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Hero MotoCorp : New Scooters to Launch This Diwali!

Hey, guys. How are you all? I know with the pandemic lockdown, everything came to a standstill for almost four months. But, yes, now, the festive season is here, and thankfully, the curfew is over for good.

So, are you ready for this Diwali fest as the two-wheeler industry is all set to make this “festival of lights” fabulous with all the beautiful introductions lined-up?

While motorbikes established its empire in the motorbike community of India, scooters are a charm for both men and women who love to chill and ride within the city. You can see more and more scooters day-by-day on the bustling streets. Thus, today we decided to come up with the top scooters from Hero MotoCorp about to launch this Diwali of 2020! If you are excited to know about them in detail, today’s article is all you need.

Hero MotoCorp accomplishment in the scooter industry

Hero MotoCorp, the largest two-wheeler community bagged the No.1 position as the country’s largest who-wheeler manufacturer with its successful introduction to economy efficient commuters like Splendor, XPulse, Glamour, and Pleasure loved by many all over the world. The Hero team sees the importance of scooters being popular in India and purchased as the second vehicle option by customers for a relaxed and safer ride in the long-run!

According to Sanjay Bhan, Head of sales at Hero MotoCorp, “Besides the sidelines incurred in the launch of Maestro Edge 125cc, and Pleasure 110cc, we have planned to levitate our boundary into rural, and urban markets to raise the growth in the scooter segment.”

As a treat to scooter lovers who thirst for exploring the Indian roads, Hero MotoCorp has come up with three scooter models to launch this Diwali! So, with no delay, let’s get to know all of them.

Destini 125

Destini 125 offers extra power, mileage, and features and is India’s first family scooter.

Of BS6 version and powered by XSENS Fi technology, Destini 125 gives 10% extra pickup and 11% excess mileage, a must need for the Indian roads.

Estimated price: INR 69, 300

  • Destini 125 will arrive up in 6 color options: Noble Red, Candy Blazing Red, Panther Black, Chestnut Bronze, Pearl Silver White, and Matt Grey Silver.
  • Destini 125 features fresh signature LED guide lamps and smart sensor expertise.
  • Destini 125cc yields the maximum power of 6.7 KW, 10.4 Nm highest torque with a fuel-injection scheme.

Maestro Edge 110

Have you ever seen an expert in the two-wheeler industry that can twirl everyone’s head towards its iconic appearance other than Maestro Edge 110? Although a new-comer to the powerhouse of Hero, Maestro gathered many fans.

I am sure this novel version of Maestro Edge 110 with BS6 will compete well with the other scooters from supplementary two-wheeler manufacturers.

Estimated price: INR 64, 850

  • Maestro 110 will be accessible in 6 color variations: Midnight Blue ZX, Seal Silver ZX, Candy Blazing Red, Pearl Fadeless White, Panther Black, and Techno Blue.
  • Maestro Edge 110 has a vehicle speed sensor for improved lift, a side stand sensor for better rider protection, a crank position sensor for a smoother ride, and a bank angle sensor for enhanced durability & safety.
  • For rider safety, the Maestro edge has a side-stand pointer, incorporated braking scheme, and headlamps.

Maestro Edge 125

The next scooter that Hero has in its range is Maestro Edge 125 stealth with the carbon-fiber striping, new matte-grey design, stealth crest badging, dual-textured seat, and diamond-cut alloy wheels.

This all-new edition, “The power of black,” is also powered with the elegant XSENS expertise and the BS6 engine.

Estimated price: INR 72, 400

  • You get attractive color options: Stealth Black, Panther Black, Pearl Fadeless White, Matte Red, Matte Vernier Grey, Matte Techno Blue, Matte Brown, Prismatic Purple.
  • Exterior fuel port, telescopic facade deferral, mobile charging port, and stylish chrome design are additional feature-set enriched in Maestro 125.
  • Innovative i3S expertise, digital combo gauge, Disc brake with IBS, Tubeless tires are the exciting features of Maestro 125.

Pleasure +

Riding to your favorite place on your favorite vehicle is always a pleasure and the all-new light & zippy 110cc Pleasure+ with BS6 will double up your joy this Diwali!

Like the previous editions, Pleasure+ comes powered with XSENS technology to offer an outstanding riding experience and safety. It has a complete feature package, all set for a zippier ride!

Estimated Price: INR 59, 100

  • Pleasure + has eight attractive color variants: Matte Black, Pole Star Blue, Sporty Red, Pearl Silver White, Midnight Black, Matte Vernier Grey, Matte Metallic Red, and Matte Green.
  • Amid 110cc engine power, integrated braking, and tubeless tires, Pleasure + has a telescopic front suspension.
  • LED boot light, side stand pointer, mobile charging ports, low-fuel gauge, retro headlamp, and analog speedometer are the other features.

So, guys, do not let the wait miss your chance of celebrating Diwali with your new hangout buddy.

Get to the hero dealership today to book your favorite scooter and make the 2020 festival of lights unforgettable.

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