer, GJ
23/6/16 Anand Varde Covered Leh Twice in Car, Deesa, GJ
23/6/16 Ram Charan Singh Rathode Mount Abu Police Inspector, Rajasthan
26/6/16 Kanwal Dhurir Fazilla, Punjab
26/6/16 Dinesh Kumar Manager, Ludhiana Toll Plaza, Punjab
26/6/16 Balbir Singh, Rt Army Subedar Ludhiana Toll Plaza, Punjab
26/6/16 Rajesh Singh Lakhanpur Toll Plaza, J&K
27/6/16 Md. Aslam Khan Khan General Store, Thannamandi, J&K
27/6/16 Nazarath Mughal Road Police Outpost, J&K
27/6/16 Khurshid Ahmed Shivji Vaishno Dhaba, Sonamarg, J&K
28/6/16 Tariq Ahmed Minimarg Military Post, Leh-Kargil, J&K
28/6/16 Yogesh Patil Charan Kamal Sahib Outpost, Kargil, J&K
29/6/16 Dharmveer Singh Gurudwara Charan Kamal Sahib, Kargil
29/6/16 Namgyal, Inspector Leh Police Station, J&K
30/6/16 Gyals Sarchu Police Outpost, J&K
01/7/16 Manish Thakur Darcha Outpost, J&K
03/7/16 Shanjaya Kumar, Army Met in Chandigarh, Punjab
03/7/16 SI at Police Check Post UP Haryana Border, UP
05/7/16 Krishna, CTO Bihar RTO
07/7/16 Sumit Mandal Guwahati, Assam
07/7/16 Nityananda Bonuch Tinsukia Police Station, Assam
8/7/16 D. Singphu Tezu Police Station, Arunachal Pradesh
12/7/16 Salim Jadav Gildon Dhaba Nakasibara, WB
14/7/16 Kajandi ch lenxa Gop Police Station, Odissa
14/7/16 K Tartiwaider RTO, Andhra Pradesh
16/7/16 Nirmal Kumar GPS Tracker Engineer, Chennai
17/7/16 Periyanadar, SSI Kanyakumari Police Station
18/7/16 L Selvaraj, Preventive Officer KCP, Attupuram, Kerala
18/7/16 Vinod Sebaan Leh Rider, Trivandrum, Kerala
19/7/16 Anil Kumar B Pampa Police Station, Kerala
20/7/16 Zaheer, RTO Attibele Check Post, Karnataka
20/7/16 Eshwarachary, Deputy Registrar, Bangalore University, Karnataka
20/7/16 Police Sub Inspector Jnana Bharathi Police Station, Bangalore, Karnataka

Breaking the record

As per the mail conversations and after following procedures, all necessary documents were sent to Limca Book of Records, which later confirmed the entry into the Record Book as:

First Four Corners India Solo Expedition (Two Wheeler)

What followed later was a dream come true.

A half page story in Bangalore Mirror, Interview on Air in Fever 104 FM Bangalore and an Interview aired on Public TV, Kannada TV News Channel and a dream felicitation by BU Non Teaching Association.

Recently, on 4th October, Confirmed in India Book of Records as:

Created a new national record for Covering Four Corners of Country by Motorcycle

What is next?

Aiming for Guinness Book of World Records. A dream entry for everyone.

Since the new application has to be made for new entry in GWR, an application fee of USD1,000 has to be paid upfront for processing. That would roughly be converted to Rs.67,000/-. In the entire trip of India 4 Corners, I had not spent even Rs.38000/-, that was the total budget of my entire 33 days trip, including Fuel, Servicing, Room Rent and my Food Expenses. It was with great difficulty I managed to save so much for my dream trip, apart from applying my own hard earned leave. And now, spending Rs.67,000/- just for an application?? Of course, a Guinness Book Entry is of so much value, but earning so much of amount?? Need to think of it.

It can be a possibility, only if any sponsor/s comes forward, who think it is worth share the application amount. Like, the Vehicle Manufacturer, Yamaha or Some Motor Sports Clubs who can share the amount, or even individual riders who feel proud that a Biker has achieved this and feel that, this achievement has to be mentioned in GWR.

Those of the readers, who wish to contribute for this cause, are welcome to deposit / transfer their encouragement token to my account, as follows:

SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT NO. 911010018132177



It is indeed a big disappointment, even after 3 months after I have created a record, the vehicle manufacturers, YAMAHA, haven’t come across this news just to congratulate my accomplishment.

Though, this ride was more of a self ride, without any anticipation of rewards and awards, I can take what comes in the way.

My article wouldn’t be complete if I do not thank Oleg of and his team, who came forward to publish my article. I remember, primarily, it was supposed to be a single article, which splitted to two. Then they finally decided, it will be a 4 part article covering a corner each. At the end of the day, finally, it has come out as 6 part (Introduction, the 4 corners and finally, the Conclusion). The publishers have given me ample time for me to re-live to moments so that I can extract almost the exact experience which could be shared in detail; and giving me time to go for my weekend rides and family outings, for which I shall remain very grateful to them.

Editor’s note:

Dear reader, I hope that you really enjoyed reading about Chiranthana’s great journey.. Like we did at Motorbikes India. Chiranthana has a true adventurous spirit, he loves India and he is a very friendly guy — you can tell from all those smiling photos. Please do feel free to support his next great journey using details above. And we’ll see more great achievements from probably the most adventurous biker in Bangalore and the whole of India!

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