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Gold Wing Tour – The 2021 Premium Motorbike from Honda

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India was formed as a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company after its split with Hero group of the Munjal’s in 2000 started its manufacturing and distribution from Manesar Haryana facility in 2001. And it’s been a no looking back journey for the youngest motorbike manufacturer in India. With Japanese engineering, precision, and quality, it has raked in all the appreciation from the motorbike community. The motorbikes from the Indian manufacturing units are so high in grade that they get exported to Europe and other South Asian countries. The motorbikes from Honda’s stable too caught the fancy of the Indian motorbike community so much that HMSI is now ranked #2 in the motorbike market.

And to think all this started with just one model, the highly cost-effective and the all-time favorite Activa Scooter in 2001. Honda’s journey has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs but always having a great bond with the Indian motorbike lover. They have always been manufacturing motorbikes with the highest standard in terms of engineering, built-in fully loaded features, and of course, true Japanese quality. Their range of motorbikes has been broad, starting from the everyday commuting motorbike in 110 CC going right to the top at 1800 CC superbike. Honda motorbikes are best in class featuring technologically advanced features and innovative concepts, which gives a riding experience out of this world to its rider.

Though Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India has developed the best motorbikes for regular & daily commuting, it also has launched premium motorbikes in the superbike class. Read on to know the newly launched premium motorbike from Honda.

Honda Gold Wing Tour

Honda Motorcycles relaunched its torchbearer – the Gold Wing Tour – rehashed and re-engineered to perfection for its loyal motorbike fans.

  • This motorbike has dual wishbone suspension at the front, a new flat six-cylinder engine, and 7-speed double-clutch transmission fitted into its 2021 version of this powerful motorbike.
  • The motorbike features an ergonomically riding seat for the rider and his pillion and huge boot space for long, arduous road journeys. The motorbike also has the most significant safety with the built-in airbag and precision braking system.
  • For the fun-loving rider, it has the best audio system on its console. The specifications of this motorbike are high class and in tune with the latest technological advancements in the motorbike manufacturing industry.

New Taut Styling

  • This all-new super motorbike, the Gold Wing Tour, radiates an athletic form factor with stiff straight lines and a taut framework to hold its powerful engine – a great combination of futuristic looks and ergonomic comfort.
  • The color finish is metallic and stands out in the crowd.
  • The design itself is spacecraft-like with build t in aerodynamics shape to give the rider the best position while riding on long journeys.
  • This motorbike comes with a fully digital console for better visibility of mileage, engine temperature, speed, and other smart functionality bundled into the motorbike.
  • The suspension is double wishbone type to take care of any jerk and shock on rough terrains—a motorbike engineered to perfection.

Large Windscreen

  • The motorbike is provided with a large windscreen to protect against gusts of wind during the rides.
  • The windscreen design is such that it allows for the rider with enough space and visibility with its height adjustment features.
  • The screen is large and protects the rider’s upper body and the limbs, vides its lower fixed deflectors fitted to the frame.

Ergonomic Seating

  • The motorbike comes factory fitted with the ergonomically designed rider and pillion separated seating.
  • The seat is comfortable, well-padded, and height-adjustable to provide the rider with easy reach.
  • The back seat with a backrest comforts the pillion rider.
  • As a trademark, the seats are all leather-covered for that extra premium look.

Expanded Body Capacity

  • The Gold Wing Tour has an enhanced trunk capacity increased from 50 Liters to 60 Liters and a width and height of 48mm x 46mm from the front end to the rear.
  • The boot space also is increased to take care of new age heavy-duty and extra-large helmets.

Digital Console

  • The Gold Wing Tours comes with a premium 7″ full digital color TFT LCD screen.
  • The instrument cluster includes gyrocompass for best navigation even in low light and dark tunnels.
  • The rider can pre-plan any journey with comprehensive maps with 99 levels of routing.
  • This is the only motorbike compatible with both Apple Carplay and the conventional android auto, giving the rider the option to use his smartphone for intelligent navigation.
  • It also provides access to your curated music playlist and contact number to stay connected and enjoy great songs when you hit the dusty road on a long tour.
  • Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and the provision of 2 USB pots give the rider the additional option of connecting 3rd party devices for personal entertainment.

Cruise Control

  • This motorbike, with premium features like Cruise control, sets the speed while riding on long journeys.
  • The cruise control functionality makes it easy for the rider to accelerate and de-accelerate without feeling the jerky motion accompanied by gear shifts.
  • It also sports the throttle by wire functionality to easily transition from lower to higher speeds and make the riding exceptionally smooth while going uphill.

LED Headlamps

  • The headlamps are powerful LED lights and LED fog lamps for foggy conditions.
  • The lamp design is patented with five reflective lenses at the base to create a jewel eye low beam, while the high beam is the most powerful to disperse any darkness.
  • The motorbike is also provided with electronic indication canceling for better night illuminations and perfect riding conditions on highways.

The Gold Wing has the best-in-class motorbike specifications, highlighted below


  • This motorbike features a four-stroke liquid cooled 24 valve SOHC engine with a heavy-duty capacity of 1833 CC and four valves per cylinder.
  • The compression ratio of 10.5: 1 is the best in this category for a balanced and smooth riding experience.
  • The powerful engine provides a maximum power of 93 kW at 5500 rpm and a torque of 170 Nm at 4500 rpm.
  • The overall oil capacity is 4.4L – 5.6 L.

Drive Train

  • The clutch is a hydraulic wet multi-plate coiled spring, assist slipper cam DCT or hydraulic wet multi-plate with pressurized oil type.
  • The transmission is six-speed MT and 7-speed reverse–forward DCT.

Frame Suspension and Brakes

  • An aluminum die-cast frame adds to its rugged looks and formidable performance.
  • The front suspension is a metallic wishbone type for a shock-free ride.
  • The rear suspension is the pro-link type for better comfort.
  • The wheels at 130 by 70 mm at the front and 200 by 55 mm at the rear give the best grip on all terrains.
  • The brakes are disc-type with a six-piston caliper at the front wheel and ventilated discs with a triple piston caliper and metallic pads at the rear wheel.

Overall the Honda Gold Wing makes for a super-premium motorbike in a league of its own. It is priced higher with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 39 Lakhs for the premium version and Rs. 37 lakhs for the manual transmission version.

Still, the Wing is one of the best super motorbikes available on the roads today – A deadly combination of power and looks to enthuse the motorbike community.

So, does your ‘dil mange more,’ for a test ride of Gold Wing?

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