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Honda CB Hornet 160R: Exciting Christmas Release From Honda

This Christmas Honda has launched new and exciting Honda CB Hornet 160R motorbike for us. This sturdy guy has been remodelled with a great new look as compared to the CB Unicorn 160. The style of the vehicle is simply dashing having the two position lams in the headlight and LED tail light having X-shape. The tank which is leaning forward shrouded with carbon pattern cover, the fuel cock with aeroplane finish and display of digital meter are the addition to the style of your vehicles as well as your personality. The 140 mm wide rear tyre along with the split alloy wheels with 5-spokes will not just add to your style but to your safety as well.

Photo of Honda CB Hornet 160R motorbike (front view)
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The powerful 163cc engine is equipped to give you super-speed along with great mileage. The Combi Brake System along with the dual disc brakes and a 3-pot brake calliper right in the front will ensure that you can handle sudden awkward situation on road. The mono shock rear suspension is sure to bring you absolute comfort even when driving on poor surfaces. The tubeless tyres of the vehicle ensure hassle free driving in the Indian roads and you can actually ride without the stress of having a flat tyre.

You can now make use of the newly launched Honda CB Hornet 160R mobile app and get more specification of the vehicle along with the feature comparison facility.

Photo of Honda CB Hornet 160R motorbike
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Honda is considered to be a leader in the motorbike industry and with this new model on road; they make another impressive footprint in the market of sports bike in India. If you are looking for sheer power and great riding experience along with extraordinary looks, this bike is sure to entice your requirements and biking experience.

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