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The Incredible Four Corners of India Solo Motorcycle Ride

Fellow bikers call him the «Royal Challenger». And he just loves motorcycle adventures. Especially adventures and challenges of riding his Yamaha FZS motorbike at night time.

His name is Ramaiah Chiranthana. On June 17th, 2016 he set off for an unprecedented solo motorbike trip around four corners of India. During the ride Chiranthana covered more than 12000 km in 34 days.

Ramaiah Chiranthana during his Four Corners of India - from Goa to Mumbai
Ramaiah Chiranthana during his Four Corners of India ride (the India 4 Corners ride). On his way from Goa to Mumbai.

Motorbikes India is launching a series of articles dedicated to Chiranthana’s Four Corners of India Motorcycle Ride (the India 4 Corners ride). Each week we will publish one new article about specific part of the trip.

This time we have asked Chiranthana to tell us about the trip in general and why he set out to do it.

Meet Ramaiah Chiranthana — one of the most adventurous bikers in Bangalore and probably the whole of India

Chiranthana, could you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I am a father of 2 lovely daughters. I’ve been working for a Government Organization — University of Bangalore for 19 years. Have been in charge of the Telephone Exchange of Bangalore University for the past 7 years.

Ramaiah Chiranthana with family — his wife and two lovely daughters
Ramaiah Chiranthana with his family — his wife and two lovely daughters. They are his great supporters!

I didn’t really know how to ride a bike until I was 19 years old. I have learnt to put the first gear only in college. Since then I was always an enthusiastic motorcycle rider.

Always going for short trips around Bangalore and Karnataka on weekends. Sometimes with fellow riders and every other time solo. Always doing around 500-800 km trips on weekends and sometimes 1500-2000 km on a long weekend of 3-4 days.

Chiranthana on a 400km Cycling camp from Bangalore to Madikeri
Chiranthana on a 400km Cycling camp from Bangalore to Madikeri in the 1990’s

So, why did riding a motorcycle became your passion? What do you like about riding?

I learnt to ride a two wheeler only after 19 years, when I entered College. Since then, Riding became my passion. After the expiry of my father, who was working in Bangalore University as Assistant Director in 1997, I had to join the University service, since it was Government organisation and as per my mother’s wishes. As it is a common saying in Karnataka, Government work is God’s work, there was hardly any work in BU since I had come fresh from Private Service. After 5pm, I was absolutely free and was doing absolutely nothing.

Then an idea hit me…

Why don’t I start a motorcycle club, involving friends and colleagues who can ride any bike.

Founder of the Drivers Club from Bangalore

Gradually I started to go on weekend rides, sometimes only 2 or 3 bikes would go, and people who wanted to come but wouldn’t dare ride two wheelers for long distances, complained. So, I involved even 4 wheelers and named my club… the Drivers Club.

Ramaiah Chiranthana on a group ride around Bangalore
Ramaiah Chiranthana with his friends on a group ride around Bangalore during 1990’s

At first, I used to love the air pass by my ears, the dust go inside my eyes, the tears which the wind bought was far more satisfying than it would come out for other reasons.

After I upgraded my 1995 model 65cc Hero Puch to 100 cc Kinetic Boss (4 stroke Motorbike) during 2002. It was then when I felt the need of a full face helmet, which helped me to go faster and to avoid penalty of traffic policemen.

Ramaiah Chiranthana with his Hero Puch
Ramaiah Chiranthana with his Hero Puch back in the 90’s

On January 28th, 2016 I got my Yamaha FZS Version 2.0. Though the bike was a 149 cc thing, and was faster than my 14 years old buddy, I felt, riding faster was not the only thing on the highway. Riding safer was more challenging.

All my bikes were my soulmates and have a special place in my heart, mind and soul for them.

Inspiration behind incredible 34 days solo motorbike ride

What inspired you to go for such an incredible, long and challenging solo ride around four corners of India?

You can live your life in two ways. Either by doing what everyone do, or by doing what no one can.

This thought sprouted in my mind long back after I was watching Guinness Book of World Records, a TV Show which used to air in mid-late 90s.

I knew I was born to ride, when I took my bicycle for long rides outside Bangalore 150-200 km, every other weekend. I also rode Nandi Hills starting from Bangalore, which is about 60 kms, non-stop and without getting down my cycle. All my friends and relatives were surprised and encouraged me to do something big and achieve something significant.

Then I came across an article about a couple of riders having done the North South Corridor in 72 hours. Of course, with a 150 cc bike I couldn’t think of bettering that record, If at all I had the Royals, Dukes, Avengers or Davidsons I would surely have gone for it.

