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Godspeed Junior Invitational Supercross 2018

The Godspeed Junior Invitational Supercross 2018 event was organized on the 27th of May, by the Godspeed Group in association with Anand Bose Motopark in Goa this time. Usually, Supercross conducts events in national level and selects six cities as event destinations across India.

The basic motto of this event was to encourage and nurture young talents across the country by providing them a thrilling environment to bring out their skills in motorbike racing.

The Supercross 2018 witnessed a total of 25 entries for the event. The number was quite an inspirational factor for the organizers including Chivas Nayak (Director of Public Relations of Godspeed), the Sports Ministry, FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India) and the Central Government.

The event was organized especially for children across India between the age group of 6-13 years and as an eligibility criterion, the participating children had to have at least one year of experience in motorbike racing. This was made mandatory to ensure the safety of the candidates as they had to cross a race track of 550 meters which is a bit of a challenge.

For this event, youngsters were allowed to use motorbikes like Kawasaki, Yamaha, and KTM. Along with the crowd and organizers, both kids and parents were very much excited about the race. The good part was that the kids were accompanied by a technical team to take care of the required safety measures for them.

The event comprised of two classes for Juniors (250 ccs) and one for Minis (50 ccs).

  • In Class 1- Junior SX (250 ccs), Yuvaraj Konde Deshmukh won the first place with 40 points followed by Prajwal with 32 points and Jinendra Sangave with 28 points.

Before going to the next line of winners for Class 2 and 3, we would like to tell you more about Yuvaraj Konda Deshmukh who ranked first at the event.

Yuvaraj is from Pune and this is not his first success in the racing field. When he was 10 years old, he was the only Indian to win the DMX Dubai Motorcross Championship that was held in 2015.

The 13-year-old Yuvraj with a proud smile says “I entered into sports when I was three years old, and so, this race and challenge is not new to me. Any injury and operations will never stop me from becoming a champion in 2020 in the future. My advice to kids is to play any sports and be active rather than spending their precious time in video games and sleeping”.

Quite inspirational at such a young age, isn’t it?

Now moving on to the other winners.

  • For Class 2- Junior SX (250 ccs), the first place was bagged by Satara lad Ikshan Shanbhag with 40 points, Jinendra Sangave came second with 32 and with 30 points Sarthak Chavan bagged the third place.
  • In Class 3- Minis (50 ccs), Ashana Ahmed came first with 35 points, followed by Sufiyan Shaikh a close second and a close third by Abhimanyu Bose with 34 points and 33 points respectively.

It is very true, “Kids not only break rules and limits but, create wonders and records too”.

Well, the Supercross 2018 motorbike racing event in Goa was a super success and we believe that the Indian motorbike community should encourage more such events in the future.

Hope you enjoy the exclusive pictures captured by the MI team.

Pics courtesy- Joshua D’silva

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