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Honda H’ness CB350 Anniversary Edition Launched

The gradual increase in petrol prices has been on the top of the mind for every commuter. Most of them are thinking of getting themselves a motorbike as an alternative to a four-wheeler. Though there is a buzz in the motorbike community regarding electric scooters, motorbike lovers still prefer the feel of a monstrous and heavy-caliber motorbike. The feeling of wind through the air and the resounding thump of the heavy-duty motorbike engine give you a different high altogether.

To launch the dreams of millions of its motorbike fans from the motorbike community, Honda launched its CB version motorbike. The CB motorbike is known for its performance, technology, and unparalleled stability & reliability. Riding a CB motorbike gives every motorbike rider a special connection with his dream machine and touches a particular chord of emotion.

Honda H’ness CB350 Anniversary Edition

The motorbike community reveres the CB edition, the best-in-class motorbike from Honda. Honda takes forward the legacy in the newest CB 350-anniversary edition launched at the India Bike Week 2021. At a price point of Rs. 1.85 lakhs to Rs. 2.30 lakhs it’s the most pocket-friendly heavy-duty motorbike—a valid combination of modern technology, world-class features, and classic look and poise.

  • The Honda H’ness CB350 anniversary version comes with a customized gold badge on its fuel tank and side panels, making it prominent and giving the motorbike a distinctive styling.
  • The anniversary edition logo designed in pinstripe fashion looks fantastic and makes the owner proud of his motorbike.
  • The seating is classic yet comfortable due to its ergonomic design, and the color is a rich brown with a double seating feature.
  • The side stand is dynamic and made in chrome.
  • The handlebar is neat, robust, and easy to grip during long rides.
  • Honda offers H’ness CB350 anniversary in 2 colors of igneous black in pearl finish and metallic marshal green in matte finish.

Read on to get more information if you want to know about this all-new Honda H’ness CB350 anniversary edition motorbike.

Powerful LED Headlamp

This powerhouse of a motorbike with circular LED headlamps at the front, and tail lamps at the rear based on fire ring LED winkers adds to its looks and style.

Powerful 350CC Engine

  • You get an air-cooled 350cc engine giving the rider the much-needed power below its fuel tank to traverse through the toughest of terrain with ease.
  • Be it the tar or concrete-based city roads or bumpy hinterland roads; this motorbike takes it up with élan.
  • The Engine is four-stroke with an OHC single cylinder and provides effortless acceleration without quivering even at high rpm.

Shaft Coaxial Balancer

The main shaft at the rear cylinder balances its weight and mass and the front-based balancer shaft on the front cylinder. This new feature gets rid of any vibrations while riding.

Majestic Design

This motorbike is a combination of a modern look coupled with classic styling. The motorbike is massive in size and emits a royal aura. A dream machine for the motorbike rider.

Dual-Tone Fuel Tank

This motorbike has a dual-colored fuel tank with a bold log, envious of everyone on the road while cruising at high speeds.

  • Some of its technical highlights are the Engine is powered by 350 cc with 15.5 kW power at 5500 rpm and torque of 30Nm at 3000 rpm.
  • It has a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and has a self-start type mechanism.
  • The body has a half-duplex metal frame, telescopic shock absorbers at the front, and dual hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear.
  • The motorbike has 310 mm disc brakes at the front wheel at 240m at the rear wheel.
  • The braking system is dual-channel ABS as a standard offering.
  • The transmission is lucid with five gears and a multi-plate wet clutch.

The Honda H’ness CB350 anniversary edition is a hallmark of quality and radiates self-respect and pride for its rider. A motorbike with unparalleled power, performance, advanced technology, and no completion on reliability and robustness. The Honda H’ness is more than any ordinary motorbike, a true example of Japanese engineering and world-class functionalities. Welcome to the newest mean machine on the road, the Honda H’ness 350 anniversary edition.

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