It was only after I got my brand new Yamaha FZS Version 2, I thought about this a bit seriously.

Having the knowledge of my vehicle’s drawback — the power — I decided to use this drawback as my positive point. After much discussions and putting my heart, soul and mind together for 3-4 months, I decided to go for the unattempted; for the only point that, there will be no pressure of any sort to beat a previous timing.

During the month of May 2016 when I took my family to Shimla, Kullu and Manali region and posted the pics in my Fb account Chiranthana RC, One of my senior colleague commented: Hope you go All over India sometime in your life. This prompted me to do the India Four Corner Ride, which was never attempted by anybody on wheels. I wanted to do this and tell the whole riding fraternity by riding safe, you can see places, reach heights and reach safe.

You said that you didn’t want to compete against time. Did you set another goal for yourself for this ride?

As a rider, it will always be at the back of your mind to ride the Highest Motorable Road in the World — Khardung La — which happens to be in India. Pictures, videos and articles about riders doing it was in my neighbourhood. My brother had been to Khardung La on his bike and had it as his Whatsapp dp. He had taken his bike to Delhi by train and later rode it to Leh. I thought, I have to improve it, being his elder brother. Though not as I’m-better-than-you sort of thing but because Leh was one of the 4 corners and Khardung La was about 50 km.

Planning the bike trip of your life is not that difficult

Chiranthana, what was your plan?

India Four Corners Route was not at all a difficult one to plan. You just had to join all the four points from the place where you start and later you had to end at the same starting point; since it was a circular route.

At first, Starting from Bangalore, I thought to go to Kanyakumari and take the North South Corridor to Leh, Finish Ladakh and come to Gujarat via Golden Quadrilateral from Delhi, then proceed towards Assam on East West Corridor to the Eastern point – Tezu.

When I googled the Map, that was showing about 14000 kms.

Then, altered the points and re-arranged as: Bangalore – Gujrat – Leh – Tezu – Kanyakumari – Bangalore. It was showing about 12000 km. Whopping 2k kms less! Moreover, it was actually circumnavigating the outline of India covering almost 18 states. I choose the latter route.

Starting point had to be Bangalore. What better place than Bangalore University, where I was working. It had to be the ending point as well.

The Middle points were the major cities which were en route to 4 corners. My plan was to go through Goa, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Narayan Sarovar (West End Point), Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh.

Here, my route took a break. At planning stage.

I didn’t know whether to go by Manali to Leh (North End Point) or to take the Jammu-Srinagar-Leh route.

Then I decided to make a Round Trip from Chandigarh.

The next route was Chandigarh – Delhi – Agra – Lucknow – Siliguri – Guwahati – Dibrugarh – Tinsukia and Tezu (the East End Point). Then back in the same route till Siliguri – go to Kolkata – Chennai – Madurai – Kanyakumari (The South End Point). And then come back to Bangalore via Hosur.

The four corners of India

Four Corners of India (India 4 Corners) solo ride map
Map of Chiranthana’s 2016 “Four Corners of India” also known as the “India 4 Corners” solo motorcycle ride.

This is how the Chiranthana’s Four Corners of India solo motorcycle road trip looked like:

  • 17/06 — Start from Bangalore
  • 21/06 — 1st corner: Narayan Sarovar near Koteshwar in Gujarat (West)
  • 29/06 — 2nd corner: Leh in Jammu and Kashmir (North)
  • 08/07 — 3rd corner: Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh (East)
  • 17/07 — 4th corner: Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu (South)
  • 20/07 — Finish in Bangalore

Best Wishes…

Chiranthana kept a log book during his epic solo ride. These wishes from his friends and family are so touching:

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Wishes from Ramaiah Chiranthana Family
Wishes from Ramaiah Chiranthana Family
Wishes - Thimme Gowda - VC BUB
Wishes from Prof. Thimme Gowda – Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University
Wishes from Dr.K. K. Seethamma the Registrar of Bangalore University
Wishes from Dr.K. K. Seethamma the Registrar of Bangalore University
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Next time we we’ll follow Ramaiah Chiranthana on his journey from Bangalore to the West of India — place called Narayan Sarovar. During this part of the journey he will cover 2000 km and visit Rani Chennamma Circle — the place where the famous Kannada song «Huttidare Kannada Naadal Huttabeku» was pictured.

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We want to thank Chiranthana for letting us publish this series about his incredible India 4 Corners solo ride. Chiranthana is an avid biker from Bangalore. You can find him on Facebook:

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